13 thoughts on “One year later

  1. It’s to be expected that some blogs have stopped updating over the past year but I’m pleased to see that the majority are still posting regularly =)

  2. I can’t believe it has been a year since the tourney. Though I disagree with you comment saying that we are a news site!!!! I do cover anime news, but I also still do reviews, videos and commentaries.

    Though I havent been posting as much as I like to since I just graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree and i’m currently looking for full-time work to keep the site going.

    But overall, I am trying to get back into regular routine, but it’s just been hetic.

  3. The myth of the Aniblogosphere dying is mostly a myth. Only 12.5% of the blogs are mostly dead or inactive.

    As for me, my blog has changed a lot ever since I brought a domain name and moved to a new host. It will be interesting to see how the blogosphere looks in another year.

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