Round 3 Match 3 and 4

Polls Closed

Tenka Seiha 55% vs 45% 2-D Teleidoscope

chaostangent 49% vs 51% OGIUE MANIAX

Tenka Seiha and OGIUE MANIAX advance to face each other in Round 4

Tomorrow: Star Crossed Anime Blog vs Rabbit Poets vs JanaiBlog and Canne’s Anime Review Blog vs Beta-Waffle

26 thoughts on “Round 3 Match 3 and 4

  1. I often find I don’t read a lot of 2DT posts because I don’t like the anime in question. It’s hard to read a blogger who has such different tastes to you, no matter how much you might like their writing. Then again, Aroduc seems to dislike every single anime ever created so…

    • The thing is, 2DT often writes in such a way that there is meaning regardless of the show. I haven’t seen nor do I care about many of the shows he talks about, but the articles are never uninteresting.

  2. Same as yesterday’s poll, some tough decisions here. I think I’ll have to go for the blogs that I happen to read more often because the content and writing style appeals to me more. Sad to see that some of the blogs that I voted for won’t make it to the next round.

  3. I guess I’m in the minority who doesn’t really find OG’s writings resonating with me a whole lot whereas chaostangent has more of the material that I enjoy reading a lot more. I guess I’d describe OG as more touchy-feely?

    2DT for the first though Tenka’s still hilarious in my book.

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  7. Throw more sequoia and petrified trees to Seiha’s bonefire! The flames must reach high enough to cook Poplar and Inami~chan… ^^

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