Round 2 Match 21 and 22

Polls Closed

Omonomono 45% vs 55% Fuzakenna!

Josh’s Anime Blog 52% vs 48% Oishii Anime

Fuzakenna! and Josh’s Anime Blog advance to face each other in Round 3

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Wakaranai vs Canne’s anime review blog and Crystal Tokyo Anime Blog vs Beta-Waffle

Polls Closed

Star Crossed Anime Blog 87% vs 13% Just as planned

Rabbit Poets 50% vs 50% JanaiBlog

Actual vote tally between Rabbitpoets and Janaiblog at 13:00 GMT

Rabbit Poets 162 votes

JanaiBlog 162 votes

In the event of a draw, both blogs advance to the next round to compete in a 3-way tie

Star Crossed Anime Blog, Rabbitpoets and Janaiblog advance to face each other in Round 3

Tomorrow: Reverse Thieves vs Koji Oe and Hashihime vs ∑Xce7ion

58 thoughts on “Round 2 Match 21 and 22

  1. ::To clear things up about this draw thing::

    In round 3 the poll will include three blogs to choose from. Star Crossed, Rabbitpoets and Janaiblog. You vote for one from the three. Only one of the three advance to the next round.

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  3. – and I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those episodic blogs.

    On a separate note, I’ll probably vote for RP in the next round. How can I not vote for someone who has gone to the real Hinamizawa?

  4. Woah woah woah–three-way tie?! This makes things much more interesting.

    Didn’t know the first match-up, but the second match-up was tough. You’re one of the coolest people I know, Chii, and I love those 365 characters posts…But I had to go with Josh’s Blog. Sorry!

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  6. I will, on occasion, read some of Fuzakenna!. However, I have never been to Omonomono. Both have awesome names, but I can’t vote against a blog I actually read.

    I can’t believe a tie actually happened. That’s ridiculous.

  7. Didn’t know the first match-up, but the second match-up was tough. You’re one of the coolest people I know, Chii, and I love those 365 characters posts…But I had to go with Josh’s Blog. Sorry

  8. Omonomono vs Fuzakenna….

    I haven’t a clue what omo is on about most of the time. I’ll finish a paragraph and realise I understood nothing he just said or even if he said anything at all. Fuzakenna is more readable but the content feels so mastubatory and self-satisfactory that it gets really jarring very quickly.

    • Well, my content IS masturbatory and self-satisfactory, it doesn’t just feel that way lol. I blog primarily because I love it and because I want to achieve a perfect understanding of my fandom and how it effects me as a person. That’s why I’m an ‘otaku gonzo journalist.’ The posts are as much about me as they are about the subject.

  9. Voted Oishii anime in the second poll. I didn’t want to vote for her just because I’m friends with her, so I held off, but there didn’t seem to be anything on the other site that caught my attention, and Chii tweeted asking people to vote for me (and her) so I was like, fuck, now I must.

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  11. I am holding my vote for the omo/fuza poll since I cannot decide who to vote for right now.

    For the other one, the choice is quite simple for me. I am a sucker for simple blog templates. Oishii’s template is way too overwhelming and complex for my humble brain, and I felt intimidated because I don’t know where to start. Hence, it’s Josh for me.

      • I think it’s really the design. Since you have three columns, there is really a lot of information to process at the splash page. I am not a big fan of three column stuff as it becomes very narrow. Perhaps reduce the number of entries shown in the front page?

        I am not a blog designer, so I am not too sure how much I can help. That said, I feel that it is an active decision by you, so it is just meh that I didn’t like it. Don’t think too much about my opinion.

      • I concur with Impz on the design aspect.
        My thoughts/suggestions are: that splash/post promotion picture is wayyyy too big and not actually that informative; add a far too small anime column where the main materials are… yeah.

        Though, I’m not a web designer either, just personal thoughts o/

  12. Omo vs Fuzakenna I think is without a doubt the hardest matchup in this tourney for me. They both have posts that have alternately inspired and enraged me. As people they are the two bloggers I feel I understand the best.

    I hate you both.
    Dance for my vote! DANCE!

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  14. Bah, you people disappoint me. Digiboy has a ton of potential but I don’t think he’s at Omo’s level yet. He’ll get there eventually if he keeps at it, but there’s something about Omo’s posts that get me thinking and teach me something new every time. It’s like a fun little boss battle to try to figure out what he’s saying 😛

    • You know, for a long time, I didn’t believe I was ‘at omo’s level’ myself, which is a large part of why I admired him so much, and why he was a huge influence not only on my blogging, but on my anime watching as a whole. I have a tendency to put people who I see as being more advanced than myself on a pedestal – I don’t so much treat them as normal people as much as idols.

      You’ll see that I used to do this with omo. I used to talk about him as if he were some kind of God of anime consumption, and I still don’t doubt that he is amazing at it. The man has been watching anime since I was a small child, and his experience goes very far to make his style intense.

      However, I eventually realized that I was beating myself up by putting people like him above me. We are only human beings – none of us are better than one-another as human beings. He can be a better writer, and he can be a more experienced anime fan – but does that make him a better blogger? Blogging is more than just what you write and what you write about – it is also an extention and projection of yourself. Especially the way that omo and I blog. Both of our writing fringed immediately on our personality. Both of us have a distinct voice and perspective.

      It’s pointless to look at the two of us as a progressive scale of blogging. I will never be ‘at omo’s level’, because that’s not where I’m headed. Omo is omo – he likes to write in a complicated way that is at best interesting and at worst messy, and he likes flooding a post with his own interests, assuming that his audience will know him well enough to know what he’s talking about, because he is aware that he is a niche writer whose readers know him exceedingly well, havign read him for years, met him at cons, and talked to him on forums.

      My writing style is to speak straight from the heart in exactly the voice that I speak with in real life. I thrive on honesty and passion, and I try to write in a way that connects the way I experience anime back to my real life to recreate myself as a human being. The whole of all of my posts can be seen as ‘the person that is Digitalboy’, therefor I have defined my existence through writing. I’m a brash guy with a tendency for hyperbole and an amount of passion that can be annoying to people who exercise more restraint in expressing themselves.

      Because we are different bloggers, then it makes sense that people will prefer one of us over the other. Some people will like Omo’s headiness and depth of knowledge, and others will like me for my honesty and perspective. But it doesn’t make sense for us to be on ‘different levels.’ We aren’t headed for the same goal – we aren’t running the same race. There’s no reason for us to be seen that way. Neither of us is on a higher level – we are just different people.

      • Right. That’s not just a blogging thing, but in general.

        Quite frankly, I just don’t have time for this meta nonsense. Watching anime usually comes first or comes even with most other fan things I do.

      • lol, I think that qualifies as a suitable response. I was just leaving a few sentences on why I voted for Omo, but looking at it objectively, I know where you’re coming from. Even the most similar bloggers are ultimately different people with different goals, so specific comparisons like this rarely work. As you said, you’re probably headed for a different goal anyway.

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