20 thoughts on “Quarter Finals 1 and 2

    • I’m thinking Sea Slugs will beat aroduc, if only because of the campaigning imbalance. THAT vs. Star Crossed… that should be a really interesting matchup. I’m going to guess Star Crossed squeaks by, but I can see it going either way.

  1. SS!AB only because I’m obligated to do so since I’ve only commented once over there and I’m hardly over there anyway.

    Also, I wonder how this tournament would have done as a league format with divisions.

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  3. Sea Slugs! tradition of putting captions under screenies makes it the best blog out there. You get the LoLs + great analyses from the Sea Slugs! writers. GogoSS!AB

  4. Let’s throw more magical charcoals and mana~emitting petrified Sequoia trees into Seiha’s bonefire.

    We need to lure more high~flying moe characters in the upper stratosphere to attach micro~missiles this summer. ^_~

  5. Damn… star crossed is just unbeatable. I wouldn’t have minded seeing star crossed’s full fury vs. randomc’s full fury. we’ll save that for the fantasy matchup.

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