24 thoughts on “Round 3 completed. Round 4 begins tomorrow

  1. Null set versus Shinmaru was a tossup anyhow. Didn’t notice a campaign post for them, but I guess that means I can press my case for getting the guy who runs null set to watch Queen’s Blade.

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  3. How did Shinmaru lose? In fact, how did I lose? You know what, don’t answer that.

    Baka Raptor, Canne, Yi, Yumeka. Final Four. That would pretty much be a cluster fuck of my favorite blogs. In fact, I think they’re all in my top 5.

  4. Because of Yi feeling hurt by what happened here, I thought I’d better clear this up sooner rather than later.

    In case anyone needs a refresher on the backstory from Round 2, read here and here.

    Without further ado, here’s the list of sockpuppets from the RC/LI match results thread

    geass — salazar.miguelo@gmail.com
    megalith — meg.alith@gmail.com (not to be confused with the real megalith@RC)
    peanut — zeddicus08@gmail.com
    HAHA — your_mom@home.net
    Otonashi — bullcrap@aniblogtourney.org
    Nagarazoku — virgiliuz@yahoo.com
    mikoto — ray_kumaraswami@hotmail.com (not the mikoto@RC)
    Kururi — kururin89@gmail.com (not the Kururi@RC)
    Shame on y’all — ggfjghdhfghfdk@hdghhgfkjghf.com

    as well as
    Goat — goat@thisblog.com
    whose comment “So RC was entered in the hopes of getting a boost and dropped once that didn’t materialize. That’s actually good thinking in a sneaky way.” wasn’t approved. Oh well, it may have been a bit much.

    plus from the RC/LI poll thread earlier
    Uppfinnarn — uppfinnarn@macaronicode.se (only the first one, the other one was real)

    The only non-bloggers(?) actually taking part in the results discussion were


    Apart from maybe JonBob, none of them appeared much concerned with how RC did, it was all pretty much about the tournament meta. So yeah, the outcome here was a huge upset majorly upsetting RC and it’s fans… Oh, how we all seek to be relevant πŸ˜€

    If people are going to ask again what I was trying to “prove”, this time I was mostly just curious if I could pull off playing the role of “the fandom of the biggest anime blog of all” twice in a row. Apparently preconceptions and exaggerated self-importance still make people blind, or all this nonsense with overblown drama and wild accusations couldn’t have gone down as reality, especially not when I’d outed myself after Round 2. I was pretty surprised no one even suggested this was all just trolling again… The “poncy” Divine would have done some deluded folks here a big favor, had he pulled RC from the roster as he’d contemplated.

    And Scamp, you couldn’t close the poll? Really really? Not even manually? That has got to be the shittiest polling host on the Internet then. Works for this contest, I suppose… Please find something better next time, so no one can be trolled with fraud accusations by the likes of me.

    Now, Yi, I’m sure you won’t be thinking very fondly of me after this, but I just want you to know that this was never about hurting you, no more than it was about BtNR in the previous round. You seem to be a perfectly nice person with a nice enough blog, and it’s good if you were able to get more exposure and readers. Maybe I even helped a bit with making you a “celebrity”? πŸ˜€ Thanks for noting the effect of me not posting any links at RC. (Why would I have? Like you said, the win would have meant nothing to them.)

    I just hope you’ll get as many votes in the next round, because if you drop back to the previous 110 range, you’ll know that for most of the people voting for you, it wasn’t really about your blog at all. Shudder to think, eh? Well, I hope I’m wrong about that.

    • Hmm, I can’t believe Goat’s comment didn’t go through. We (or at least I, and I seem to be the only one approving at all xD) approve everything.
      Well, I found it and restored, it so there you go.

      There were so many double comments, that in my deleting of some of the repeats, I must have hit that one on accident. =P

    • The doubles weren’t purposeful, I only resubmitted when the “waiting for moderation” thing notice wasn’t shown, just in case that meant disappearing into the spam filter. I’m not seeing the restored Goat though.

  5. I was pretty surprised when Hashihime suddenly came up from behind and beat Reverse Thieves. Both are great blogs, and I look forward to finally having a blog I actually read and respect as an opponent~ I definitely don’t intend to lose, but I certainly wouldn’t feel bad about losing to Hashihime.

  6. I think it’s safe to say that even though this fake megalith was trolling, he served his purpose in exposing everyone’s true colors. You just have to consider comments like the following made by one of the bloggers in your inner circle over at Listless Ink to get an idea.

    glothelegend says:
    June 15, 2010 at 3:29 am
    “I, for one, and IMMENSELY happy that you beat RC. RC is the one who I wanted to see lose most of all, mainly because it’s an episodic and it’s one of the most popular blogs ever. So to have someone I like beat them is awesome. You’ve got my vote pretty much the whole way through.”

    Also, I think you guys are drastically underestimating RC’s traffic by at least one decimal place (if not two) if you think your blogs of a few hundred page views a day really had a chance.

    The small influx of votes that came from any campaigning RC reader might have done in the comments was miniscule in the grand scheme of things. A lot of them probably saw some weird link and didn’t even want to click it. Just look at RC’s previous polls to see what kind of numbers you would’ve really been up against if their readership was “mobilized”:

    So please get your heads out of the clouds when you insist that this was some “big upset”, especially when Listless Ink only got 111 votes in the previous round. This so-called win only happened because RC and its readers don’t care about this tournament and you guys did everything in your power to fend off anonymous voting in their favor (and still failed to close the poll properly against them).

    • While passerby isn’t me, we seem to be on a pretty similar wavelength. Just for the record, I use the word “trolling” because my actions are no doubt seen as disruptive by quite a few. From my own point of view, this was more of a experimental/educational type of thing (for myself as much as any other people). Contrary to what Hellomotto73 expressed, getting people riled up wasn’t really a consideration here, making them think was.

      To add to passerby’s statistics, I’m guessing this dismissal by Divine was what made Scamp accuse him of being “poncy”, while it seems to me like the guy was simply stating the obvious. Curiously, Divine is also able to close his polldaddy.com polls.

      • Yeah, I read some of your comments on BtNR and other places, and I realized that was not the intent. Sorry ’bout that. Still, I did get a bit riled up. I need to calm down sometimes. XD

      • @Hellomotto

        Look here.

        Um, where did your other post disappear? I’m not sure if you even meant me by your “you”, but you posted right under me. To answer your question just in case: I want to lead you to salvation πŸ˜€ There, you’ve been enlightened πŸ™‚

    • And if I had a violin and if I knew how to play it.

      Seriously man, if RC is as awesome as you say, it certainly doesn’t need you to defend it.

      You say RC’s readership doesn’t care about this whole thing, but I sure see you caring. A lot.

      TL;DR: He mad.

      Man, maybe I should’ve gone with this thing after all and let JTFish proxy-spam to his heart’s content.

      Just for the record, I don’t read Listless Ink, RC or any other blog in this tourney aside from Kurogane. Just pointing out your amusing “I NO CARE GUIS BUT IF…” huttburt fanboy rage.

    • @Jinx

      I’m not completely sure which one of us you’re talking to, or maybe both, but in any case you should know better than most that one hardly needs to be mad to troll (or were you mad when you posted this? πŸ˜€ ).

      You’re absolutely right though, RC doesn’t need any defenders — but folks thinking they’ve scored a “huge upset” against a formidable opponent are begging to be messed with if that opponent didn’t even bother to get up for the match. Fortunately at least Yi seems to have a fairly realistic view of the situation, but some others sure don’t.

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