Round 4 Match 3

Polls Closed

Star Crossed Anime Blog 75% vs 25% Canne’s Anime Review Blog

Star Crossed Anime Review advances to the Quarter Finals

Tomorrow: Major Arcana vs THAT Anime Blog


20 thoughts on “Round 4 Match 3

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  2. Canne, ever since I found you in this tourney, you’ve become one of my favorite blogs. (Love your avatar, too.) However, I’ve been following Star Crossed for God knows how long; in fact, they were the first blog I’ve followed, and I still faithfully read his posts to this day.

    I still love Canne though. But Psgels…well, you’ve made me the person I am today: an anime blogger.

  3. Star Crossed got me to watch Natsume Yuujinchou. Great memories lolz.
    Never heard of canne’s blog before…that one can’t get my vote but at least I’ll browse the blog for a min lolz.


      Seriously, I’m disappointed with the lack of Oofuri love on the blogosphere. Is it because it’s a sports anime? At least psgels gives every single title out there a chance before deciding if it’s worth blogging.

      • @AJtheFourth
        I’ve seen your Oofuri posts before. I love them. 🙂 They have the fan-girl flavour which psgels’ posts don’t have (obviously), which is a plus!

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