Round 3 Match 11 and 12

Polls Closed

Fuzakenna! 57% vs 43% Josh’s Anime Blog

Reverse Thieves 49% vs 51% Hashihime

Fuzakenna and Hashihime advance to face each other in Round 4

Polls closing tomorrow: Tenka Seiha vs 2-D Teleidoscope and chaostangent vs OGIUE MANIAX

Polls Closed

Sea Slugs! Anime Blog 65% vs 35% The Cart Driver

Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog 42% vs 58% Baka-Raptor

Sea Slugs! Anime Blog and Baka-Raptor advance to face each other in Round 4

Tomorrow: Kurogane’s Anime Blog vs Mono no aware and Mainichi Anime Yume vs Eye Sedso

24 thoughts on “Round 3 Match 11 and 12

  1. The second match here will take serious consideration and reading of the two blogs for me. I highly respect what both Reverse Thieves and Hashihime do and the sheer amount of effort that goes into a lot of their posts. Reverse Thieves has epic series like that ‘Otaku Diaries’, and Hashihime does excellent coverage of all things seiyuu which has sometimes helped be keep track of the who’s who in the seiyuu world myself. Both of them are definitely niche blogs, but fill out their niche to the fullest. I don’t think I can vote until I’ve really read more of both.

    • Completely agree. It’s one of the hardest matches to decide for me since I use Hashihime as my first resource when I want to find out more about the seiyuus and character names for any show I blogged (he seems to enjoy the same animes I watched). Reverse Thieves also has good entries that I enjoy. Hard hard choice ^^

      • TBH, I don’t think I could easily beat either of you, nor am I sure I would deserve to. There aren’t many blogs I’d feel fine about losing to, but ya’ll are two of them.

        That said, I think Hashihime might give me an easier time :p

    • I also think the first match also warrants serious consideration and reading of the two blogs, before everyone goes and votes for Fuzakenna lol

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  3. Reverse Thieves tourney post made me grin. However Hashihime does great season previews. These have been the two deciding factors for me in many matches thus far.

    • Irish people can’t count…

      It was like this for round 2 as well. However nobody commented on it then so I decided to leave it as it was.

      • I also thought the poll closed earlier than it had the previous 2 rounds. Usually if a poll starts on the 2nd, I’ll close the morning of the 8th, which would have been today, not yesterday

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