Welcome to the Second Aniblog Tourney

Starting this April, anime blogs will be pitched against each other in a series of knock out rounds, decided by the readers, to compete for top spot. This is our second time running the tourney, so it will be really interesting to see how the shape of the anime blogging landscape has changed over the course of the last two years.

The format will run similar to last time. Blogs will be pitched against each other with the winner being decided via popular vote in a poll. We’re going to be trying a few different formats this year, such as 3-way ties and possibly some larger ties with more than one blog progressing, but the victors will always be decided by popular vote using a poll. The bloggers themselves don’t have to do anything; this is a contest for the readers. The criteria on which you are judging them are very simple: Which would you rather read? If you had a choice between only reading one or the other, which would you choose? Try to pick the blog based on the content of the blog itself, not because you know the person in real life or on twitter of wherever.

The reason we are running this tourney, first and foremost, is for fun. It’s fascinating to see which blogs people like reading and what surprises and upsets occur along the way. The other main reason is because it’s a good way for readers to discover new blogs, whether this be a popular blog that you never really paid attention to before, or a newer, lesser known blog that was unearthed via following the tourney. It also helps blogs gain new readers and exposure through competing. We will be using a similar seeding system to last time (main factors for seeding are blog age and previous tourney score) so new blogs won’t be drawn against a popular blog right off the bat.

The criteria for a blog being selected are as follows:

  • Must be anime-related. Last time we didn’t include manga blogs, but this time we are. The anime and manga spheres seem to be very disconnected from each other, so hopefully we can spread some of the readers of anime blogs into reading some manga blogs. We’ll also be including light novel or visual novel blogs. This also means no blogs that have a mix of things that aren’t related to anime.
  • Must be your own original written content. This means no translation blogs, such as 2ch thread translators or song lyrics, or blogs that post news items.
  • No photography blogs. This includes cosplay, figurine or travel blogs.
  • Must be consistently updated. To pass this, the blog must have at least one post that has proper content (so no I’M NOT DEAD YET posts) in each January, February and March of 2012.

We must also know your blog exists. This is fairly simple though. We take a look at all the blogs listed on AnimeNano, so if you’re on there then we have you down already. If you’re not listed on Nano and want to take part, simply sign up to Nano and we will add your blog to the tourney (even if you don’t want to take part in the tourney, Nano is a great way to get exposure anyway).

We will start sending out e-mails to the blog owners today. If you don’t want to take part for whatever reason, simply reply to the e-mail saying as such and we will take your blog out. Please provide an e-mail address somewhere on your site so we can contact you (or anyone can contact you, this is just general good blogging practice). If that’s not possible we’ll try contact you via the aniblogtourney twitter account. If you don’t get an e-mail straight away, don’t worry that we might have missed you. It will take a while to get through to everyone. However if you are listed on AnimeNano, think you are eligible and want to take part, but we haven’t e-mailed you by mid-March, then by all means contact us. We are not infallible and may have missed your blog by accident. The Aniblog Tourney e-mail is aniblogtourney [at] hotmail [dot] com. As an aside though, if we e-mail you now but you don’t update at all during March, then we will take you out of the tourney before it starts.

If you have any questions, please do leave a comment or send us an e-mail.

57 thoughts on “Welcome to the Second Aniblog Tourney

  1. We take a look at all the blogs listed on AnimeNano, so if you’re on there then we have you down already.


    Looking forward to everyone getting steamrolled by psgels again.

  2. I am thinking about the problem that may arise in 3-4 way match-ups. For example, if there are 3 candidates and the votes equally split between the three. The winner may end up with 30-40% of total votes which means that the majority of voters did not actually vote for the winner (the minority rule).

    So I still think that there should not be too many 3 way match-up. What do you think?

    ps. the tension and excitement is almost palpable around here 🙂

  3. This will be fun, really looking forward to it. I wonder how it will go. The last competition made me find a lot of new blogs too, so I hope I can find some new ones 😀

  4. Damn, I want to sign up for Anime Nano but I can’t until I get a better design, and I can’t get a better design until I can get money to buy a CSS upgrade, and I can’t get enough money to buy a CSS upgrade until April so somehow, I can’t participate in the tournament even though I’ve been so ardently preparing for the past two years to this day?!

    “This also means no blogs that have a mix of things that aren’t related to anime.”

    ….Oh. I guess I’m disqualified by default, already. Darn.

  5. Looking forward to the fierce competiton and learning about new blogs. It’s going to be my first time participating in the tournament as well 🙂
    Impending doom? Nahh xD

  6. “This also means no blogs that have a mix of things that aren’t related to anime.”

    Is there going to be a ratio designated for that? I’d say like 90% of what we post about is anime/manga. But occasionally we cover comics/cartoons/tv/etc.

  7. @Canne

    I see what you’re getting at, but I also don’t think anyone would consider that an issue. That’s the case with any poll with more than 2 choices. Nobody would begrudge the winner if it got the most votes rather than the majority vote.


    We don’t have a strict ratio, but about 75/25 would be our cutoff point. Preferably the other topic has to be at least tangentially related to anime. So games/tv/comics/gadgets would be OK to have some posts about, but not flowers or sports. At the moment we’ve been going on a case by case basis, and the few who fall into this bracket often get disqualified because they didn’t have a post relating to anime in the month of January.

  8. Oh boy, this’ll be my first tourney, too. Though for the most part I got to watch the last one play out. Maybe I’ll have a slight advantage!

    inb4 I get obliterated in the very first phase.

    Good luck, all!

  9. All right, looking forward to this! I wasn’t even blogging yet at the time of the last one and I was hoping I’d end up in the next one–success! I guess this means I better keep my butt in gear with the updates now though.

    -takes off to write and schedule the next fifty posts-

    -actually takes off to bed because wake up time tomorrow is 7am-

    Seriously though, I’m really excited.

  10. Yay for another tourney! Even though I was around last time, I did not really follow the tourney. I must rectify that this time around!

    “The anime and manga spheres seem to be very disconnected from each other, so hopefully we can spread some of the readers of anime blogs into reading some manga blogs. ”

    Even though more than 50% of my posts are manga related, I did not even know of the manga sphere. Hmmm.

    Anyway, good luck on the organisation stuff, hopefully, we will get some fun drama this time around.

  11. Haha, I still remember being a spectator for the 1st Aniblog tourney around two years ago. I wonder if stuff like Yi’s controversial win against Random Curiosity, and Kabitzin’s intense efforts at trying to win the tournament, will happen again in some form this year. :3

    Well, I don’t expect to do particularly well in this tournament, but simply being able to participate should be an interesting way to see where my blog currently stands. My blog is a little less than two years old, so let’s see how things go. :3

  12. Wow I can’t believe I’m in too, my blog’s not even 6 months old.. lol. Of cause, I don’t think I can win and not planning too either, it’s fun just being able to participate^^

  13. Time is almost nearing!

    Does anyone know if the newly popular website mon0r will be joining along in this years edition of Aniblog Tourney?

  14. Well I’m really excited about this. I’ve been reviewing anime for years, but I wasn’t in the last tourney, although I did follow it and voted in it. Was very fun. Can’t wait for April!

  15. Hmm, looks like the fun has begun (again)! I haven’t had time to follow as many blogs as I used to (been only checking randomc, psgels’ and scamp’s blogs from time to time) but I’ll be sure to watch this tourney closely when it begins.

    I can’t really see any blog other than the three mentioned above win in the end though.

  16. I hear the the key to victory is to have loli’s, tsundere’s, and cats pictures just spammed during the days you’re featured.

    @Tanukichin we all know the top contenders, it’s fun promotion for everyone else, no biggie. all the small guys have links to the top people on their sites under blogrolls as it is .. we already voted for the enemy!

  17. @Rednights
    Lol and the last tournament’s winner was the guy who didn’t like anything you just said. #psgels.

    Now its time for every single blog in this tournament to have a greater than usual post rate. Good luck to me because I just came in the picture a year after the tournaments ending. Also publicity is always good I guess.

  18. I’m very happy to be invited to participate in this tournament; huge thanks to whoever nominated us. I look forward to getting to know fellow writers and finding great new blogs. Best of luck to everyone!

  19. Can I just suggest making the Aniblog tourney every year.. instead of every 2 years as it seems? Just a suggestion o:

    Aniblogs change every year – some die and new ones are born.

  20. What?? There are other blogs aside from psgels? Lol.

    Looking forward to this tourney again. I remember the last time Star Crossed Blog asks psgels slayed his whole competitors. And of course I’ll be voting for him again this year.

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