The Ultimate Post call-out

This idea was brought up by Ghostlightning as something we could run between rounds.

We need two bloggers who have advanced to Round 4 of the tourney. These two bloggers then pick a team of 3 other writers. The 2 teams now make their version of THE ULTIMATE POST. The topic of choice in entirely up to the blogger himself. The only limitation shall be that the post must be kept under 2500 words. These posts will be put up on the Aniblog Tourney website in between Round 4 and the Quarter Finals. Then, in classic Aniblog Tourney style, the readers will vote on which post they prefer.

To apply just leave a comment. The writers you choose don’t have to be in the tourney or even own an anime blog. The bloggers leading the two teams will be chosen come on a first come, first served basis. The date the posts have to be completed by is 23rd June, when Round 4 ends. The winner of the poll has no effect on any of the matches in the Aniblog Tourney proper, it’s just something fun to have between rounds. If we are unable to get 2 bloggers from Round 4 then we will scrap this whole idea, sulk in a corner and put up a bunch of silly polls instead.

Polls closing tomorrow: Kurogane’s Anime Blog vs Mono no aware and Mainichi Anime Yume vs Eye Sedso

Polls closed

Fuzakenna! 57% vs 43% Josh’s Anime Blog

Reverse Thieves 49% vs 51% Hashihime

Fuzakenna and Hashihime advance to face each other in Round 4

40 thoughts on “The Ultimate Post call-out

  1. The ultimate post? to answer life, the universe, and everything? We need more than 2 characters for that?

    Seriously, more boundary lines required xP

    • Perhaps, how though. Hahaha ^_^. I think this whole thing is fun, but I doubt I am much fun in the first place. I do have something up my sleeve for the next round though. It’s how I show my love of Baka-raptor 😀

  2. ボェェェェエエェェェェエエェエェェェエェェェエェェエェェエェェェェエエェエェェェェェエエエェェェェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエェェェェエエ

  3. Look, I’ll be honest. And this not just me. Most people think that this is a stupid idea, and also, pretty much nobody gives a ****. So why not just accept that this was a bad idea, and move forward?

    • “If we are unable to get 2 bloggers from Round 4 then we will scrap this whole idea, sulk in a corner and put up a bunch of silly polls instead.” :3

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      • @geass

        wtb hint

        And yes I must because I think it’s pretty dumb 😛

        Affinity for puns points to someone from SSAB but I don’t know anyone who isn’t fond of Scamp over there. Lack of creativity points to random commenter I wouldn’t know if a name was actually given.

        Kurogane and Jinx have some distinct unfortunate feelings towards Scamp but I would personally consider guessing them a insult to their intelligence.

        I originally guessed Scamp because:
        geass related though that turned out to be a red herring
        is goofy enough to do something like this
        actually reads the comments frequently

        I don’t think it’s RP or Mef who would be the only two I would construe having close to same qualities as scamp, though I’m not sure about the implied insult to scamp…could just be more goofiness.

        As a wild card hunch I would guess Kairu but I don’t really believe that’s who it is.

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