Final bracket and FAQ

Hopefully this bracket should be self-explanatory, but in order to clear things up:

The first rounds are the matches on the far left and far right. The winners go on to face those one layer in. The winners in Round 2 then get placed into 16 groups along with the top 16 seeds. The seeding system is done to prevent a newcomer facing off against last year’s quarter finalists too early on in the competition. In the group stages, 4 blogs face each other in a single poll. Each voter gets to vote for 2 blogs in each poll. This is done so those who vote in the tourney as a fan of one of the big name blogs have an incentive to check out the other blogs. The winner and runner-up in each group proceed through to the next round, and from there on it’s a straight knock out.


Q: Am I allowed to write a post asking my readers to vote for me in the competition?

A: Yes. In fact, we encourage it, as it helps drive more traffic to the tourney as well.

Q: Where is [x] Blog?

A: There are a few reasons a blog might not be in the tourney. They might not have passed the criteria to be included, such as not updating in the months of January, February or March. We may have contacted them but they asked not to participate (there were 7 bloggers we contacted who asked not to take part). Finally, we may not have known their blog existed. They did not place their blog on Anime Nano, nor did they contact us asking to take part.

Q: Can I add my blog to the tourney now?

A: Sorry, but no.

Q: How are the top seeds decided?

A: Primarily on age and previous tourney performance, along with a few other smaller considerations such as number of comments. The seeding isn’t perfect, but it does the job of ensuring the biggest name blogs won’t be competing too early on.

Q: I don’t like what people are saying about my blog. Please shut them up.

A: The comment section will operate under normal forum rules of no trolling, no flaming and no spamming. However criticism of each blog from the comment section in the tourney can be constructive and it’s something we really want to keep. A lot of drama can erupt from these debates, but the positives outweigh the negatives.

The first match should hopefully begin on the 15th April

62 thoughts on “Final bracket and FAQ

  1. This will be my first time participating as both voter and blogger. I look forward to the experience, as well as the constructive criticism 🙂 It also makes me smile that I’m up against a blog covered with cupcakes!

  2. A privilege to be part of this. And thank goodness (and the tourney staff) that I am far away from psgels…but wait…there are blogsuki, seaslug, ani-nouto and seanver all around me(?!) …T_T

  3. If I may have a suggestion:

    The blogs are identified through their URLs, but they don’t often tell the real name of the blog. It might be better to include the name in?

  4. I must participate as a voter now since the blog that I like isn’t participating. Lets see how things stir from here and how other blog will be discovered and shine. Good luck animebloggers.

  5. Reading through the entries and finds a whole load of new blogs… sometimes it feels like I’m only on one side of the blogosphere, with a big world to discover. O_o

  6. I am saddened, nay, dismayed by the lack of Danny Choo and Sankaku Complex. How do you organizers sleep at night when you’re excluding such high-profile sites?

    ….or maybe they’re the final bosses that the winner has to take down. Clever you tourney organizers…. clever….

  7. Kabitzin
    April 3, 2012 at 10:27 am
    Yellow Bracket forever!!!


    I misread this as Yellow Bracket Fever. Oops.

  8. I’d usually ignore the drama from gimmicks like this, but the publicity is no joke. Time to discover a new blog~

    But of course, I’ll have to check out each blog, since vote count can never be trusted. (1) Thanks for the listing popular blogs, (2) I hope this doesn’t degenerate into whining, and (3) enjoy the ride~~

  9. Getting excited about this ^_^ I guess being in group 6 in Yellow (Round 3?) I won’t have my first match for a while. But I can wait! Looking forward to seeing how all the new blogs do.

  10. It’s a real privilege to even be in this. Thanks again. Although seeing who I’m up against in round one, I’ll assume I won’t be in this too long =P. Still seems like a great deal of fun. Excited!

  11. Heh!heh! “Drama” he says. I wonder if my cyber stalker will try to mount a campaign here again (the drama aspect), or if he’ll just hit a ton of proxy servers to just vote me down from the start without the drama.

    Well, even though I expect my results will be tainted again, this year, I’m not pulling out, drama or not. Thanks for including me. ^_^

  12. @schneider

    The only reason the brackets use urls instead of blog titles was because it was easier for organising when creating the bracket. Honestly, I think it’s either or for which is more useful to use

    @Foxy Lady Ayame

    Nope, we just used colours to help differentiate between the different sections of the tourney so it wouldn’t look quite so intimidating


    I think this year we might auto-block anyone with the username of Tenchi…

  13. 😀 In the blue bracket I see!
    We’re excited! First time taking part of this! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do so. :3

  14. I will see you all in the NEVER because wow I am totally dying in the first round*. You guys are all horrible people B'(

    I also wanted to snatch the first comment space so that I could talk about ANIBLOG TOURNEY BETTING but nope.

    *Not that I’d pass the first round against any other opponent. Seriously, now that people actually visit emperorj’s blog, I think O-New is officially the worst blog in the ‘sphere

  15. Yellow Bracket TRANSPARENT BRACKET!!! ALRIGHT!!!

    AKA-AKARIN~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆……


  16. All right, so brackets are out. Now that it is, I’m actually fairly excited about it. And yeah, stuck in the yellow bracket huh…lots of good blogs there! For participating for the first time, I’m excited to see how it’ll turn out! Thanks again for allowing us to participate!

  17. Klux, you NEED TO WIN YOUR GROUP (which I think you can do). Likewise, I MUST BE RUNNER UP IN MY GROUP (which I think is a big possibility). Let it be known though, I’m going for gold!

  18. Red bracket, woo! Looks like I have a load of competition to read, size up, and immediately crush under the weight of my sizable popularity.

    … Just let me have my delusions, okay? They’re all I’ve got.

  19. Excited to be part of the tourney for the first time – Yellow Bracket FTW! Looking forward to some good feedback and discovering some new blogs.

  20. Green Bracket and first opponent is my good friend AJ.
    Look out AJ – I’m going to kick your Welsh fairy loving arse! World domination shall be mine! *Insert evil ojou-sama laugh here*

  21. ^ You wish. Unfortunately, on your bracket, was the last tourney’s winner. And he might win again this time around. SC’s following received a surge after the last tourney.

  22. Dear ABT,

    Please switch to replyable comment thread style, it makes skimming through the drama easier.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Meta Hyena

  23. Please don’t kill the Tenchi drama encore with blanket bans. It was good for many lulz two years ago. Astronerd is already advertising his buddy at his own blog so please let us witness the mayhem!

  24. WOOT! Bring it on CSW! ;D

    Note: Both Metanorn AND Daifuuku is in the same bracket with Sekijitsu!??!?! WOAH!!!

    Let’s all have a good match everyone! ;D

  25. “I know…. GRYFFINDOR!!!!:
    Red bracket ftw. But on the serious note, I’m glad we’re doing another tournament again. Just because it’s fun regardless of who wins. So many blogs I’ve yet to see and a bunch of familiar faces that I love. It’s only going to get harder and harder as we get closer to the finals.

    Best of luck to everyone, and Tofu, I still rove you.

  26. Is there an excel sheet or some such of the competition tree or at least a list of urls that can be text searched? It must be someplace really obvious but I’m just too tired =.=

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