Round 4 Match 5

Polls Closed

Listless Ink 61% vs 39% GAR GAR Stegosaurus

Listeless Ink advances to the Quarter Finals

Polls closing tomorrow: Sea Slugs! Anime Blog vs Baka-Raptor

Tomorrow: Fuzakenna! vs Hashihime


11 thoughts on “Round 4 Match 5

  1. The only morally right decision in this tournament is to ensure an all-dinosaur final match.

    Baka-Raptor vs Gar Gar Stegosaurus must happen. It’s god’s will.

  2. I like both bloggers, and both are great readers of my blog as well. Day has done several posts for my Diary of an Anime Lived project, which is really awesome. However, I have a hard time reading GAR GAR because it is so often focused on negativity and anime that Day doesn’t like. So my vote has to go for Listless Ink on this one, as I have an easier time reading it, and it’s also just a wonderfully designed site full of ZOMGYuri

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  4. Day is an awesome writer, but Yi is an awesome lesbian.

    Based on the take-only-one-blog-to-an-island metric, I’m going with Day. Since Yi only came around recently, it’s easier to imagine life without her. It won’t matter though. Yi’s going to win.

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