Round 4 Match 1

Poll Closed

Sea Slugs! Anime Blog 51% vs 49% Baka-Raptor

Sea Slugs! Anime Blog advances to the Quarter Finals

Sea Slugs! Anime Blog vs Baka-Raptor

Tomorrow: Tenka Seiha vs OGIUE MANIAX


117 thoughts on “Round 4 Match 1

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  2. First I was very much determined to vote for Sea Slugs! just because Baka Raptor doesn’t update any more. But once the time came I wavered. I’m off to read both of their perspectives on this matter and the one with better convincing skills gets my vote!

  3. Baka-raptor? WTF is that. Just took a look at the blog for once and there is like 10 pages of things trying to denounce Nama-ko & Epi which is unforgivable. Trying to denounce the cutest mascot ever? screw u. Trying to deny me of my great FMA Brotherhood blogger? FCK u. Trying to deny Sea Slugs of their greatnest? SMD.

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  5. Love SS!AB, particulary the FMA coverage and Jesus159’s episodic blogging/butchering of K-on!! Great dedication and output all round.

    Still voted for Baka-Raptor though; his tourney plea had a picture of a dog with bees coming from its mouth… just can’t fight that kind of argument.

      • Just kidding… mostly

        The bee-dog almost did have me voting me the other way. Yes I really am that fickle.

        Plus at the time I thought it’d be a one way battle. It’s much closer than i’d anticipated

        Dont shun me… sniff…

  6. One thing I like about seaslugs is that the background is very light, making it easy to pretend I’m actually reading something at work.

    Baka Raptor made me chuckle with it’s cheap nonsense such as the “Golden Boy vs. Candy Boy” comparison –but sorely lacks anything of any real substance.

    But what drew my attention to SSAB was Kabitzin’s incredibly logical interpretation of what was going on in the ridiculous ‘White Album’.

    If I want to see something hilarious, I’ll push my roommate down some stairs. If I want to know what’s going on in my anime, I’ll stick to Seaslugs.

  7. I really felt like voting for Baka-raptor because his campaign post opened with a wink to Monty Python…
    Then I recalled that despite being funny he’s still Baka-raptor…
    So yea…go Seaslugs lawl.

  8. I voted for Baka-Raptor since I like his humor…

    Besides from that Sea-Slugs is a decent blog and I have nothing to say about both of these blogs.

  9. Ok, this is weird… every time I see the poll, both blogs have the same number of votes and that’s not all, It seem I can still vote even when I have already voted :S

  10. I can’t stand Baka-Raptor. Just not my style. SS!AB has a better idea of how to be snarky without being annoying.

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  17. It’s tied, AGAIN!
    I’d really like to see SS!AB win this, even tough I read both blogs.I just like SS more i guess 🙂

  18. Who are these 2^8 warped minds who believe that any good can come out of giving Baka-raptor an ego-boost?

    All hail the slug.

  19. This is getting intense, maybe antecipated finals already ?

    Nevertheless, Baka-Raptor should win, no matter what the costs may be, while Sea Slugs’s authors are campaigning Online, Baka-Raptor’s minions are campaigning Offline 😉

    • Really? What do you have, yard signs? Lapel pins? Rallies in the streets?

      This match is effectively a semi-final match. Our bracket has four of the top vote-getters in the entire tournament: me, Kabitzin, Hanners, and ghostlightning. None of the other brackets come close. The winner of this match will win the whole thing if Star Crossed doesn’t advertise. If Star Crossed does advertise, we’ll get anally raped.

      • Although GL and Haners only got that many votes due to serious campaining outside the blogosphere, which theoretically anyone can do. Had omo gone around to the forums he’s an admin on and advertised his place in the tourney, he could have beaten me with as many votes as GL or Hanners got.

    • It always shows the vote box 😛 But your vote registers just once. (I hope, otherwise all this fuss would be over nothing)

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  23. I wonder how the heck bakaraptor gets so many votes when he posts next to zero valuable content (April’s his last blog post that’s not related to the contest).

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      • The guy/gals a complete fool in my opinion. While how you view both blogs is a matter of personal opinion, (particularly ‘Raptors whose enjoyment will depends on your style of humour). this hater just uses his ramblings as an excuse to bash both blogs, plus impz.

        Heres an idea buddy, if you don’t seem to like three blogs who are grossly more poplular and respected than yours than the most likely explanation is that that you don’t get it, not everyone else. If sending ‘controversal’ hater posts is the only way you can get exposure, either positive or negative, then perhaps you’re not the best person to call others a idiot.

        That said the fake Rapture dissing picture was quite funny, even if it makes reference to Baka-Rapture calling them a Nazi in a negative fashion, followed by calling him a n***er – real classy!

      • Haha I was aware of the irony (if thats the right word) as I wrote the post, guess I couldn’t have my own rant without playing into the system. Oh well my ego can take it.

        Oh and i’m not a BR fanboy, I voted Sea Slugs, just trying to be objective thats all. Try it sometime, it’s great for a more balanced view of things. xD.

        Frankly i’m glad this match is over. Too many ego’s, bitching, zealous fanboys and dirty tactics for my liking. I think Scamp’s initial intentions of attracting new fan has long since fallen by the wayside. Circle-jerk poplularity contest indeed! Oh well.

      • Well, I for one came here from star crossed and found editorial blogs such as behind the nihon review and major arcana, so I won’t consider that goal a faliure.

        I’m not in the anime blogging circle, so I don’t really understand baka-raptor’s cult following. His posts read like a troll to an outsider like me, pardon my expression. They don’t come close to satire, and his best post was the naruto filler one, in my opinion.

        The reason that most people follow blogs would probably be because I enjoy their style of writing, and they post frequently. Quality without quantity is useless if I check your blog each day to see no new material and I’d be less likely to return. I’d think that’s a major reason why random curiosity and star crossed is really popular.

        But, yeah. This could contest could have been done much better with a poll that locks, and the contest organizers should strive to be as impartial as possible, and should have checked with the blogs if they wanted to participate in the contest first. But, hey, thanks for organizing this contest. For without which I’d have two less blogs in my feed.

        And, yay, sea slugs!

      • @Applehat

        I wasn’t trying to imply that the Tourney was a failure, quite the opposite. I’ve found quite a few blogs as a result of it so i’m v. happy and Scamp deserves kudos for it.

        Its just a bit sad that something that something which was meant to find new readers turned into quite a negative competition, at least for this match. Both blogs groups seem to ultimately respect each other so it seemed unnecesary to put so much effort into trying to win. Thats just a clash of ego’s. When fans of both sites are using other blogs/forums to advertise, or using phones, other computers and random friends to place other votes the ultimate victory seems kinda hollow and more a win in successful PR.

        If I was checking out two blogs i’d not heard of and read similar comments coming from both sides i’d probably not vote for either regardless of their merit.

        As for Baka-Raptor, I had similar thoughts to you at first. His blog’s very much about a particular ego and he has a v. cutting sense of humour that you’ll either love or hate. I ultimately voted Sea-slugs because its articles are well written, friendly, consistant and pedominately anime based unlike BR (at least for the last two points).

        Still i’d be happier not seeing a match go to this extreme again.

      • “When fans of both sites are using other blogs/forums to advertise, or using phones, other computers and random friends to place other votes the ultimate victory seems kinda hollow and more a win in successful PR.”

        @fathomless: Yeah, this is a double-edged sword. Having people vote wriggle around the system by voting multiple times in different locations and using different devices sucks, to put it plainly. It defeats the purpose of the tourney.

        The same goes for finding random people and getting them to vote blindly.

        But on the flip side, I actually think getting out of the typical blogosphere to campaign isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it potentially introduces the blogs to a new audience. Now I totally expect that 90% of them will visit this one post, maybe vote, and never visit another blog again. But there might be that other 10% who do actually look around and find some new interesting reads.

    • By the way, the poll was even when I checked last night, before this idiot wrote his post.

      It’s probably not against the rules, but it’s a dick thing to do.

      • SS! was decisively ahead by the time the post was out. In fact the poll closed only a couple hours after, and I posted at a relatively silent time of the day. Utilizing my readership to make SS! win wasn’t my intention, otherwise I would’ve made the post ages ago.

    • The difference is that BR’s “hate blog” posts are taken as humour. All of his “targets” commented positively on their respective posts.

      This post, on the other hand, is just someone being a dick. Then again, judging by the post itself, inability to see the difference seems to be a trend…

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  29. Guess I’ll have to be a psgels fanboy from here on…

    Is it just me or does this matchup have like ten times the amount of votes of most of the others.

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