Round 3 Match 13 and 14

Polls Closed

Kurogane’s Anime Blog 67% vs 33% Mono no aware

Mainichi Anime Yume 51% vs 49% Eye Sedso

Kurogane’s Anime Blog and Mainichi Anime Yume advance to face each other in Round 4

Polls closing tomorrow: Star Crossed Anime Blog vs Rabbit Poets vs JanaiBlog and Canne’s Anime Review Blog vs Beta-Waffle

Polls Closed

Tenka Seiha 55% vs 45% 2-D Teleidoscope

chaostangent 49% vs 51% OGIUE MANIAX

Tenka Seiha and OGIUE MANIAX advance to face each other in Round 4

Tomorrow: UNMEI KAIHEN vs The null set and Atarashii Prelude vs Anime Diet

24 thoughts on “Round 3 Match 13 and 14

  1. I don’t really know what to pick for the first poll. Will have to do some reading.

    On a completely unrelated note: 2-DT lost. ;A;

  2. Here’s an idea. Maybe 2DT lost because it’s less than a year old and hasn’t had much time to develop a substantial fanbase. Meanwhile, its reputation among bloggers hasn’t drawn in new readers because reputation in the blogosphere doesn’t travel far outside the circle jerk. Yeah, that sounds about right.

    • I’ve been reading the comments here as the tourney has progressed, and I have to say Baka-Raptor always has the best handle on what’s real and what’s bullshit in the blogosphere. A lot of the bloggers here need to get a reality check and stop ignoring obvious facts because they find them inconvenient or disturbing. People keep asking about how to improve their blogs but it’s not about any technicalities, you need to stop only listening to your mates who tell you what you want to hear. Just my 0.02c from the peanut gallery.

    • Why does Baka-raptor like to make it so easily clear? There’s no fun commenting “I agree.” Arghhh!

      On a more serious note, editorials are in my opinion really for bloggers and not casual readers (I consider myself a casual reader who goes O_O when editorial bloggers go into advanced concepts and deep meaning stuff). Hence, building up a critical mass takes time and effort. think of it as a movie. Just because all the critics say it is the best juice ever since it is born doesn’t mean it will kill the box office.

      It might just be the snobbish attitude that “oh, Shakespeare and King Lear are classical hits blah blah blah while bashing Twilight because it is so superficial and silly. Critics hate Twilight despite being a completely well thought movie for the audience it is catering to. So, a show like Bright Star might gain critical acclaim but god, I find it so boring and dry and whatever stuff. Wife and me fell asleep watching it in the theater.

      So, long story short, I agree with Baka raptor. DAMN YOU!

  3. You guys shouldn’t be surprised 2DT lost, it was way more shocking that he did so well, considering Tenka Seiha is really huge and has been around forever. I’m proud of him just for putting up a good fight.

    Also @Scamp: You should just ignore klux lol.

    Glo, I know I voted for you in the last two rounds, but the buck stops here: voted for Mainichi Anime Yume. Yumeka is very easy to read and friendly, and promotes discussion very easily. The only thing I’m iffy about with her is that she does a lot of posts that seem like the topic post in a forum, which tend to be on topics I’ve seen many times before, but nonetheless her posts are fun, and a lot of them have been very nice. And as for Glo, uh…

    The other match was an easy choice for me: Mono no Oware. It’s been interesting ever since it was called The End of the World, even if I only recently realized that they were the same blog lol. I’m a little surprised that it seems to be off to a bad start since I thought it had a pretty big readerbase, but I guess Kurogane’s is bigger.

  4. 2D-T probably goes deeper into culture than a lot of fans could care… where as Aroduc is has some very concise and spot on episodics

    ignorant commoners! xD

    That aside, given that I’m a fan of aroduc’s visnov translation works, I’m also happy for his success xD

    • Nah, I think Baka-Raptor is closer to the truth here. Aroduc’s style of episodic is just as much an aquired taste as 2DT’s posts. It’s just he hasn’t been around quite long enough yet to attract many irregulars who will also like his posts. The fact that he pushed Tenka Seiha is quite the achievement in its own right and would have beaten him if Aroduc didn’t post about the tourney

  5. 2D-T lost 😦 It’s been my favourite blog ever since round 1. I’m a casual reader and weren’t it for this tournament I probably wouldn’t even discover it. So thanks for that.

  6. Man, if this already made people this agitated, I can only imagine the magnitude of the shitstorm that would have ensued if I had stayed in the tournament and JTFish had fired up his proxies.

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