All participants have been contacted

We have finished contacting every blog that is participating in the tourney.

If you think you are eligible but haven’t been contacted yet, please check the e-mail account for the one listed on your blog and your twitter @-replies. That’s how we contacted most people. If you haven’t been contacted, check the rules to see if your blog is eligible. Please note that if you did not have a post related to anime that was your own written content for the months of January or February, then you are not eligible. Posts about news or photography of figurines do not count, neither do posts about games.

If haven’t been contacted, have read the rules and still think your blog is eligible, and want to participate, contact us at Submissions close on 1st April. Please note that if your blog was contacted but you don’t have an eligible post in March then your blog will be taken off the tourney roster.

The final bracket and tourney seedings will be posted up in early April, with a tentative date for the tourney beginning on the 15th April 2012.

18 thoughts on “All participants have been contacted

  1. Ahahaha! Finally you post up an address to be contacted by! Now, I shall soon be the ONLY ANIME* BLOG in this tournament to be REGISTERED but NOT be listed on ANIME NANO!!!

    P.S. c’mon you even invited prede, yet you skipped me… not implying anything there *whistles*

    *not manga, though I do post about manga sometimes.

  2. wow I really hope you guys didn’t seed o-new in one of the first three rounds


    p.s. this is insinuating something
    p.p.s. proofread your posts before publishing them

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