Round 4 Match 8

Polls Closed

The null set 56% vs 44% Anime Diet

The null set advances to the Quarter Finals

Polls closing tomorrow: Major Arcana vs THAT Anime Blog

Polls Closed

Star Crossed Anime Blog 75% vs 25% Canne’s Anime Review Blog

Star Crossed Anime Review advances to the Quarter Finals

~Round 4 completed. The Quarter Finals begin when all the polls in Round 4 close~

Due to me being an idiot an unforeseeable error, the wrong poll was up for the first 4 hours 30 minutes. This poll will then close 4 hours and 30 minutes later than usual.

14 thoughts on “Round 4 Match 8

  1. Read the anime diet, some of his views are really really… scary. Sounds like he is really pissed off with girls in real life?

    No idea how to compare both, so, abstaining.

  2. @Applehat – “LaMoe” is a persona. It’s a dark persona of one of our staff writers. We have many writers and a very diverse range of views. Below are some articles from our other writers:


    Cirno Is a Genius



    Please, try not to be so obvious in name smearing.
    Check out both blogs a read at least 3 articles each before judging anyone. It’s a courtesy.

    • Apologies – The few articles I read were all from the same person so I was under the impression the blog was ran singularly. It was not my intention to smear your blog’s name or whatnot, but merely pointing out that the writer’s view was kind of extreme.

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