Round 3 Match 9 and 10

Polls Closed

Random Curiosity 49% vs 51% Listless Ink

Mistakes of Youth 49% vs 51% GAR GAR Stegosaurus

Listless Ink and GAR GAR Stegosaurus advance to face each other in round 4

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Sea Slugs! Anime Blog vs The Cart Driver and Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog vs Baka-Raptor

Tomorrow: Fuzakenna! vs Josh’s Anime Blog and Reverse Thieves vs Hashihime


46 thoughts on “Round 3 Match 9 and 10

  1. I have nothing but the highest esteem for Random Curiosity. Omni ran a fine ship, and Divine’s going a great job of filling in those shoes.

    But that said, please understand that I love Yi like a fat kid loves pound cake. There’s really no way around it.


  2. Hmm, I guess commenting on this won’t get us any “elitist” remarks this time? 😉

    Go go go, Listless Ink indeed!

  3. I feel like it’s my duty to vote anti-RC…but fuck it, Listless Ink is too fluffy for me and RC does great season previews. Voting RC.

    Voted GAR GAR in the other one but I like them both so I’m indifferent to who wins

  4. Voted Listless Ink in the top match ❤

    I probably would have voted for Mistakes of Youth in the other if wah hadn't recently marked my comments as being spam, so I finally took him off my reader and will henceforth forget he exists. So I guess Day gets the vote~

  5. Fortunately this competition is not decided by “circular” anibloggers alone, or RC might actually lose. It’s kind of sad to see people voting against a good blog because they don’t see it as part of their gang. This isn’t about “elitism”, it’s plain old clique mentality. Whatever happened to voting on merits, not based on personal affiliation? Scamp nailed it with his “duty to vote anti-RC”, and kudos to him for bucking the “trend”.

    • Uh, Random C is boring, Listless Ink is fun, I think it’s silly to expect people to think what you do about the blogs. You know why we are a clique? Because we like each-others’ blogs. It just makes sense.

      • Aye, I guess for most editorial bloggers, random C can be seen as boring. For me, I find Divine’s writing now quite refreshing, due to the content I write in THAT. I like to see what he thinks of the episode (I watch raws, so I like to compare what I think of it), and it gives me a decent level of analysis to understand what’s going on and discuss each episode with more panache. In that, I guess I rate the level of analysis a tad higher for RandomC than listless, though I do wish they change the font size (it’s hideous to read).

        I guess to me, Listless ink’s writing has little appeal to me simply because it just doesn’t engage me. It’s good writing, and Yi’s cheerful and nice personality runs through clearly in the writing (which is excellent for any editorial writer to have), it’s just that I do not find any in-depth analysis or discussion (ala ghostlightning or 2DT) that I like to see in an editorial. Also, Yi does well without a holier than thou style of writing, which I appreciate because I actually hate quite a few editorial blogs who think that they are the best awesome juice ever. I don’t like opinion shoved down to me, I guess. :O

      • Mm. And see, I’m not opposed to episodic posting entirely (just most of the ones I’ve seen) and I’ll agree that what I’ve rad of random c was good… but it’s boring to me for the simple fact that I don’t watch shows while they air.

        And I will agree with you that Listless Ink doesn’t give much in the way of analysis, but it’s fun for me because it’s big on yuri and I’m big on yuri.

        So it’s purely just me, but that’s what Im trying to say to Uppfinnarn – it’s not like I’m not voting for RC out of spite or some shit or some misguided love of the underdog. Yes, I tend to vote for my inner circle of friends and readers… but the reason that they are my inner circle of friends and readers is that I like them so much.

      • I guess that is fine. For me, I try to uphold the spirit of the ani blog tourney, not to make a populist contest but to the actual writing of the author. As such, Listless ink offers much less.

        Also, I would also point out that the whole goal of the tournament has failed if people continue to just vote for the blogs they like and only care about good blogs who agree with their view point, rather than reading what is out there that is different. Not sure if I am making a similar point to Baka-raptor.

        I do not think that circle jerking is that bad of a thing. It shows that there is friendship online between bloggers, and a social economic exchange of ideas, information and emotional feelings. I am all down for that. I do think once it makes you have a black and white (my side and their side) or (episodic summary < editorial) view on things, it becomes a very bad closed up environment. That is why the danger is, and some might have gone very very close to that. There is no good or bad views, only good or bad writing. 🙂

      • Thing is, I’ve been checking out all of these blogs, and I’ve mostly found that the reason I didn’t read them before is the same reason I wouldn’t now – I don’t like them lol. It’s not that the tournament hasn’t helped – in fact, this is one such case – I’d read Listless Ink a couple of times before the tourney, but it was only after round one that I finally subscribed to it. So it has re-introduced me to blogs the I was pre-disposed to, but other than that, I’ve just seen a lot of blogs that I didn’t know about for a good reason, hehe.

        I don’t really get what’s wrong with only voting for blogs you like if that’s, like, exactly why I would vote for them. Why would I vote for the ones I don’t like?

  6. For the first match, I think Divine does a way better job in terms of speed and writing, compared than Yi. As a first time visitor to Listless Ink, I do not see anything that is amazing, other than a very engaging personality in the writing. As such, Random C’s devotion to do it with decent level of analysis, good breath in the things he covers and with good speed pits Random C above Listless Ink. Too little appreciation is made on such devotion to write (I don’t have the time or the ability to write so fast).

    For the second one, I don’t really care about comics, so GAR GAR. ~_~

  7. Voted Listless and GAR GAR. RC is a good blog, but I honestly can’t stand the site itself. If it would just make the font size bigger, make the comments easier to navigate and read, and not make me scroll down to read their comments, I’d be much happier. It’s actually mostly formatting issues that I have with RC. On content, they do what they do well, though I prefer a bit more variety in my blog posts, but to each his own.

    Listless Ink is more infrequent with his posts, but they’re solid and interesting. I personally like his writing more than Divine’s over at RC, but that’s just personal choice. Divine’s just a tad too inconsistent with a division between summary and speculation.

    On the second match, GAR GAR just brings so much to the table that I can’t resist voting for it.

    • I don’t think Random C is that bad (you make it sound like it’s the worst thing ever, or is it because it’s an episodic blog?).

      It’s really what they aim to do in a blog. I think both cater perfectly well to their audience, and to me, that is the personality in the writing. :>.

      Simply, how do you consider a good personality? Someone who shoves facts down your throat and telling you this is the truth and the only truth, and that whatever you say is complete BS? A nice sweet writer that is fluffy but is personally engaging? A person who tells you and reflects the major key points in an episode with succinct points? The personality is in the eye of the beholder, and I think in that way of comparison, both Divine and Listless cater very well to their audience. (I repeated my point, yes :P)

      I did not want to write any comments about this initially, but I was a bit slighted by those seemingly punitive comments that do not explain their rationale clearly in a non-confrontational, less black and white manner. It seems as though there’s no discussion to make, and that in my opinion, is like talking to a wall. I clearly don’t think anyone intends it that way, and I clearly hope not.

      • one can’t always expect others to take the time to explain their preferences, as ideal as such discussions might be [shrug]; strongly-worded opinions is one thing (I don’t even need to point fingers), but some elitist-accusers are taking offense to basic expression of personal opinions too easily… besides, I doubt half of them even bothered to examine for themselves on why listless ink is being supported on by some; they just automatically jumped onto the ‘elitists!!!’ bandwagon.

        There needs to be a middle-ground here.

        Just for the record I’m not a Listless Ink reader (due to the huge and occasionally ecchi pics everywhere [shrug]); voted RC this time over their dedication, even if I can’t bring myself to read episodics…

      • I thought the content is more important?

        I do agree about the time and dedication have with Random Curiosity. I post episodics along with editorials and reviews, but I can’t bring myself to emulate the style of RC because I want my uniqueness. Most of my episodic posts are thoughts post even with some meta/life stuff shoved in… I call them experience posts… not episodic.

        I do agree, I can’t bring myself to episodics since there isn’t really much to talk about them. I can discuss them on AnimeSuki, which pretty much defeats the purpose of commenting on Episodics posts. However, I can find it pretty easy on commenting editorial posts since I can share my opinion on a specific issue.

    • these comments these comments these comments these comments these comments these comments these comments these comments these comments


  8. u know a rc is popular for its own reasons. If you don’t like the blog then don’t. Even if RC loses this round, it won’t change the fact that RC is still way more popular than listless ink. No offense but it really is. I bet if divine even cared about this tourney and made a post about it, RC would win by a landslide but then he doesn’t care so whatever.

    My point is you don’t have to bash other blogs because you thinkg your so elite and all.

    • No argument about popularity. I think it’s like comparing summer blockbuster movie and small thoughtful indie movie. The smaller one is bound to lose. It’s completely normal…almost boring.

      RC does not need to win and winning means nothing, a waste. But on the other hand, if Yi (or behind the nihon review) wins against RC, it would be special. It would mean a lot to them and it would be memorable.

  9. In my editorials, I try to pick out overarching themes or motifs and relate it a bit to personal experiences, and perhaps leave some room for the reader’s own thoughts. If readers prefer episode by episode dissection of characters’ feelings, plot turns, or emotions, Listless Ink might not be the thing. Rather, I try to present a theme, an open idea, or something, and hopefully get readers to also think for themselves.

    Depending on the type of analysis people are looking for, readers might find the editorials either deep or shallow. We cater to different audiences and we sell different things.

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  12. The results right now:

    Random Curiosity:229 votes:51%
    Listless Ink:219 votes:49%

    I wonder if there’s anyone here who could honestly say that this tourney isn’t completely full of @#%$ if LI should squeeze by RC? Frankly, I’d hate to be in Yi’s position, because even though I could enjoy knowing that many people think highly of my blog, I could never enjoy the actual victory if it were scored under circumstances like what we have here.

    • The blog that deserves to win is the blog that gets the most votes. If RC won’t play the game, blame RC if when it loses; don’t blame the tournament.

      Even though this tournament is a huge circle jerk, there’s some noble intent of exposing more readers to more blogs. Yi has been advertising this tournament. Yi has driven readers to RC. RC hasn’t returned the favor. I have no problem if Yi wins. Yi will continue to promote other blogs, while RC will continue to leech.

      • It’s one thing to drive traffic and expose blogs to new readers.

        It’s another thing to be bothered about a contest where it’s not necessarily a good thing to win, and it’s not a necessarily a bad thing to lose.

        But for aniblog torney’s credit, the ratio of blogs that I normally read versus total entrants have increased. Not really a surprise. But that ratio is still awfully low now that we’re down to about 1/6 of the total contestants.

    • I can confidently say that if Yi wins, I will think much higher of this tourney. Blogs like Yi need to get more exposure and more diversity is needed in the aniblogsphere especially in the high profile group.

  13. Heh, I find it funny that RC fans still find the need to justify that RC is a much more popular blog than Listless Ink. We all knew it from the beginning, so no need to become a broken record and repeat yourself. =3

    But anyways: Go Yi!!!!! A Berkeley Med student is always a friend of mine. Plus, she likes yuri; is there any better possible combination than that?

    …oh yeah, and she has good editorial posts. But that’s far down on the list of reasons why I voted for her. =D

    • Where the hell did you see me justifying RC-s popularity? The point I was making is that a victory is worthless when you know that you only won by the confluence of the heavyweight you were pitted against completely ignoring the competition and a number of those voting for you scrambling to “prove a point”.

      • How the fuck is this worthless? Listless Ink gets a bunch of new readers. People who did hear about the tourney from RandomC discover some excellent new blogs. How is that worthless?

      • Do you often have problems with reading comprehension? I said the victory was worthless because it completely misrepresents the actual situation between those two blogs. This “victory” is just something for the RC haters to gloat over, it’s not based on reality.

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