Highlighted Blog 4

Kritik der Animationskraft

A Neurotico-Analytical Blog (his words, not mine), Animekritik has an apparent unending fascination with Leiji Matsumoto. The only philosophical anime blog as far as I know, he’s only come back out of hiatus relatively recently and it’s a shame he wasn’t updating at the time we were picking blogs for this tourney.

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Atarashii Prelude vs Desu ex Machina and Anime Diet vs Anime Princess

Polls Closed

Blogsuki 49% vs 51% Unmei Kaihen

The match between Bokutachi no Blog and The null set was closed prematurely due to vote count manipulation. The match ends in a draw.

In the event of a draw, both blogs advance to the next round to compete in a 3-way tie

Unmei Kaihen, Bokutachi no Blog and The null set advance to face each other in Round 3


17 thoughts on “Highlighted Blog 4

  1. Vote count manipulation. Did you mean one of the competitor somehow manipulated the vote or was it the mistake on the poll host’s side? I’m just curious 🙂

  2. Then why did you make AstroNerdBoy pull out when you could have just done the same thing in his match and declared a draw? That was about proxy votes as well, wasn’t it? Doesn’t seem fair that he had to withdraw because some nut messed up the vote there, but others get a free pass to the next round.

    • No offense, but what you’re saying doesn’t make sense. I saw how adamant AstroNerdBoy was about not letting the psycho have his way, and you’re telling me the next thing he did was to fold? People don’t behave like that, so how about you tell us the whole story. Did you offer him the draw option, or did you encourage him to pull out because of the drama surrounding his matches?

      • To be quite honest, I’m amused by your assumption that we would try to force ANB to pull out over some drama. As if we don’t cope with enough of it on a daily basis from this tourney anyway? 😉

        But here, we’ll let you see what he said to us so that everyone is on the same page:

        “It is clear that Psycho is at work to continue his anti-me campaign and do whatever it takes to make me look in a negative light as a villain. Therefore, I would like to officially withdraw from the competition since my winning or losing isn’t important to me, though I would have liked seeing how far I would have naturally advanced. Thanks for you time and patience. -ANB”

        And we complied.

      • Maybe you didn’t force him out, but it’s obvious you didn’t shed any tears over it and didn’t encourage him to stay in. You also didn’t remove the posts that smeared AstroNerdBoy, so you definitely played a part in encouraging him to leave. It looks like your attitude is that more drama is good because people will be talking about the tourney and you don’t care if good people get hurt by obvious nutjobs. That bastard even got AstroNerdBoy to turn off all commenting at his blog, so now we can’t discuss Negima! and FMA there anymore. Damn him to hell.

      • Hey Jeff, why don’t you go cry in the corner. AstroNerdBoy always tries to blame me for everything even though he knows that I only fight for the truth. It’s not my fault that the truth shows him in a negative light. How could I have made AstroNerdBoy turn off commenting at his blog? He never lets my comments through anyway because he’s afraid people will see that I’m telling the truth about him. Go ask that genius why he does what he does if you’re so in love with him, and stop blaming me and the organizers here.

      • You damn psycho, you better hope you and I won’t ever cross paths in real life or you’ll be taking a trip to the ER. It’s obvious AstroNerdBoy turned the comments off because you were constantly giving him grief. Don’t you care even a little that because of you other fans have now lost a place to talk about the shows they like? Why am I even asking, twisted people like you are incapable of caring. Don’t get any ideas just because the mods here let you spew your hatred because the drama is useful for them. Nobody will think AstroNerdBoy is a villain just because a nut like you keeps trying to smear him. Get a life and stop ruining it for normal fans.

    • So wait a minute now, are you guys saying that the reason AstroNerdBoy surged was due to vote manipulation? I thought it was because ANB got a lot of sympathy votes when people saw his story at his blog. People were saying they and all their friends would vote for ANB, stuff like that. How big was the proxy vote?

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