Round 2 Match 19 and 20

Polls Closed

Drastic My Anime Blog 48% vs 52% GAR GAR Stegosaurus

Mistakes of Youth won by default against AstroNerdBoy

GAR GAR Stegosaurus and Mistakes of Youth advance to face each other in Round 3

Polls Closing Tomrrow Star Crossed Anime Blog vs Just as planned and Rabbit Poets vs JanaiBlog

Polls Closed

hontou ni 42% vs 58% chaostangent

OGIUE MANIAX 65% vs 35% Caraniel’s Ramblings

chaostangent and Ogiue Maniax advance to face each other in Round 3

Tomorrow: Omonomono vs Fuzakenna! and Josh’s Anime Blog vs Oishii Anime


36 thoughts on “Round 2 Match 19 and 20

  1. Tenchi Fans for Truth About OVA 3 endorse Mistakes of Youth in this match. Say yes to real fans and no to repetitive cultist propaganda. OVA 3 is considered to be a miserably failed p.o.s. among Tenchi fans by an overwhelming consensus, and no amount of whitewashing by AstroNerdBoy can change that truth.

    Those of you who think this campaign is just about me not liking AstroNerdBoy’s opinions of Tenchi should know that it’s actually about something much more fundamental. I explained this in an another comment here after Scamp changed the tourney tagline.

  2. astronerdboy is like what i use the forums for. tho occasionally interesting things pop up there. Not fond of the green but I can rss it \o

    drasticmybigN needs to post moar imo.

  3. wah likes his hentai and is proud of it, ANB seems to have a major hangup on fan service but is a big fan of fan-service heavy Negima. Help me figure that one out…

    Lady GAR GAR how I love you.

  4. I actually prefer wah’s normal posts to his comic. Troll in the past but now he’s very good at backing up his opinion.

    GAR GAR has been a new discovery for me in this tourney. Really enjoying her posts

  5. wah’s got this match pretty much hands down. I don’t think there’s much about ANB that’s that would engage me as much.

    As for the second clash, I’ll toss it to GGS since I used the updates cycle as the tiebreaker. I do want to see more BigN music posts like the ones he did for sketchbook and hidasketch waaay back when. He probably knows more about music than me at any rate.

  6. Oh my f-cking G-d! I’ve been following the developments at ANB’s blog and the craziness there is on whole another level. Talk about insane… WTF is wrong with some people??

    • THAT’S INSANE!!! I was going to vote for Mistakes of Youth, but any site that can start up controversy like that is just worthy of a vote. Mistakes will probably win anyway, but my vote goes the other way.

  7. Voted for the 2 very first anime blogs I ever became a reader of. The fact that WAH is a bastard hasn’t stopped me from reading Mistakes of Youth for the past 3 years, and TheBigN is just The Big Fucking N. I like Day and all but… THE BIG N MAN.

    Here’s to I think the only 2 blogs by MTF users that I still read today. Cheers.

  8. gar gar’s blog is also interesting but I prefer ANB because of negima, ah! my goddess, Angel Beats, fullmetal alchemist, xxxholic and more…I don’t watch Tenchi because I don’t know about it… i don’t gets about the feud of ANB six years ago…

  9. I’m a regular reader of BigN so I voted for them.

    The other matchup was wide open going in, but AstroNerdBoy lost my vote with his drama stunt. Regardless of what his psychotic buddy is doing, he’s the one who chose to showcase his blog through the over the top drama instead of something to introduce himself in a positive way. Not a way to make a good first impression.

    • Same here. As much as Mistake of Youth’s author is generally an asshole (but a funny one at least), I don’t like the way ANB deals with things. I don’t read his blog, and when the first thing I see is a length tirade on a stalker (best ignored), it turns me off.

      BigN is a blog I read more for the insights and to find brainstorming ideas. So, it’s an easy pick for me.

    • I was told by one of ANB’s friends that I’d made myself “lower than Mr. Anon” (the stalker) for also saying the same thing there after I’d commented here. Excuse me, I’m lower than a stalker now for calmly expressing my opinion that I wasn’t looking for that kind of negativity in a tournament showcase post? With so many nice blogs to choose from, I’m definitely not looking to expose myself to the kind of seething anger I witnessed there between the two sides.

      • Actually it seems to be because ANB successfully mobilized his supporters with his dramatic antics. I’m basing that on the comments at his blog where people feel obligated to help him against the stalker. If omo can bribe people to vote for him, why not this, I guess.

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  11. I see AstroNerdBoy’s game now is to blame me whether he wins or loses. Yeah right, I stuffed the ballot box for him last time and I’m also doing it now… Do I give the impression of someone who’d vote for AstroNerdBoy under ANY circumstances? I’d never vote for that cultist, and I definitely wouldn’t work against an innocent blog to make AstroNerdBoy the winner. I fight for the truth and fraudulent voting is out of the question for me as a Christian. All I did both last time and this time was campaign against him fair and square. AstroNerdBoy can’t fathom that because lying is normal for him.

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  13. Because of what Yi said at AstroNerdBoy’s blog, I want to explain why I’ve been fighting AstroNerdBoy for the last few years. I already said that this isn’t just about AstroNerdBoy liking Tenchi OVA 3. It’s about truth against lies, and freedom to love or hate an anime without getting constantly followed around by some cultist who never shuts up and is hell-bent on converting you to the religion of his false god.

    Even so, I probably would’ve stopped fighting AstroNerdBoy a long time ago or I’d do it only occasionally like I used to if he hadn’t started lying about how I was supposedly making death threats against him. I’d never do that because as a Christian I treat all God-given life as sacred. When he started telling those kinds of lies, I saw that he was willing to go to any lengths to silence those working against his cultist propaganda, even if it meant getting someone falsely charged with a serious crime. That’s not something you just get away with and that’s why I decided then that I wouldn’t give up until he stops lying and admits the truth. I know many of you think I’m too angry, but that’s what happens when a guy bears false witness against you and keeps doing it just because you don’t share his cultist views. I’ve never made any threats against his person and AstroNerdBoy knows this. The only threat to his longevity is his grossly unhealthy lifestyle and I’ve even told him many times to stop stuffing his face all the time and exercise a little to drop some of the fat he’s carrying.

    Now that AstroNerdBoy has withdrawn from the tournament, I have no more business here and you can all breathe easier.

      • I’ve seen what you’ve written on his blog. If you are a Christian, then I’m Mickey Mouse. No Christian would have that kind of profane hate filled rhetoric for any reason. No true Christian would care about the supposed truth of an anime. Hell, no fan cares that much unless they need psychiatric help and I think you desperately need both anger management and psychiatric sessions.

        It is clear to me based on your actions from round 1 to present that you desperately wanted to make AstroNerdBoy look bad and that you would do anything to make that happen. Maybe you succeeded in the minds of a few people, but I think the rest of us see see you for what you are, a pathetic person with a personal vendetta over nothing.

      • No Christian would have that kind of profane hate filled rhetoric for any reason.

        Even been to an Irish pub, Mickey? 🙂

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