Round 4 Match 7

Polls Closed

Kurogane’s Anime Blog 69% vs 31% Mainichi Anime Yume

Kurogane’s Anime Blog advances to the Quarter Finals

Polls closing tomorrow: Star Crossed Anime Blog vs Canne’s Anime Review Blog

Poll Closed

Tenka Seiha 70% vs 30% OGIUE MANIAX

Tenka Seiha advances to the Quarter Finals

Tomorrow: The null set vs Anime Diet

20 thoughts on “Round 4 Match 7

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    • As I explained when Josh pointed it out, the reason my blog design looks the way it does is because, when I signed up for WordPress using the blogging tool on my Yahoo! domain name, it only offered me limited templates and I don’t know how to make/edit my own (I know nothing about CSS, if that’s what’s needed). I had to figure out how to put the banner and Twitter sidebar on myself which, for someone with my limited site design skills, you can see the less than perfect result. I’m hoping people look at the actual content of my blog more than the design.

      • If you have 3.0 of WordPress, you should try out Twenty Ten which comes with WordPress 3.0 that allow you to easily change the banner and background. Also, it can take advantage of the new features in 3.0.

      • Ya really Yumeka, there are free themes you can get with WordPress that you can use without any knowledge of CSS and I strongly reccomend you look into implementing one of them.

  2. OMG why isn’t Kurogane winning by a landslide? That other blog can’t even manage to keep its content within its respective divs. Hoooooly shit.

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