Star Crossed Anime Blog vs Kurogane’s Anime Blog

Poll closes July 18th at 21:00 GMT


48 thoughts on “Final

  1. And here we have two of what I consider acceptable and even good episodic blogs. Honestly, I have nothing bad to say about any of these sites, which is amazing considering my dislike for episodic blogs, and I will thusly not vote, because I can’t tell which one is better.

  2. Meh, star crossed is obviously the better choice here.

    We need more bloggers who is willing to criticize anime and pick up non-mainstream anime. 99% of the anime blogs I see just go with whatever that is popular, and general give a nice generic review over it.

    Psgels rated an anime, highlights which parts he likes and which parts he don’t like, explains he does so, exposes flaws/cliches in the anime etc. That kinda quality in anime blog is rare nowadays.

    Listless Ink blog is good in the sense Yi give his/her opinion, but that blog is focused too much on Yuri.

  3. “Psgels rated an anime, highlights which parts he likes and which parts he don’t like, explains he does so, exposes flaws/cliches in the anime etc. That kinda quality in anime blog is rare nowadays.”

    You forgot to mention how he ignores said flaws/cliches in shows he actually likes.

  4. @Westlo

    You can’t blame Psgels for having a preference. But at least he has one, and he isn’t afraid to show his preference. Most anime blogs are guilty of NOT having one at all.

    • You know, anime blogs in general might be guilty of a lot of things, but not showing their preferences is certainly not one of them. In fact, apart from team blogs, I’m struggling to think of any anime blogs that don’t wear their anime preferences on their sleave

  5. I might be over-generalizing by saying no preference, but in general, most anime blogs follow mainstream stuff.

    You can’t help but feel moe and fanservicey series are being picked up for the sake of mainstream appeal. There nothing wrong with picking a popular series, but some blogs consist nothing but popular series.

    Generally, I prefer a blog picks something else besides what everyone else and their dog is blogging.

    • That’s a pretty outdated theory ya know. There’s such a variety of episodic blogs now that it’s hard to find a series that isn’t being blogged by at least 2 anime blogs.

      I know psgels makes a point of blogging the less popular series. But the only series he blogged last season that he had complete parity over was Heartcatch, and I can’t help wondering how many people actually read those posts

      • Psgels is a voice distant from the echoes of the crowd. That’s his major praise. Of course he’s a little biased by his own opinions, but he’s well aware of that and always secceded in being rather objective in his reviews.
        Don’t you think It’s good there is a place where underrated series have a place too?
        I personally didn’t watch to precure (i.e.) but there could be people who like them and be happy there is a place where they can share their own opinion too. It’s up to your personal taste to read everything in the blog or select only what you’re interested in.

    • FYI, bloggers don’t usually choose series for the sake of mainstream appeal. Most of the time, bloggers choose a series because they like it, can troll on it, or are curious to see how it turns out. Example: Yojo-han and Hanamaru Kindergarten were pretty non-mainstream series (though I hesitate to call them “obscure”), and I blogged part of both of them. Mystlord from THAT blogged Yojo-han too.

  6. Star Crossed didn’t only review episodes, it’s also has summarys of anime he didn’t reviewed in an episodic way.

    And I think psgels even tell, that he ignores some flaws of his preferenced anime in the rating, but I remember he even tell you the flaws, even if he think it’s unrelevant.

  7. The way I see it,when psgels write his reviews,he does points out flaws and cliches,but only emphasize on only the ones that matters to him,and that’s fine cause it’s his blog after all.To me,his writing style is more casual,the blog is just a way for him to express his opinions the way it is,and he never really assumes to be more than that.I think that’s why his blog is more accessible compared to most others.

  8. Nowadays, it can be exhausting trying to find a blog that offers unbiased critique of anime (relatively, for there is no such a thing as absolute neutrality) without bombarding you with loads of talk about how the different characters were sexier/cooler/cuter than the others.

    Star Crossed might stand out by being the blog that can best detect latent potential in series (some of which are off-target, naturally). Heck, the blog gave some moe shows a chance and judged them on their own merits. Kurogane, on the other hand, can be an entertaining read and definitely beats most other blogs that focus on mainstream anime, but ultimately offers less substance than Star Crossed. At this point, I’m inclined to choose the latter.

    • “Unbiased criticism,” eh? Episodic reviews are purely subjective, so unbiased criticism is kind of hard. Plus, he does have opinions, and he does express them. As for “latent potential,” unless you’re referring to his prescience about the actual plot of the series, it’s also subjective.

  9. Well, honestly I am not expecting to go much further from here now that it’s the finals and I’m more than happy to settle for second place for something that I didn’t even asked to be in.

    I would say psgels deserves the title, in part for his dedication and effort to write posts per episode in a consistent manner. On the other hand, I tend to be more whimsical and carefree about my blogging schedules, but over the years (5 actually), I’ve found that suits me the most.

    As for objectivity, it can’t be helped that each and everyone of us has their own preferences. In fact, I probably wouldn’t read blogs that strive to be too objective to the point of being bland. I’d probably wouldn’t still be here myself if I took every single criticism towards my tastes seriously.

  10. I’ll probably be crucified for saying this, but here it goes: Star Crossed is a different kind of episodic blog than others. He manages to balance five plus shows on his own and give decent reviews about it. Note, however, that he puts in about 3-4 paragraphs per review (which is still very, very impressive nonetheless); this covers both a bit of summary, reaction, and prediction. Usually, he keeps them concise and as a general reaction. Compare this to other episodic blogs, which usually dedicate 6+ paragraphs and [usually] go beyond reactions to discuss in-depth. Still, Star Crossed remains a favorite.

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  12. Star Crossed Anime Blog is THE only anime blog I check every day and haven’t disappointed me till now. Basically it provides me with accurate opinions on ongoing series and I’ve found many of my favorite anime series thanks to psgels. Keep the good work!

    Kurogane’s Anime Blog is also good, I read it regularly.

  13. Well, I dunno about other people, but I don’t read anime blogs for flat summeries. That’s what Wikipedia is for. Star Crossed is good if you’re trying to make to-watch list, but it’s not very interesting to read or different then other blogs (basically it’s a sea bass. Or a magikarp, for you younger geeks). Kinda like the newspaper – I read it to catch up, not for fun and giggles. Kuro’s blog is hilarious and helps me get a real, from-otaku-to-otaku feeling for an anime, ya know? Not just this-and-that review.

    I suppose it depends what ya looking for in your anime blogs. For me, fun read beats factual information every day.*gleefully voting for Kuro despite his glaringly obvious forthcoming loss*

  14. Honestly, I don’t get the appeal of Psgels. For one, he always has major, glaring errors in his summaries, leaves out key details, makes assumptions that are clearly wrong, and avoids spoiling himself BY NOT EVEN WATCHING THE ENTIRE EPISODE. I mean I get not watching the preview, but then your leaving yourself out on info EVERYONE ELSE WHO WATCHED IT ALREADY KNOWS.

    The rest that bugs me are just irks, like how his writing just sounds so elitist with his choices and how he choses to review old and random stuff that almost no one’s heard of just to show how indy he is. WHO THE HELL CARES IF THERE WAS AN ANNE FRANK ANIME MOVIE. But that just makes me feel that much better when he watches something with at least a HINT of moe in it, as if he’s bringing himself down to our level. Plus, the screen shots he puts up are so random and don’t say anything about the episode. But his tastes are his tastes, and the screen shot thing is probably to avoid spoiling anything. I just thought other people would notice these huge marks and vote for Kurogane.

    Ah well. There’s always next year.

    • This Da5id guy here is the best example of what people generally look for in anime and how Psgels interests are far beyond that generic level.
      A Blog is a place to share your interests with someone with your same interests. Psgels is not an elitist o whatever name you called him. He juast has different tasted and is less amused by general low intelligent commercial stuff, so he rather like not to blog about that.
      He’s somebody who genuinely likes anime and like to write down his own opinions. He also writes down interesting reviews in the first place. You may share his opinions or not. You’re free to discuss or even argue with them, but you can’t honestly pretend him to write for your own amusement.
      If you are just in search of the generic stuff, there are so many generic other places that suit your generic tastes. Star Crossed is a place where people like to watch al little more deep inside these so called anime thing. So don’t worry. It’s not your fault if you can’t follow it. Star Crossed is just not the place for you 🙂

      • You don’t know my interests. I kept up with most of the shows he kept up with on his site last, and I’ve done so for 2 years now, so I complain about these things from experience. It’s just that he’s made so many errors in his summaries (I.E. naming characters dead when they are clearly alive at the end, not noticing key points, and making baseless assumptions) These mistakes made the attitude I thought I was reading (KEY WORD: THOUGHT) harder and harder to tolerate. Besides, I said, right after griping, that his tastes are his tastes and he’s free to do whatever he wants with his blog as he pleases. I don’t dislike the person or his tastes, just the blog.

        And while I can’t truely attest to HIM being elitist, I can certainly do that for you, seeing as you are bashing me for not liking the blog you consider, and I quote, a “fair oasis far away by (not a typo, actual quote) mainstream sites loved by your average net tourist”, and think that it could actually hurt the site for people with mainstream and “generic” interests to start coming and following. Even someone else’s show preference is a little more mainstream and even has crappy shows, they’re still way more open to it than you seem to be (enough so that you ask people to vote AGAINST next year) And if you really think his writing style and watching would be so easily compromised just because new people don’t like the shows he watches now, then you must not have that much faith in him. If there’s anything I’ve seen in his writing style that I’ve liked, its that its consistent and uncompromising. And yes, that was a back-handed compliment.

        Look, I admit I pointed at things that were probably just misconceptions of a guy’s tastes, and me sounding like a troll making accusations of elitism. I don’t see much point in saying these things, seeing as he’s already won, but I go to some blogs for a fun read, I go to others for good screenshots, and I go to others more for an honest opinion about a show I may be considering to watch. What I don’t go for is to feel like people are looking down their nose at me for having higher standards, like you, Solaris, are now.

        And if he doesn’t want to get rid of the few things I still like about his blog, Psgels will ignore this entire troll argument as soon as he reads it and not change a thing. Or just not read it. Or something.

        In short, don’t change a thing.

        -Colonel Sanders

      • I don’t know your interests and don’t want to. I just can tell that from what you already wrote you were bashing him for trivial matters, so i judged your arguments both wrong and low level.
        And while Psgels isn’t elitist, I AM, and proud of it. That’s also why he’s got a blog and i don’t. And also why i felt the urge to reply you.

        You know even psgels or another elitist like me could watch moeshit and like it too. (I actually do it) But psgels doesn’t like to write about that, so why should he force himself to do it in the first place? You cannot bash him for that reason alone. That was the point.

        More to say, I have faith psgels will stay unaffected by the big popularity he gained so forth and continue blogging as it used to. I am far more worried about the fandom instead and the quality of comments they’ll leave there. That is why i am posting less and less there recently.
        Every time i end arguing for some reason, so better not to post anyway.

        I wanted to spend a couple more words about “psgels mistakes” you claim there are in his own reviews. I tell you psgels had another issue in the past, that looks being resolved now. His summaries were a bit spoilerous too, so that i used never to read them before i watched to the actual episodes. When Psgels liked some show, he behaves like any other fan there, tring to give explanations and immagining events to come. That way he could indeed make mistakes. Maybe the mistakes you read about were just tentatives or such.
        I personally like his syle being not professional, but well organized and witty nonetheless. he’s a fan speaking to fans (about his own tastes).

        Somebody pointed out elsewhere if you need objective reviews about the fact, a blog is not the right place to find info in. Wikipedia or an encyclopedic site such as ANN is a better resource at that.

    • Lol, what kind of a dumb post is this. Da5id is upset that psgels doesn’t have crappy taste, and that he doesn’t force himself to watch crappy anime for HIS OWN BLOG.

      • Wow, you didn’t read my post at all did you. Anyway, like I said, the contest is over, and I conceded the arguement because all I did was sound like a troll, so its not like continuing it would have any point.

  15. @Da5id

    I’ve personally never felt psgels has gone out of his way to look pretentious or indie by reviewing obscure anime. Just as some like moe, he likes searching for forgotten classics. That’s not snobbery to me, it’s being adventurous.

    As for your Anne Frank movie example, well I can hold my hand up and say it interested me enough to seek it out. As he lives in the same area as the historical tale it’s unsurprising he’d be interested in it as well. I’m not sure what the issue is. Introducing people to lesser known stuff that they probably wouldn’t have otherwise heard of is surely a positive thing even if the number genuinely interested is quite low. And it’s not like theres an absence of blogs doing K-on and other moe stuff.

    I personally voted star crossed because, like R.C. its useful as a reference site to whats brand new out and i’ve frequented it far more than Kurogane, which is admittedly a new find for me.

    It’s not my fave site, the writings too dry for my tastes and the lack of post interaction seems odd to me (it would be a main motivation if I were to start blogging). I also disagree with him on his distaste on most moe (although totally share the hatred on those stupid brother/sister incest stories that keep popping up in anime) However, it’s his style and I don’t think his dedication and usefulness to anime fans should be discounted.

    Personally I can honestly think of few more deserving (well maybe SSAB, RC, Unmei Kaihen or the Cart Driver if being completely biased) for victory regardless on the quality of Kurogane. I think two good blogs entered the final so thats good enough for me.

  16. @Da5id

    To be honest, I think you misunderstand the guy.

    I think you’re confusing elitism with a person who likes anime that is just different.

    I’ve been following psgels blog for a long time and let me tell you, this guy has watched a ton of shows. He doesn’t just watch the shows he’s blogging, he watches almost every show that airs during the season. I think when you over saturate yourself like that, its only normal that you would seek out and like anime that is different.

    And he’s really not biased either. I think this season he gave pretty good reviews to Angel Beats and B Gata Hetai something. He just likes what he likes and its as simple as that. I follow him bc I have the same tastes (though i’m watching air tv right now and not really liking it. He gave it a 90.
    But Clannad was great)

  17. @David

    Hmm. As someone who grew up watching anime, I find psgels interest in classics extremely cool and totally unpretentious.

    And for placing Fantastic Children on his Top 10 Anime List, psgels deserves to win. ^^

  18. Ya know, there is misconception that psgel (star crossed) is an elitist pretending to like old/obscure anime simply to be “indie”.

    He seeks those anime simply because he genuinely likes them. And people likes his anime blog because they agree with him. At least I do.

    I guess he one of those few people who likes anime, but an “otaku”.

  19. It looks like Kurogane is keeping up, but in reality the 400 vote difference is still there, its just trickery played by statistics 😛

    To follow up on what others said above, one of the best things about Star Crossed is he checks out pretty much every anime out there, I mean humanly possible speaking, since he obviously has a life and cant watch anime 24/7…

    I dont get the fascination with blogging mainstream stuff… Everyone watches it, why would I care to read about it?

  20. Well… I preffer a fun blogging rather a full wikipedia review blog. I’ll remember Code Geass blogging from kurogane forever.

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