27 thoughts on “Quarter Finals 3 and 4

  1. Lol never heard of Listless or Fuza before…
    wanted to spend my vote wisely so I was going to do some major researching, sadly it was cut short. It went like this:
    *clicks on Listless’ link* > reads ‘K-On! is a Slice of My Life’ > votes Fuzakenna!.

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  4. In a perfect world, this pair of quarter finals would float away in a gentle breeze due to extreme lightweightedness and the other two pairs would be declared the semis.

    • Begging for votes on Facebook, etc. doesn’t add weight to a blog. A lightweight is a lightweight is a lightweight.

      An interesting outcome of this tournament is a list of bloggers who don’t believe their content is worth our interest-cum-vote, or why else would they be using every other means to win us over.

  5. On another note, i see some serious slacking with updating the tourney brackets. Not that it matters much at this point, but it would be nice to be able to see an up to date overview of the final rounds.

    • Herp, I had updated it but forgot to actually upload the thing.

      The version with links you can actually click on isn’t done by me so I can’t update it


    • It wasn’t an accusation because that would entail me thinking there was something wrong with not caring about the tourney. There’s nothing wrong with it, I can see how one’s interest in it could wane and/or be sidetracked and being an organizer doesn’t make one immune to that kind of thing. I just stated my straight up opinion based on what I’ve seen lately. Apparently I was wrong, given the silly edit…

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