Polls closing tomorrow: Fuzakenna! vs Hashihime

Polls closed

Listless Ink 61% vs 39% GAR GAR Stegosaurus

Listeless Ink advances to the Quarter Finals


24 thoughts on “Results

  1. Apparently there are two ways to get far in the Aniblog Tourney.

    1. Blog about anime. Update often, write posts with lots of content.

    2. Be a female with a congenial personality and good social networking skills. You can write 2-3 anime-related posts per month just to be sure, but preferably keep them short and light on content to accentuate that the blog is about your personality, not anime.

    • You would be, except Baka-Raptor is the toughest bitch among anime bloggers, so being female doesn’t do much against him.

    • Heh… I’m assuming number 2 is referring to me.

      I guess I need to be write long deep editorials to cater to the analysts of anime to count as aniblogging. None of my posts in May counts because they were just cheap sales of personality and gender. 😦

    • I thought this should be over by now but apparent;y many people are still bothered by it *sign*

      What’s “this”? Excuse me if I’m not happy when mediocre blogs skate on their kone, while many good blogs get taken out due to not getting lucky with the draw. If Listless Ink is a Top 8 blog, I’m the Emperor of Japan.

    • Hrm, let’s see…excellent social networking skills, and personality are all great aspects of a good blog. Most of her posts (so far, at least) have been about anime…so I don’t see the problem. =D

  2. Listless Ink vs GAR GAR Stegosaurus : 139 votes
    Listless Ink vs Random Curiosity : 259 votes
    Listless Ink vs Xebek’s Blog: 110 votes
    Listless Ink vs Super Noisy Rice Shower Goes Boom!!: 111 votes


  3. I expected this, but it’s still a disappointment. Yi, I must admit your blog is very pretty thanks to all the pictures, but tbh anyone can jazz up their posts with yuri images collected from the ‘net. Adaywithoutme didn’t deserve to lose on the account of yuri fanboys going for the pics, because she has much more to say both in terms of the quantity and the quality of her writing. This outcome shows that some people have a very flawed understanding of the “a picture is worth a thousand words” adage.

  4. If I win against a bigger blog with more hits, people are disappointed by the outcome because I should be the less popular blog based.

    If I win against a smaller “editorial” blog because I have amassed a somewhat larger readership through writing for my audience, people are disappointed because I didn’t win with superior content.

    True, I’m in the top 8 because of the draw. But do consider that I may have a lot of dedicated readers and I may even occasionally post interesting content… Hopefully.

    Also do realize that maybe not everyone judges quality the same way. I like to write just enough to hopefully expose readers to some new information or new thoughts, and not so long as to lose their attention (or rather my own attention…) That’s it. If you think that means that my blog is mediocre, then I guess it is.

    p.s. I hope the people who voted for me did not do so just because I post yuri pics…

    • There are people who voted against because of the Yuri pics, so it be fairgained ;D
      Actually no, I’d be a day fan, and I am disappoint, but I do think you deserve it so good luck~

      People, always finding something to blame when things don’t match their opinions… Dx

    • Heck, a textbook has superior content to a novel, though I’m not sure if it’d be as enjoyable. Twilight is a super popular novel in N.Am. but I sure hated it.

      I vote for mainly enjoyment, some for content, readers for their blogs, tournys always use draws so there’s always luck.

      Listless for yuri pics – yeah agree with a picture is worth a thousand words, on a blog, baka-raptor’s for laughs over superior content and some just for better blog layout; people vote for different things right?

    • There’s a flaw in the idea that people got upset because Random Curiosity didn’t win even though it’s the more popular blog. People may have talked about popularity in their comments, but you need to understand the underlying cause of their dissatisfaction.

      The match ran from June 6 to June 11 13:00 GMT. Let’s compare what happened at the blogs during this time period. (This may not be 100% representative, but the big picture will remain the same even if we picked some other period.)

      Random Curiosity

      divine — 13 anime posts (+2 manga/PV posts)
      Prooof — 1 anime post (+2 manga/Japan travel posts)
      Kiiragi — 0 anime posts (+1 manga posts)

      Listless Ink

      Yi — 0 anime posts (+1 personality/campaign post), plus the following, in your own words:

      I did, however, go into the match with a specific strategy.

      I am currently reading this fascinating book on Feng Shui and ancient tombs. In it, it describes every success, failure, and event as a product of timing and position. Feng Shui is the art of recognizing where things are best in a particular space-time through certain patterns based on mostly tradition and superstition. Taking a lesson from the book, I thought a bit about my position and my timing based on some patterns from past rounds.

      Here are some things I observed. Listless Ink garners around 120 votes with minimal campaigning. In Random C’s last round, it had around 250 votes, many of which came whenever a link to the tournament is posted in the comments of Random C. Based on my own blog statistics, I thought I should be able to get 250 votes or so (not all my readers are bloggers or readers of the Aniblog Tourney).

      My position in this tournament was not too disadvantaged both because I have some wonderful friends who follow the tournament, and also because Random C had expressed their passive stance. Knowing that, I wanted to have good timing as well.

      There are some other subtleties to consider. Random C’s potential votes are endless, where as mine had an upper cap. Many people tend not to act when the results are set. To me, the key to moving on to the next round is amassing enough votes before the campaigning by Random C readers eventually sweeps the poll. Therefore, I tried to play the game as best as I could and monitored the results of the poll somewhat regularly.

      Further, Scamp, Mefloraine, and RP did not engage in any fixing. My readers and I did not use proxies. I trust in all of our characters enough to know that we are honest and nice people. I think the result was simply a product of things going right in my direction.

      At the end of day 1, Listless Ink was down by around 20 votes, which represented a 35-65% split. After some tweets, plurks, and friend posts, I still trailed behind with this difference. By the end of day 3, the lead still hovered around 20 votes. The poll was now 45-55% though. At this point, votes started rushing in from Random C. I then made a post that linked to the tournament on my blog. By the end of day 4, the results showed Listless Ink to be within 10 votes of Random C. Random C’s latest campaign link to the blog had rolled to near the bottom of its page and fewer votes were coming in. However, my campaigning was still going. By the middle of day 5, I was leading with 5-10 votes. This lead kept up until 13:00 GMT, when the poll officially closed. I took the link off my post.

      Despite all these nonsense theories and plans, I actually expected a total loss as Random C is such an esteemed blog. All I had hoped for was a decent showing. Only with a lot of luck did I come out with a few more votes at the end. Had Random C fans posted the link more frequently in the comments, had the links been placed in more popular posts (such as Bleach or FMA), or had fan campaigns simply started earlier, I would not have pulled ahead. Interestingly, a new link to the poll was dropped in another of Random C’s post a few minutes after the poll closed, and more votes rushed in. I really had some lucky timing. When Megalith claims to have indirectly handed Listless Ink the victory, he is partly right.

      Still, I give the most credit to my lovely supporters

      This was an excellent strategy and you employed it well. Only one problem. This is not a strategy contest. Most people like to see the underdog win. Just not when it involves hard work losing out to politics.

      • You’re right. That was a bit unfair of me to imply that people were unhappy at RC’s lost because of its popularity. I apologize for that. ^ ^

        “This is not a strategy contest”
        I admit that I gamed the system whereas RC decided not to. But I also addressed in that same post what this tournament means to me.

        For this round though… I simply just let it run.

        One thing I did take away from all these comments here is that I should post more anime-related content and update more frequently. So thanks for the constructive feedbacks.

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