Semi Finals

Sea Slugs! Anime Blog vs Star Crossed Anime Blog

Listless Ink vs Kurogane’s Anime Blog

Polls close on July 11th at 21:00 GMT


70 thoughts on “Semi Finals

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  2. I never would have imagined that these would be the top 4. I thought Random Curiosity and THAT were shoe-ins for the finals for sure.

    As they say, that’s why they play the games.

  3. Well luckily there’s still somebody that rather like to blog shows with contenents over fanservice in these 4. Guess who it is?

    PS: btw it’s NOT they who even took time to develop mascotte to win this contest by fanservice.

    • While Nama-ko has been featured heavily in our campaigning, she was actually introduced back in September 2009, long before the Aniblog Tourney started. If you check out some of our reviews you’ll see that we have a lot of good content with an entertaining blend of humor and insight.

  4. Voted for Star Crossed.

    The blogger has a unique writing style and a unique taste in anime. They certainly help to build a unique personality to the blog. Btw I really appreciate the rating system he uses (he even has an index for all rated series). And finally I love the fonts. 🙂

    • I always thought that this tourney had defective seeding system but since no. 1, 3 and 4 remains in the semi-finals, the seeding isn’t that bad after all.

  5. To be honest, the only animu blogs I care about are Random Curiosity, Kurogane’s Anime Blog and Star Crossed Anime Blog. (In that order)

      • Huh? How is it bashing to say she doesn’t post often? I read that post and I still think you can call it hax. Not saying she cheated but even she say she couldn’t win a proper match against RC.

      • Look…we didn’t ask people if they wanted to be featured in this tournament. I think we can at least take responsibility and put an end to blatantly negative remarks about them.
        More than enough has been said against multiple victories in this tournament, including Yi’s Perhaps we should have done something earlier.
        But if one more negative remark is made about this, I’m deleting this entire comment thread and censoring what comes in. Tired of it.

      • I don’t understand your attack on me. I just came here for the first time through Star Crossed and like AznCoffee I couldn’t believe Listless Ink had won against RC when I check out the blog. That doesn’t mean I hate the blog, I just don’t understand how she can be in the semi final next to the other blogs that remain.

      • Folks, it reads like you guys are bashing one blog while criticizing another reader for criticizing another blog for not posting much. Do listen to what you are saying, instead of rushing to another’s defense mindlessly.

      • @Baka-Raptor

        Clearly you haven’t tried episodic blogging much. Editorials are easy. You have something clearly defined you want to say. Staring at a screen, wondering what on earth to say about the latest episode to make your post interesting…yeah, episodics are more difficult than editorials

      • [Scamp waits for someone to rush to the defense of episodic blogs. Nothing happens for two days. Scamp resorts to trolling his own blog.]

        It’s pretty heroic that episodics are harder AND they update daily!

        Editorials require you to come up with your own idea. Then another idea. Then another idea. Then another idea. It takes a bit more effort than K-ON!! 01, then K-ON!! 02, then K-ON!! 03.

        @Hellomotto: Pay up.

      • @Baka-Raptor

        [actually it’s because I’ve barely been reading the comments on the latest rounds =P]

        With an editorial, you can come up with an idea, then spend as long as you bloody well want thinking how to write it. You can leave it sitting in your drafts as you ponder how best to tackle the subject. Editorials rarely run stale and if they do, it takes weeks for it to do so.

        Delay on an episodic post by more than a day and it’s instantly stale. It’s like the difference between a stand-up comedy that’s all been planned out from beginning to end several weeks in advance or a stand-up that’s entirely off the cuff. It takes considerable skill to pull off the latter.

        Besides, how difficult is it to come up with editorial topics. Don’t you have over 100 post ideas sitting in your drafts?

      • You can’t spend too long or your blog’s going to lose its readers…

        You also, technically, have a week to write your episodic post. I’m sure it’s better to get it out quickly, but eh. I have episodic posts on the same episode appearing in my Reader all throughout the week. :d

        And anyway, I’m sure that coming up with editorial topics is no easier than figuring out how to make an episodic post not boring. Coming up with an actually good topic is even more so.

      • There’s a saying that sports writing is the hardest type of writing, because you’re constantly trying to figure out how to write the same story in different ways. I look at episodic blogging the same way.

      • Half of my 100 drafts are mediocre ideas that’ll either get merged into other posts or never see the light of day. The 50 or so good ideas average out to only 10 extra topics per year. In any case, it’s much less than 365.

        Producing the same quality product in a shorter time is obviously more impressive. But are you really creating the same quality product? If so, why do episodic posts have the problem of going stale? If you’re really making episodic posts as interesting as editorial posts, shouldn’t people still want to read them after a week has passed? On the rare occasion I write an episodic post, I don’t expect people browsing through my archives to skip over them. Then again, I put the whole week’s worth of effort into my episodic posts to make sure they have lasting appeal.

        One week of effort = One week of effort. It’s the same effort whether you’re spending that time on one editorial post or seven episodic posts.

      • @Baka-Raptor

        I write episodic entries like I write editorials.

        While I think that this is harder than either ‘pure’ styles the way we think there are, there are advantages too — episodes give you something by which to anchor broad ideas — and you feel less pressure to find many other examples since the post is about the episode in question.

        The episodics I’ve done during an airing show are work that I’m truly proud of — including parts of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 when I had to write an entire erratum post because I got an ep SO WRONG. I also am very happy with my Bakemonogatari experience.

        What I also do, and what THAT anime blog does, is blog old shows episodically. My Macross Frontier stuff should be an indicator of how difficult it is effort wise. It took me a whole year to blog 25 episodes.

        I am using a shorter, less-effort-requiring method for my upcoming Kino’s Journey blog post series.

        As for quality, the posts will vary from episode to episode… but I think this is to be expected since episodes vary in quality anyway even if the show ends up being of superior vintage overall.

  6. Honestly, the only reason randomc lost was because the blog didn’t post about the aniblog tourney so many readers didn’t know about it

  7. @mefloraine — If a blog climbs very high in the tournament, it inevitably invites comparisons to its co-competitors. There are cases when such comparisons can reasonably lead one to view that blogs performance in the tournament with incredulousness. It’s disingenuous to call expressing that incredulousness bashing.

    • *incredulity, for future reference.

      Yi has been actively advertising, as well as a bunch of her [online] friends and supporters. She’s also discussed this on her blog, but yeah; she and her supporters campaigned like hell. As for “blog performance”: it’s not so much “blog performance,” per se, as much as social/advertising skills and building a fan base (which somewhat correlates to “blog performance”, but one must consider many other factors as well). I wouldn’t label it bashing, though; people who haven’t known her well enough (myself included) would naturally question it. That being said, I wouldn’t label it bashing…but that’s just me.

      tl;dr Yi campaigned, but she’s cool, and the “bashing” wasn’t bashing IMO. So, we all cool? =D

    • @Hellomotto — Ah yes, I knew something was funny with that word, but I didn’t stop to think about it.

      I’d say that much of the “bashing” we’ve seen hasn’t been directed specifically at Yi, she’s simply the lightning rod due to being in the position she’s in. She’s been waved around like a flag by people with agendas that she may or may not share. Then again, she’s in that position by choice, so…

    • It’ll be nice to lessen obnoxious comments like these, which, I know you don’t give a hoot about, but it tends to shed a bad light on the blogger more than you. I don’t read her blog, but after running into comments like these, I’m feeling even less inclined to read it.

    • If your theory is proven right, current results show that most people must be stupid.

      Don’t be so narrow minded. With the Yi-is-holier-than-thou attitude, it’s going to irk some people into voting for the other side. This doesn’t seem like smart campaigning tactics to me.

  8. Voted for Star Crossed on the sheer basis that he blogs a lot more series than the other three mentioned here.His site interface also has certain appeal that is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.
    That said I enjoy Kurogane’s writing the most.Now if only he’d blog more shows per season,I’d have a real tough time choosing my top pick.

    Oh! and Yi’s too fluffy and nice for my taste:p…but her statergy in securing a win over RC has just made my admiration for her go up a notch or two there;)

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    Thanks to Sea Slugs advertising in like every posts they made, I’ve been persuaded to check the other team and get awed by their awesomeness for blogging some of my favourite shows and some other that I’m interested at. I’ve vote them using my laptop, my friend’s laptop, and my sister’s computer 😛

    Thanks a lot Sea Slugs team!

  12. Star Crossed will win this because its the only worthy blogger for me 😛 The way he picks a bunch of animes every season and blogs every individual episode, always with intelligent remarks… No one else does it, and thats why he deserves to win the whole thing

    And yeah, Ive checked the other blogs and everyone is advertising in EVERY post, while psgels only made ONE post to advertise and that was it… Still crushes the opposition, GG

    • Star Crossed has been around not longer than Sea Slugs

      and it only has 1 blogger, not 6.

      …and it leading in the poll.

  13. WOW! Star Crossed Anime Blogger doesn’t have as much writers or visuals than Sea Slugs, but it still mangages to kick Sea Slugs ass! In fact, Sea Slugs was in the anime blogging scene longer and still gets KILLED by Star Crossed Anime Blogger.

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