Dates for Round 4

Polls closing tomorrow: Fuzakenna! vs Josh’s Anime Blog and Reverse Thieves vs Hashihime

Polls closed

Random Curiosity 49% vs 51% Listless Ink

Mistakes of Youth 49% vs 51% GAR GAR Stegosaurus

Listless Ink and GAR GAR Stegosaurus advance to face each other in round 4

Dates for Round 4

Jun 15: Sea Slugs! Anime Blog vs Baka-Raptor

Jun 16: Tenka Seiha vs OGIUE MANIAX

Jun 17: Star Crossed Anime Blog vs Canne’s Anime Review Blog

Jun 18: Major Arcana vs THAT Anime Blog

Jun 19: Listless Ink vs GAR GAR Stegosaurus

Jun 20: Winner Match 11 vs Winner Match 12

Jun 21: Winner Match 13 vs Winner Match 14

Jun 22: Winner Match 15 vs Winner Match 16

108 thoughts on “Dates for Round 4

  1. To any RandomC fans: The main aim of this tourney is for people to find some new anime blogs that they might not have known existed before. This is especially relevant to RandomC readers who quite often only read that blog. By all means still vote for RC but take a look at the other blogs in the tourney.

    …is what I was going to write if RC had progressed to the next round

      • The polls don’t close automatically (very frustrating technical issue), so some votes came in after the 1300 GMT cutoff.

      • From my experience, PollDaddy closes fine both automatically (if you configure the date/time properly) or manually with a click of a button, so everyone should be questioning why the end results are conveniently being ignored in favor of the result the people who support the tourney wanted. It sure looks like things were rigged under the guise of a “technical issue” here (more like human error). Then there’s always the possibility of proxy voting when you consider RC was always ahead, but Listless Ink made up the 15 or so votes right near the supposedly cut off time to win by a hair.

        Anyway, why is there only this much drama when it comes to RC? They aren’t a part of your inner circle and don’t even feel the need to defend themselves against your jealous and spiteful remarks, yet you guys continue to stir the shit pot on your own. That’s honestly how it comes off to anyone not in your circle if you aren’t aware already. You guys are being ridiculously scornful to RC and its readers and wonder why they probably don’t want to associate with you. Gee, that’s a tough one to figure out.

        Even if RC’s readers may have wanted to read your blogs, I’m pretty sure they don’t anymore because of your haughty attitudes.

  2. Enjoy your meaningless “victory”, friends of Listless Ink. (By the way, I like reading your blog Yi, I’m talking strictly about this “win” because of how the tournament is organized. Since it was never in your hands, I can’t fault you for anything so this isn’t personal.)


    I’m sure you have something to prove the assertion that RC readers quite often only read that blog? Like mind-reading skills or something?

    I’m surprised you bothered to think up what to say to RC fans when you know from evidence that very few of us even know this has been going on.

    • When Star Crossed wrote about the tourney, he absolutely flattened his competitor, Just as Planned. However, as a regular reader of Just as Planned, I noticed that the comment count has leaped up since then. Because the Star Crossed crowd and psgels were open the the tourney, Just as Planned benefited from the whole experience, bar maybe a bruised ego for being beated quite that badly…

      Divine has gone for, to put it bluntly, a poncy attitide, saying he doesn’t care because RC has a massive readerbase already, which misses the main purpose of the tourney in the whole place. The RC readerbase not knowing about they tourney is not something to be proud of. They’re missing out on discovering new blogs.

      • I think a better example of poncy attitude would be entering other people’s blogs into your tournament without consulting them, and then expecting them to give you their full support. It’s bullshit to try to utilize someone’s popularity for your own purposes and then whinge when they don’t cooperate.

      • Support for the “aniblog tourney” by name doesn’t mean a thing to us. When the tourney is done, tumbleweeds will grow here. But support for your fellow bloggers? I think that’s always admirable.

      • Why should Divine support those who make a point of scorning his blog and its readership? It would be big of him to do it anyway, but it’s a lot to ask.

      • I think a better example of poncy attitude would be entering other people’s blogs into your tournament without consulting them, and then expecting them to give you their full support.

        Oh how true….

      • “I believe we’ve already covered this?”

        Perhaps it bears repeating as long as you people continue to pretend that you’re God’s gift to fans, without whom they couldn’t possibly find good anime blogs on their own.

      • We’re not god’s gift to anime fans, in any way shape or form. xD We started this tourney as a fun idea to satisfy our curiosity and maybe have a nice side effect of introducing people to new blogs.

        You guys are the ones taking it so seriously.

      • Dude, I have to agree with some of the people here.

        The blog owners don’t owe you anything. You being against a certain blog because they don’t support your tourney is quite petty. Not that I accuse you of “Foul play”.

        Also, accusations of foul play are so amusing, because it means some people take this whole thing WAY too seriously.

        Seriously, there’s a reason when I first saw this, I thought of the otaku elimination game. It’s the same deal.

        Also, AFAIK WP polls should close automatically, weird.

    • Considering RC’s popularity, I suspect that many of RC readers might actually voted for Listless Ink after they looked at it. Thus, Yi could generate so many votes. I am happy, very happy 🙂

    • Dude, let’s be serious. All wins in this tournament are meaningless.

      They’re a nice ego-stroke, and little more. Especially at this stage, as they funnel less new readers, as mostly only those with ample readers make it here, or people’ve already got the new readers from prior rounds.

    • These were the results when the polls closed at 13:00 GMT. The stoopid polls don’t close automatically so people keep voting in them. I’ll put up a notice saying the polls have closed

    • Looking at the poll numbers right now, I can say with confidence that I literally handed LI the victory, because even a single link posted at RC would have made the difference you see at the poll now. I didn’t post that link because I wanted to see the arrogant gloating by RC haters.

      Thanks, Scamp, for picking a polling engine that makes it so easy to see the hollowness of this victory. Clearly this is a legitimate win when the moment the results are announced, the numbers for the “losing” side go way up.

      • You don’t have to tell me that it’s been posted there, that’s evident from the current numbers, LOL.

        You must be really desperate for legitimacy if you’re even monitoring the comments at RC. You’re from Ireland, right? Since you call this a “victory”, I’m guessing you had no objection to the kind of “win” Henry handed to France in the qualifiers.

      • I moniter where the hits come in from so I can see the comments.

        And yes, I am trying to keep the tourney legit. The point I’m missing here is why you think the victory isn’t legit. Where exactly is this ‘handball’ being committed?

      • It’s not meant to be an exact analogy. If you think it’s legitimate beyond the technicality of “at that moment in time those were the votes”, I’m very interested in your take on the 30 point lead RC has now after having “lost” by 5 or so. Hopefully the explanation won’t involve calling RC fans stupid because they keep voting in a poll that doesn’t look like it’s closed.

      • We definitely could use a better polling method in a future iteration to try to avoid this from occurring.

        No one’s stupid for continuing to vote since the poll does look open, but there’s also nothing preventing a mass from coming in and voting after the results have been concluding.

      • Closing the poll would prevent it 😀 Or, in the case of LI, the lack of such a mass (nothing personal).

  3. Wow major congrats to Yi! Whether or not RC cared about the tourney (and by that I guess I mean even though they didn’t care) RC is a behemoth, and It’s impressive that Listless was able to win on its own strength.



    I’m very pleased that Yi won. Of course, RC fans’ll be commenting left and right that RC is so much more popular than Listless Ink (thanks for that, Captain Obvious ;D), but hey: a win’s a win, am I right? YEAH!!!! Congrats Yi! /fanboymode

    (By the way, just a thought: it seems like there are a lot of bloggers who are med students. Can anyone confirm this?)

  5. Woah Congrats to Yi! Wasn’t expecting a victory over RC. I suppose that’s partly due to the fact that RC shunned the Tourney (which misses the point as noted above), but a victory is a victory!

    GAR GAR was really no surprise to me. BUT LET’S REJOICE FOR THAT TOO!!!

    And I’ve moved within 5 votes somehow! Vote for me or something it doesn’t really matter actually it does.

    • Err, don’t you mean “Pulled it off”? The pulled it out moment almost made me shout out “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” But then I realized that it would neither make sense nor be appropriate in the situation. XD

  7. This is like seeing a Firefly site post a poll saying “Which do you like more: Serenity or Star Trek?” Serenity wins and A) the Firefly fans think they’ve scored some sort of major victory and B) some random Trek ran gets mad that the more popular movie lost.

    Listless winning reflects the opinion of the audience hanging around this tourney. That’s all its victory means. It’s ridiculous for either side to think anything more of the situation. Shudder to think peeps around here aren’t fans of what’s popular and shudder to think that this poll has no real relevance.

    • Well said, except I’m not mad, I’m actually trying to get people to understand the exact same points you just made. Not doing a very good job at it, apparently. Your way to use an analogy is better, because some people stop thinking rationally if they as much as see RC in a sentence.

      • It’s not a matter of analogy, though that does explain things quite well. Nor is it a matter of RC inciting anger/spite.

        The level of hostility that comes from defending/talking down Random Curiosity is the issue here, as both sides are always so eager to ramp it up because maybe THIS time the other side will understand what the “SMART” people think.

        It’s not like anyone is saying that a blog loses if it’s worse, because that’d be an insult to all the good blogs that are already out of the tournament.

      • I’m not trying to be hostile, but it’s just ridiculous how some people can claim that this is all just for fun and to promote good blogs, and then in the same breath say that this is a major victory and good riddance to RC. I’d be an ass if I thought I was smarter than everyone else here, it’s the hypocrisy that annoys me.

      • I haven’t seen anyone say good riddance to RC. I think you’re projecting here. But it is a major victory. It’s not major because people want RC out, it’s major, because it’s a huge unexpected upset.

      • Sorry, I don’t keep an eye on every tweet or post everyone makes about the tourney. So Scamp’s happy RC’s out, what difference does that make?

        RC is undoubtedly the biggest anime blog in the business. Regardless of the commentary within the peanut gallery, anybody that expected RC to lose to anyone save maybe another major player like Sea Slugs, psgels or THAT, is pulling shit out their ass. So yeah, I can call it unexpected with a straight face.

      • It makes the difference that you were wrong and I’m not projecting.

        And you severely overestimate the reach of this competition if the prospect of RC losing to a relative lightweight seemed as remote to you as you suggest.

      • Ok, that’s fair. I retract my projecting comment. 🙂

        Actually, I may underestimate the reach of this competition. RC’s got a years of history and thousands of readers. We’re just a little upstart tourney that captures the attention of a small slice of the anime fan population.

      • Ack, cut off comment.

        I dont think we have the “power” to sway over anyone’s opinions if that’s what you’re suggesting.

      • RP, what I meant was that given the limited voting population, half (if not more) of whom seem to be anibloggers — many of whom don’t like any episodics — it’s not a huge surprise to see RC lose like this. Perhaps not necessarily expected, but nothing out of the blue either. Now if these polls had thousands of voters from all over the place, then I agree that it would have been a huge upset.

      • I think you overestimate the blogging population. I would be very surprised if there were more than 100 blogger votes per match. But let’s go to 150 for arguments sake. That still leaves 300+ votes coming from non-bloggers, who theoretically should be fairly representative of the typical anime fanbase.

        Also, while there does seem to be some backlash against episodics (although I personally think it’s a case of the vocal minority whomping about), episodics like Sea Slugs, THAT, psgels and Tenka Seiha were able to get through ok. And I don’t recall aroduc posting about the tourney on TS (not surprisingly he had the closest call of the 4).

        I’m not surprised that the vote was close. Some of these matches have been surprisingly close. But I have a hard time saying it’s not a big upset. Any one of the above 4 + RC going down early would be a big upset in my book.

      • Let’s make that “anibloggers and friends/groupies” then. I have my doubts about how representative that remainder you mentioned is of the typical fanbase — because if it were, wouldn’t that make some bloggers here look quite foolish, trying to lift themselves higher based on their supposed “more discerning” readership?

      • I have my doubts about how representative that remainder you mentioned is of the typical fanbase — because if it were, wouldn’t that make some bloggers here look quite foolish, trying to lift themselves higher based on their supposed “more discerning” readership?

        You lost me here.

        I dont think anyone’s saying they’re more discerning. But I’m willing to say that the general blogger population probably has different tastes compared to the fly-by anime blog reader.

      • Now you lost me. Are you saying that you haven’t seen statements by bloggers in this tournament that the readers who prefer editorials are a “more discerning” audience? I don’t mean necessarily using that specific pair of words, so lets not quibble over semantics too much.

  8. This situation looks similar to what happened in AstroNerdBoy’s match where Mistakes of Youth had a very comfortable lead but then ANB surprisingly caught up and took the lead by a few votes. I thought that was because ANB had mobilized his support but it was said that it happened because of proxy voting. How do we know this wasn’t the case here? It looks strange to see Random Curiosity listed as the loser when it’s actually ahead in the poll by a wide margin. I’d like to trust the organizers but seeing them express their great pleasure at RC losing makes me a little uneasy.

    • Let’s not go overboard, there’s nothing to suggest that foul play was involved. What happened here was opportunely timed campaign voting which went uncountered by the RC side for obvious reasons. The funny part in the campaign was that at least one blogger campaigned for LI because it’d be much easier to beat in the next round.

    • I’m just happy to see a blog I really like do well.

      Honestly, what would be the point in starting a tournament and then skewing the results ourselves? That would be a waste of all the time, effort, and stress we’ve fed this tourney.

  9. (Reposted from the original voting thread)

    Scamp, so in other words, the smaller blogs want to band together and use the well-established ones as a stepping stone to boost their own popularity. In the process, they were hoping to have some of those sites’ heavy traffic trickle down to their own blogs as well.

    Sounds like a publicity stunt intended to benefit from the popular sites’ expense if you ask me. Anyone part of the anime bloggers’ inner cliquey circle seem to be using this as an opportunity to take a shot at those sites too, under the pretense that they provide better content that is simply “unappreciated” by the masses and that the popular sites just have hordes of “mindless readers” who aren’t “intellectual” enough to know what a good blog is about.

    Of the 250 or so votes that went against RC, it seems like most of them were encouraged to vote that way by all the other anime blogs with whatever votes they could scrounge up just to see if a clear underdog can win and pull a supposed upset for the sake of pulling a supposed upset. There seem to be a few people such as yourself who wanted to go against that trend, but at the same time you realized there was an ongoing trend here to vote against RC. Everyone can sugarcoat their words all you want, but based on the comment it’s pretty clear that practically all bloggers taking part in this will say they respect RC then immediately vote against them for a blog they never even heard of before.

    This whole tournament pretty much lost all credibility as soon as the people running it were the ones actively taking part in it. Think of how it comes off to the non-blogger/typical reader, seeing a bunch of bloggers voting for themselves in a “tourney” they created. Now imagine how those readers feel seeing all these sites running campaigns for it on their own sites as well. To me, it comes off as people screaming for attention in something they created themselves for themselves, rather than trying to attract new readers by actually blogging.

    If you really wanted to promote the less known blogs, you could have simply made posts about each one rather than turning it into a so-called competition. All this has done is given the small blogs an excuse to unite against sites like RC.

    • based on the comment it’s pretty clear that practically all bloggers taking part in this will say they respect RC then immediately vote against them for a blog they never even heard of before.

      I’m curious which comment you’re basing this completely unfounded accusation on?

      BTW, I would be one of the tourney organizers who actually voted for RC, hard as that may be to believe.

    • I think you’re giving it too much thought, thinking others give it too much thought.

      I doubt all the small bloggers “banded together” to try and beat RC… like there are enough hours in the day to band together just to beat someone.

      For a very ephemeral sort of “win” at that.

  10. Also, I just wanted to add that if this was purely just for fun, ask yourself why bloggers are promoting the tournament and posting about their wins and losses on their own sites like it’s some big accomplishment. Regardless of how few, your readers won’t know any better, so you’re likely misleading them into thinking it’s a big deal. Perhaps you should consider that sites like RC may not have wanted to take part for that very reason, in addition to the online drama it’s bound to cause. Also rather than bullying the smaller blogs by bringing in thousand of votes, they’ve allowed themselves to get bullied instead so that the results of the tourney aren’t even less meaningless than they already are.

    Like Carnelian_fan mentioned, take a step back and look at how you guys come off rejoicing over how RC supposedly lost. It’s all very cliquey and will only serve to alienate the average reader more. They just want to read about anime-related stuff, not see a bunch of bloggers on their high horses banding together and shamelessly promoting themselves. It looks even worse when they see everyone directing their haughty attitude towards one site.

    The fact that comments are moderated here and need prior approval will also draw wary opinions from the typical reader, so it may help bloggers to think twice about why you site isn’t as popular as you’d like it be. The typical reader is who you should be catering to the most, since they’re by far the most abundant source of traffic for any site, anime blog or otherwise. Some bloggers get too focused on comment counts and never consider how they probably don’t comment at all on the big sites they visit on a daily basis, such as Anime News Network.

    Just a word of advice: You should really give your readers more thought before you start worrying about what other bloggers think of you, especially if you hope to increase your site’s popularity, bring in more readers, and keep them coming back.

    • Agreed to the most part since this is essentially what Kurogane and I said in the very beginning. In defense of comment counts though: In the modern day of fucktons of bots, it’s not very easy to know what your actual readership is by just visit numbers. Average comment count is more reliable metric of performance if you ask me.

  11. Awesomeness! Listless Ink suddenly came back on the last day, and I’m very pleased about this. If I were to beat Reverse Thieves, I would have had to go against RandomC and probably would have been steamrolled. There’s a lot more potential for a fun match against Yi, especially because I like her. This should be great!

    • What made you think RC would have steamrolled you with the crowd that votes in this competition? You could have staged a similar comeback and it would have been as meaningless as this one.

  12. Sorrow-kun, I for one would be interested in reading that tl;dr comment you were contemplating about why Listless Ink’s victory wasn’t meaningless. That is, if your motivation is something other than sour grapes over having lost to RC in the previous round.

  13. lol I’ve rarely seen such unadulterated bullcrap spouted even in the anime blogosphere. Scamp and RP, you get some respect for not voting with the crowd, but the rest of what you say makes it obvious that you’re still circle-jerkers at heart.

    woo-hoo RC lost, let’s party because we have nothing else in our miserable lives! Too bad this changes nothing about what the real position of all these schadenfreude blogs is. Bloody posers, green with envy.

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    • VERY SRS BSNS talk about how this tourney isn’t SRS BSNS. Poor English from a blogger who thinks RC is a bad influence. Sorrow-kun is still mad about losing to RC. APPROVED FOR LULZ!

    • What is this chikorita157 guy talking about? No one said RC was elitist, on the contrary, I-the-many suggested anti-RC people were elitists and they got all upset because of course that isn’t so.

  16. Scamp: “The main aim of this tourney is for people to find some new anime blogs that they might not have known existed before.”

    mefloraine: “We started this tourney as a fun idea to satisfy our curiosity and maybe have a nice side effect of introducing people to new blogs.”

    (Emphasis added)

    Dissension in the ranks? Failure to get your stories straight? 😀

    • Silly, geass~
      We’ve expressed different reasonings for the start of this tourney since the beginning. Both were reasonings we brought up when thinking up the tourney, but we have both selected different ideas as our main purpose for running it.
      You’re just trying to find something to nitpick, but there’s really no reason for it. Nothing will change, and we won’t really be affected. :3

    • That is not my concern. I’m doing this for fun and to satisfy my curiosity. We really must be the same person 😀

  17. Gee Scamp, if you want to lure people from RandomC to other blogs, maybe you need to start with telling the owners of those blogs to stop looking down on those who like RandomC?

  18. Kurogane said you fixed this poll to make Random Curiosity lose. Get a life, fgts. Random Curiosity is popular for a reason, get over it.

  19. Not to spoil anyone’s fun but the way I see it, right now there’s no proof of Listless Ink winning other than Scamp’s say-so. The results at tell a very different story.

  20. Let me sum this up:
    1) after all these commotion and attention, the Tourney is a big success after all.
    2) a good number of RC’s readers can be a little late in voting.
    3) Yi is now officially a celebrity
    4) I am happy despite everything.

    Let’s just enjoy the rest of the tourney. 🙂

  21. God, all this rage is making me LOL so hard. Thanks for cheering me up!

    Personally I voted for RC since I generally prefer to read episodics, and RC is the first blog I ever subscribed to.

    However I am pleased for Listless Ink since Yi’s posts are well written and fun to read……plus giant killing always makes tourney’s more fun! 😛

  22. What’s making me LOL is seeing how the line runs between bloggers vs non-bloggers, save for a few “black sheep” bloggers whom the rest attempt to ignore or make light of. Doesn’t seem like a good recipe for gaining new readers.

    • ‘Black sheep bloggers’?? 😆 Sorry, but that just sounds so fecking funny!

      Blogger’s aren’t sheep – they’re highly opinionated individuals. You kind of need to be to maintain a blog since the whole point is writing about your own personal opinion on your chosen subject.

      Thats probably why the comments on this tourney (and on many blogs in general) are dominated by bloggers rather than casual readers – we’re just a bit more opinionated and involved than the causual fan.

      Speaking of which, that why I admire the big episodic blogs so much – they manage to inspire casual readers to become commenters!

      • Exactly, only bloggers comment because only bloggers are “opinionated and involved” enough.

        Except for ex-bloggers who never comment.

        And pre-bloggers who never comment.

        And bloggers who only comment to create links back to their sites.

        And bloggers who only comment on blogs run by bloggers who comment back.

        And bloggers who only comment for attention.

        And bloggers who only comment to jerk each other off.

    • “Thats probably why the comments on this tourney (and on many blogs in general) are dominated by bloggers rather than casual readers – we’re just a bit more opinionated and involved than the causual fan.”

      That may be part of it, but I wouldn’t discount the need to spread the link accessible under the name as extra motivation 😀

      • “That may be part of it, but I wouldn’t discount the need to spread the link accessible under the name as extra motivation”

        Actually, just to play mythbusters, I’ve tracked these sort of links for a while now, and most of the time you won’t get any clicks from them. Occasionally, you might get a couple. And on very rare occasion (let’s say you made a brilliant comment), you may get 10+, but generally the value is very limited. There’s plenty other ways to more efficiently garner clicks if need be. 🙂

      • I guess I must be an anomaly then, because I click on them quite often if the comment seems worthwhile. I think even without getting clicks, it’s a way to build name recognition. Also, links aren’t just good for clicks, are they?

        But this is all going way out to sea, I have no reason to nitpick bloggers as such. When I mentioned the dividing line, I just meant that pretty much all the non-bloggers who have commented here have been on the RC side. If lots of non-bloggers voted for LI as has been suggested, I’d expect to see more comments from them on the other side. I’m not saying there weren’t any, I’m just wondering about their silence.

      • “I’m not saying there weren’t any”==”I’m not saying there weren’t any who voted for LI”

  23. This thing is motivated by the same spirit of the Otaku Elimination Game. It’s all about popularity and patting oneself and one’s friends on the back, but sadly, this is often treated as here, as a zero-sum game, which as we all know, means ragging on other people.

    More damning, and amusing (simultaneously!), is that this thing is meaningless. And it will pass.

    That it is like the OEG is all one needs to know. Minus the provocative posting style, with the people who get all angry and bothered.

  24. @mefloraine

    Erm, my meaning before was not that the organizers have skewed the vote, but that there may have been proxy voting that you didn’t bother to investigate because of how you felt about all the Random Curiosity drama. When there was this thing with the Bokutachi no Blog and The null set match where it was said there was vote count manipulation, I asked about AstroNerdBoy’s earlier proxy vote situation because that came as a surprise to me from reading the comments in that thread. I never got a reply, but Scamp later reopened the other match because he actually couldn’t tell if there had been any proxy voting or not. The impression I got from that was that it’s hard to tell if there’s been foul play or not. So because now there’s this irregular situation where the poll is by a large margin in favor of the declared loser and before there was an surprising surge as I understand it, I just wanted to know if you’re confident that no proxy voting was involved in this case. I repeat I did not mean that you manipulated the vote yourselves. Sorry about the confusion.

    • Why do you ask when you already know the answer? The answer is: no can do. POLLING AT POLLDADDY.COM IS APPROVED FOR LULZ.

      LOL Damn you passerby you stole my 100!

  25. Almost all of you here are acting like jerks. Hardly anyone seems to give any though to how Yi must feel seeing what’s happening here, and it certainly wasn’t her fault she won. Shame on y’all. The organizers seem to be either incredibly incompetent or total asshats for letting things degenerate to this, on top of royally screwing up with closing the polls and opening the door wide for recriminations in the first place.

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