Round 2 Match 29 and 30

Polls Closed

Blogsuki 49% vs 51% Unmei Kaihen

Bokutachi no Blog 49% vs 51% The null set

Unmei Kaihen and The null set advance to face each other in Round 3

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Drastic My Anime Blog vs GAR GAR Stegosaurus

Polls Closed

Random Curiosity 63% vs 37% Behind the Nihon Review

Xebek’s Blog 37% vs 63% Listless Ink

Random Curiosity and Listless Ink advance to face each other in Round 3

Tomorrow: Atarashii Prelude vs Desu ex Machina and Anime Diet vs Anime Princess


20 thoughts on “Round 2 Match 29 and 30

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