Round 2 Match 27 and 28

Polls Closed

Mainichi Anime Yume 50% vs 50% Memories of Eternity

Actual vote count

Mainichi Anime Yume: 82 votes

Memories of Eternity: 81 votes

SNAG Vs. World 40% vs 60% Eye Sedso

Mainichi Anime Yume and Eye Sedso advance to face each other in Round 3

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Random Curiosity vs Behind the Nihon Review and Xebek’s Blog vs Listless Ink

Polls Closed

THAT Anime Blog 74% vs 26% Ani-Gamers

Nigorimasen! 28% vs 72% Anime Instrumentality

THAT Anime Blog and Anime Instrumentality advance to face each other in Round 3

Tomorrow: Blogsuki vs Unmei Kaihen and Bokutachi no Blog vs The null set


22 thoughts on “Round 2 Match 27 and 28

  1. I am behind Eye Sedso all the way for his shear entertainment quality. For the other poll, though the quality hardly differs between the two, Yumeka got my vote because she posts more often and because I like Chi o_O

  2. Eye Sedso came off as a bit mean to me in this post:

    I’m not sure if he’s trolling me or just trash talking me in a friendly way. He’s probably going to win but I want to know who exactly it is who would vote for me other than myself.

    Eye Sedso when Blogger Wrestlemania Hell in the Cell-Phone Twitter match comes round… sorry, I don’t watch much wrestling so that’s where this analogy breaks down.

    I just want a fair fight – and by fair I mean not just linking to my Goth phase articles I wrote for a week after seeing The Nightmare Before Christmas.

  3. Eye Sedso’s latest post made me lol several times. That happens far too infrequently with anime blogs in general.

    I voted MOE (hur hur, wonder if he planned that) in the first poll although I’m starting to doubt my choice. I mean, does the world really need anymore Touhou posts?

  4. This is some tough shit, because three of these people are important readers of mine (and Eternal an occasional reader.)

    Between Eternal and Yumeka, I haven’t been reading Yumeka nearly as long. Eternal has had some really great posts before, but I haven’t read most of his stuff because it tend to be way too long, gushing, and about shit I have no knowledge of. Yumeka’s posts are good and friendly, though the subject matter seems to be very generalized. It’s almost more like a forum than a blog, as she usually creates a topic with a question for the audience.

    What it really comes down to is, Eternal tried to say I wasn’t as good as omo the other day. So Yumeka gets my vote.

    Glo and Jacob are two of my weirder, more sporadic readers. Glo is kind of impenetrable, I’m pretty sure he likes me and stuff, but at the same time he isn’t that emotionally invested. I feel very wishy-washy about his blog. On the one hand, I hate it because it is fucking terrible and an insult to writing, and all of his posts are made too long by really shitty prolonged jokes that aren’t funny. On the other hand, sometimes he IS funny, and the stuff he talks about is not something that you can get from any other blog. I also have a lot of respect for his ability to cram that picture of the guy who kicked a cloud’s ass into like 50% of his posts (not that I’ve read enough of his posts to really be able to say that.)

    Jacob is a lot more of a friend to me. He’s constantly trying to make sure I haven’t killed myself over AIM, and I’m pretty sure he’s partly trying to keep himself alive at the same time, haha. He’s an interesting guy and holy shit he produces content at a staggering rate. If you thought I posted too much, go to his site and he has an extremely long article up on almost a daily basis, plus he’s like written novels and shit.

    But here’s the thing – I have never read an entire post by him front to back. He tends to get very lost in his head when he writes, but doesn’t go back to clean up his posts and clear out some of the really unnecessary anecdotes, and he has a very hard time reaching any kind of progressive conclusion. To get something out of his posts, I have to cut parts out of them to get a grasp of it and frankly, they are all so massive that I usually give up.

    So it’s a very difficult choice, but I hope Jacob doesn’t mind that I’m voting for glo on this one. I think Jacob has a lot of potential as a writer, but I think glo’s potential is more geared towards anime blogging itself. He has a LOOOOONG way to go before he can be called ‘readable’, but I think that if he reaches that point, he may have something special. Hey, I did it, right?

  5. as expected… more and more people in the aniblog tourney are pussys that dont like smack talk.

    wait… am i even allowed to post here? I think I have too much testosterone.

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