Semi Finals Results

Polls Closed

Sea Slugs! Anime Blog 40% vs 60% Star Crossed Anime Blog

Listless Ink 42% vs 58% Kurogane’s Anime Blog

Star Crossed Anime Blog and Kurogane’s Anime Blog advance to the final

Final begins July 13th at 21:oo GMT


12 thoughts on “Semi Finals Results

  1. Even if I lose, I would still prove that having a popularity poll to “advertise newer blogs” is a rather ‘inefficient’ idea.

    Besides, second place in front of Sea Slugs isn’t too damn bad!

    P.S. Scamp, do a third place poll as well 🙂

  2. God what is it about accusing of Psgel’s voters as bots? Seriously get a life people. That’s why I don’t vote in these kind of competitions… Too much drama and stuff.

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