And the winner is…

Polls Closed

Star Crossed Anime Blog 65% vs 35% Kurogane’s Anime Blog

Star Crossed Anime Blog wins the Aniblog Tourney


21 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. My Prediction:

    I can definitely picture how the AniBlog Tourney is going to end. It’s probably will be 60% Star Crossed Anime Blog and 40% Kurogane’

    I guess my prediction wasn’t that far off…

    • I thought Random Curiosity would’ve made it further. I love that place to death. The writers of RC are my heroes but they can’t win ’em all. :]

  2. Wrapup would be nice as in insights into lessons learned and whatnot from this tourney. Like calculating time zones. =D

    Obviously we need to do an international version now, one that will last all year and drive away casuals like myself. Then we need to do a Best Korea version, and then /gets shot.

  3. Congrats Psgels~ I don’t visit Star Crossed very often but I’ve heard good things about it. Hope you can keep up the good work for many more years!

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