Bonus Poll 4

Polls closing tomorrow: UNMEI KAIHEN vs The null set and Atarashii Prelude vs Anime Diet

Polls Closed

Kurogane’s Anime Blog 67% vs 33% Mono no aware

Mainichi Anime Yume 51% vs 49% Eye Sedso

Kurogane’s Anime Blog and Mainichi Anime Yume advance to face each other in Round 4

13 thoughts on “Bonus Poll 4

  1. Why is the contest tagline conveniently omitting the second half of Landon’s insight?

    “Shudder to think peeps around here aren’t fans of what’s popular and shudder to think that this poll has no real relevance.”

  2. Interestingly enough, in DBKai the line was, “His power level is over 8000.” I don’t know if that was a heinous mistranslation, but I’m too lazy to check it.

    • The original line in Japanese was actually “over 8000”. It’s just that someone decided that “over 9000” sounded better, so they translated it that way instead, and look where it got us… XD

      Aside from that, I’m waiting to see if this post will set off a shitstorm of classic Aniblog tourney drama ^^

  3. The fact that I only lost by FOUR FUCKING VOTES kind of frustrates me, but I’m honestly surprised it was even that close. I’m at least glad that I lost to a blog that I actually like to read. Mainichi Anime Yume is one of my top 5 blogs after all.

    That being said, the fact that I lost means that this entire tournament is completely bogus.

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