Round 4 Match 4

Polls Closed

Major Arcana 23% vs 77% THAT Anime Blog

THAT Anime Blog advances to the Quarter Finals

Tomorrow: Listless Ink vs GAR GAR Stegosaurus


10 thoughts on “Round 4 Match 4

  1. Go Major Arcana! Don’t let my death in this tourney be in vain! Use the power-ups you gained n our fight to take down the next boss!

      • THAT = Balrog
        Sea Slugs = Vega
        Starcrossed = Sagat
        Baka Raptor = M Bison

        Random Curiosity was Akuma, since they were an overpowered blig that all the cool kids hate on.

    • Now if only you dropped the Demonslayer ability or something I might have more a chance xD
      But outside of that I’m grossly underleveled for this boss fight xO! Blog grinding ain’t exactly my thing…

      But THAT has become the first (and yet only) team episodic-heavy blog that I’ve picked up, so this is still fine I guess~

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