Quarter Final results 3 and 4

Polls Closed

Listless Ink 51% vs 49% Fuzakenna!

Kurogane’s Anime Blog 60% vs 40% The null set

Listless Ink and Kurogane’s Anime Blog advance to the semi finals

Semi finals begin July 6th at 21:00 GMT which incidentally is not the same as the time it currently is at Greenwich

18 thoughts on “Quarter Final results 3 and 4

      • I get the feeling I’m missing something here…

        Yes, it is past 22:00 GMT. I live in the GMT timezone. I’m not running an hour in front/behind everyone else, otherwise I’d never have made my lectures on time or caught any of the world cup games.

        I’m kinda baffled here. Does the rest of the world run on a different GMT or something? Does daylight saving time come into play somehow? It doesn’t really matter because the poll has still closed exactly 5 days after it opened, but I’d still like to know what you think is wrong here

      • *genuinely baffled now* we have our own summer time that’s different to everyone else? I moved from England to Ireland halfway through this tourney!

        bleh, I’ll assume you’re right. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve failed at counting

      • So Greenwich itself is currently not on Greenwich Mean Time? Well huh, fancy that. Who am I to argue with the time gods.

        Again, it doesn’t ultimately matter because the polls still closed exactly 5 days after they opened. But hey, now I know. Better change that notice on this post then

      • “Guy on the tourney is convinced I’m wrong” works both ways, you know 🙂

        Anyway I was just going by what’s written, and since I have GMT showing on my FoxClocks extension, I quipped when you closed earlier.

  1. Wow, I gotta say, I’m impressed. I spent 4 days with a massive lead, and I’d honestly thought I had this in the bag. Yi must have done some epic campaigning the likes of which I can’t comprehend. Good going girl, and awesome match!

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  3. It’s funny how 21stcenturydigitalboy’s eariler decision to campaign for Yi so she could hopefully take out RC and be “easier to beat” for him came back to bite him in the bee-hind. Obviously she wasn’t, because aside from actually campaigning she also drew votes from the same pool.

    And it looks like tactician Yi must have been wrong about her 250-range upper cap (or wrong on a certain other point).

    • In other news, Scamp Suarez is clearly in love with Yi, what with all the heavy campaigining for her and closing the polls an hour early when she’s narrowly on top. (Imagine the frustration of RC supporters who saw their poll had been “closed” an hour before the expected 13:00 GMT, right before they poured in the votes they thought would be on time, LOL.)

      • I’d seen that already. Don’t get me wrong, all things considered I’ll rather take someone’s RPG buddies handing her the win than someone’s overzealous dad getting his friends to throw the match (and matches to come). People worried needlessly that this would become a popularity contest. Instead it’s become a lesson in how to use social media to make something out of nothing (figuratively speaking). I mean you know something’s not quite right when blogs suddenly start throwing 100 vote spikes after they’ve already reached their normal voting levels. Might as well use bots, they care about as much about your anime blogging as many of those who voted for you two this time.

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