Highlighted Blog 1

When picking the blogs competing in this tourney, I missed out on quite a number of legitimate, quality candidates that only became apparent once the tourney had started. So while we’re waiting for the last of the match-ups from Round 2 to end, let’s highlight some of those blogs I missed out on.

Hey Say Anime

Baffled by how I missed this one. Hey Say Anime is a large team blog, mainly focusing on episodic posts. When I say ‘large team’ I really do mean that. There’s currently 11 writers on their staff roll at the moment!

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Reverse Thieves vs Koji Oe and Hashihime vs ∑Xce7ion

Poll Closed

Omonomono 45% vs 55% Fuzakenna!

Josh’s Anime Blog 52% vs 48% Oishii Anime

Fuzakenna! and Josh’s Anime Blog advance to face each other in Round 3


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