Highlighted Blog 3

AniPages Daily

AniPages Daily is probably the only blogger out there who can name animators and recognise their styles, going so far as to watch specific episodes of any anime because one of his favourites animated it.

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Blogsuki vs Unmei Kaihen and Bokutachi no Blog vs The null set

Polls Closed

Mainichi Anime Yume 50% vs 50% Memories of Eternity

Actual vote count

Mainichi Anime Yume: 82 votes

Memories of Eternity: 81 votes

SNAG Vs. World 40% vs 60% Eye Sedso

Mainichi Anime Yume and Eye Sedso advance to face each other in Round 3


6 thoughts on “Highlighted Blog 3

  1. Wow, I can’t believe I won 0_o I went to bed about 7 hours ago and I was ahead by 5 votes…didn’t think it would almost be a tie by the time I checked back in the morning (guess I assumed everyone who would vote had voted already).

    Congrats to Eternal for practically winning, too! And Glo, I’ll see you in Round 3 =D

    • Wow. For a second, I thought I might have jinxed Yumeka from my comments made on her site. True, it would have been nice to smack talk Eternal (I think I could have done a better smack talk than oballer, without even using the word “gay” once), but in the end, I’m glad that I’m facing Yumeka. I can’t wait for round 3!

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