Highlighted Blog 2

welcome datacomp

Who’d have thought copypasting stuff from 2chan could be so interesting! I’ve got this post saved as reference, a highly interesting piece for a big nerd like myself who likes reading dvd sales figures.

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Kurogane’s Anime Blog vs _____ism and Mono no Aware vs Astrobunny

Polls Closed

Reverse Thieves 75% vs 25% Koji Oe

Hashihime 52% vs 48% ∑Xce7ion

Reverse Thieves and Hashihime advance to face each other in Round 3


2 thoughts on “Highlighted Blog 2

  1. Wow, that is a good reference post. I can’t believe Bakemonogatari has outsold everything in the 35,000-50,000 range. I’m still waiting for that last freaking episode to air.

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