Round 2 Match 17 and 18

Polls Closed

Random Curiosity 63% vs 37% Behind the Nihon Review

Xebek’s Blog 37% vs 63% Listless Ink

Random Curiosity and Listless Ink advance to face each other in Round 3

Polls Closing Tomorrow: hontou ni vs chaostangent and OGIUE MANIAX vs Caraniel’s Ramblings

Polls Closed

Tenka Seiha 55% vs 45% Open Your Mind

Borderline Hikikomori 32% vs 68% 2-D Teleidoscope

Tenka Seiha and 2-D Teleidoscope advance to face each other in round 3

Tomorrow: Mistakes of Youth vs AstroNerdBoy and Drastic My Anime Blog vs GAR GAR Stegosaurus


61 thoughts on “Round 2 Match 17 and 18

  1. Behind The Nihon Review always comes at the subjects in their posts from a balanced and analytical perspective. Always intriguing subjects as well.

    RandomC is a dying episodic blog.


    Also, Xebek’s Blog sucks.

  2. What scamp said. As much as I like RCs screendumps, Nihon is a great new find I hadn’t heard of before 😀 Added to my feeds.

    Xebek’s looks slick, but I ended up voting for Listless Ink for being easy on the eyes and its writing style.

  3. I voted Nihon Reviews simply due to the more interesting content. RC does its job well: quick summaries and screencaps, but I see no point rewarding any blog just for that.

    I voted for Listless Ink for simple and easy reading. I always appreciate simple writing than bombastic stuff.

  4. Random Curiosity stands for almost everything I don’t like about episodic posts, and Behind the Nippon Review is really good anyway, so that one was easy.

    The other one was easy too, seeing as Yi at Listless Ink kicks ass. One of my favorite blogs out there.

  5. u ppl r just bashin rc cause ur afraid
    no1 @ rc cares bout this “contest”
    every1 knows rc can beat any blog here if they want
    how bout u become as popular b4 talkin big bout rc dyin

    • Amen brother. The guys running this contest think they’re the blogging elite. As if. How many of them have the dedication and quality that have built RC into the powerhouse it is? That’s what I thought…

      • Not to promote this, but…online blog fight? (PLACE YA BETS HERE!) XD

        In reality, I don’t think Scamp, mefloraine and Rabbit Poets (if I’m missing any mods, I’m sorry!) think they’re the “best,” persay. I know that they respect Omni and RC as a blog that has built a nearly impeccable reputation over however many years. The same applies with other blogs and bloggers.

        If you’re talking about general elitism from the mods, then I’d recommend you think twice. They’re intended this as something fun, not as a contest to see who’s the cream of the crop. However, I can definitely see where you’re coming from–but that’s the way I view it, at least.

      • @Nirvaash: Honestly… if word got out, I’ve been assuming that RC would win the tourney. It’s one of the first aniblogs I stumbled upon, so I’ve been a fan for a while. And the 1000+ comments to Omni’s goodbye was stunning. I don’t think we’ll ever see anything like that again… so yeah, no need to toss around the “elitist” grenade pointlessly. There’s none of that here.

  6. Clicked on Behind the Nihon Review, BAM Saya no Uta review, BAM 8 out of 10, BAM got my vote.

    Also voted listless ink because if it weren’t for Yi I would not be ever-so-slowly making my way though Sono Hsnsbirs ni Kuchizuke wo and my life would have much less meaning because of it.

  7. Hey omisyth, glothelegend, zzeroparticle, and any other tough guys, if you want to slam RandomC on the pretext of it being episodic, why don’t you show you have balls and try coming over there to do it. It’s real easy to badmouth others when you’re surrounded by your buddies. This just stands to show that this contest is all about a gang of small fries trying to stick it to the genuinely popular bloggers.

    • Okay, I admit was a short, shallow reply. My point is that I still find RandomC’s posts uninteresting, and have for a while now. I respect what they do, but it’s not my thing, I did try it once and found it incredibly trying.

      And lol at the idea popular = automatically better than less popular.

    • I don’t know, it seems much more “internet tough guy” in a way to go over to someone’s blog and start commenting about how much you don’t like their blog.

      At least this is a fairly neutral platform in the form of a tournament, which makes me think that this is a better arena of discussion after all.

    • Oh, and to get the ball rolling at all but in a more positive direction:

      Tell me what you like about Random Curiosity, what keeps you coming back to it day after day. Tell me what makes you a fan of RandomC, and then I think we can all really talk instead of just playing popularity games and being all accusatory.

      • And, coming from a totally self-interested point of view here, please tell us what you don’t like about Behind The Nihon Review, so we can figure out what we need to do to improve and become a better blog.

    • Gotta love the elitist atmosphere created around here where strong episodic blogs are discounted for no better reason than just because up and coming bloggers find it impossible to compete head to head with them. Maybe people should wait until they actually get recognized as elite before they start showing off with their attitude. Face it guys, you have ways to go to get anywhere near the level of RC.

      • Actually as far as I can tell, Behind the Nihon Review is competing pretty well.

        But I propose the same thing to you that I did to Dullahan: Rather than complain about elitism and talking about popularity, talk about why YOU like the blogs you do, what they do for you, why you keep reading them.

      • C’mon, just because NHRV and BtNHRV are about as pretentious as you can get without actually being pretentious, doesn’t mean this has anything to do with elitism. We just happen to kick ass.

      • @sdshamshel — It’s pretty telling that you don’t seem to realize that asking people to justify why they like RC is in itself elitist. There’s nothing wrong with liking RC and those of us who do don’t owe you an explanation. I’m sure you could figure out some good reasons yourself if you took time to step outside the “episodic==inferior” mindset.

      • Naruhodo:

        I am not asking you to “justify” anything, and it is far from my point to have you on the defensive in any way.

        What I was trying to encourage is for you and others to express why you like RC. I am not asking you to say why it is “better” than anything or asking you to insert qualifying statements. I am trying to help you out so that you are better understood by others so that we can have a more fruitful discussion instead of just throwing around insults and saying so-and-so is elitist.

        Like if I were to ask someone why they like Dragon Ball Z, they could take it as me trying to get them to “justify” their taste and they could ramble on about how they like DBZ “ironically,” but if they genuinely like it then they could just say that they think the fighting’s awesome, the characters are badass, and they loved keeping up with the story.

        Now would you say that’s being elitist?

      • Besides, I don’t think episodic is inferior. It might not be what I prefer to read most of the time but I can understand well why people enjoy the immediacy of episodic blogging and the joy of being “in the moment,” so to speak.

        But again, that’s not the point I’m trying to make. Opening discussion up and keeping it civil and friendly is my goal.

  8. Ooh DORAMA!

    I like RC – its a great blog, but I like the content of Behind the Nihon Review more.

    Listless Ink was an easy choice for the 2nd poll as Yi’s posts are great.

    • The can of whoopass being handed out at the poll is comment enough. If RC hadn’t magnanimously taken a pass on obliterating the competition the same way, we wouldn’t need to come here to set you guys straight.

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  10. As an episodic Blog, I see nothing wrong with RC. Its just that when I have a choice over a site where they give and overview and comments on a Episode of Anime (which you can get at most any streaming site) and reading some unique and interesting viewpoints on the world of Anime, I have to go with the second. So, my vote goes for NHRV.

    Also, the subtle changes with the Blog sub-header in the last day has been amusing.

  11. Face it, you guys are elitist—dare I say ivory tower—whether you realize it or not. You’re all so busy jerking off to each other that you don’t bother to think about what the casual anime fan looks for in an anime blog. I’ve had this complaint about the anime blogosphere ever since I stepped into it. Rather than getting defensive, you should take the RC fans’ criticism constructively.

    • True dat. To those that hate on RC, have you actually read RC recently (since Omni stepped down)? Divine doesn’t even summarize. The screencap dumps are still there, but it’s almost all reaction text now, and it’s pretty in-depth. Plus RC is very fast in getting posts out and provides quick and extensive information for fans.

      If Divine cared, I’m sure that RC could generate more votes in one match than all other votes in all other matches combined. The traffic is monstrous, and for good reason. I agree with Baka-raptor that many in the aniblogosphere have a warped perception of what casual anime fans like. That’s why I like when this tournament brings about “shocking” upsets.

      • The funny thing I think is that all of the comments saying anything bad about RC appear to be tongue and cheek to me. With maybe the exception of Omisyth and Glo, both of which explained their reasonings. Though I think they are both a little too dismissive.

        I don’t think any of the bloggers here disrespect RandomC at all. I think the majority of them do recognize their roots. I would say though that if Omni was still in business this conversation would take a different tone altogether. As Kabitzin pointed out Divine is still carrying on strong and it would be worth it for readers old and new to pop over there and check it out again.

        However I disagree that any of the “shocking” upsets have been from popular blogs. The only upsets that immediately come to mind are from newer, smaller, and less well known blogs getting the recognition they deserve. I don’t think the aniblogsphere has a warped perception of the casual anime fan. I just think they don’t follow that style of interacting with the anime community. Namely because they aren’t casual, but I think the majority of us were all there at some point enjoying the same past times as the casual readers and watchers. Again, whether it is with RC or with the nature of casual readers/watchers, I think it is remiss to say that the so-called “echo chamber of bloggers” does not recognize their roots.

        Personally I don’t think there were any constructive criticisms made for the commenters to take in. Just a simple miscommunication and misunderstanding.

      • If people can interpret the OEG’s criticism constructively, these comments should be a piece of cake.

        What people respect about RC is the longevity and popularity. Nobody pays attention to the time and effort until either they dwell on it or it’s pointed out. It’s something I take personally because my blog is apparently looked at the same way.

        By casual anime fans, I’m referring to non-bloggers of all power levels. Even the non-bloggers who watch as much anime as us don’t flock to our blogs. Also take a look at the dead blogger phenomenon. Bloggers who were once heavily involved with the blogosphere no longer interact with the blogosphere once their blogs die. Did they really enjoy that interaction in the first place? Seems to me that bloggers just get caught up in their ivory tower circle jerk.

    • I’d be happy to take their criticism constructively. Absolutely happy to. Again, coming from a self-interested point of view, this entire experience is a rare opportunity to get some criticism on our blog so that we can figure out what we need to do to be a better site. It’s just that I haven’t seen any criticism so far which has been specifically directed towards Behind The Nihon Review with a view of telling us what we should do to become better, and what we could have done differently to win people’s votes.

      I think this is what sdshamshel is getting at. It’s one thing to come here and announce that you’re voting for Random Curiosity (which is a great site, btw, since they’ve set up their popularity from years of hard work and forging a niche built on speed and extremely high post rates and being the best at what they do… and they’ve also been kind enough to give us a spot on their blogroll for years). But, it’s a much more helpful thing, especially for our team, to tell us why you voted for RC and not for BtNHRV. That way we can take that criticism and hopefully use it constructively. The strange tirades accusing the people who are voting for us of elitism, which are beside the point, don’t really count as constructive criticism, IMO.

      • The constructive criticism remark was aimed at those who felt offended by the elitism accusations. It hurts because it’s true. It has nothing to do with your blog. BtNHR does things right. I have no criticism for you (unless you face off against me at some point, in which case I absolutely will have criticism for you). Anyway, you got my vote. Keep up the good work.

    • I’m just seizing the opportunity to bring up some serious complaints I’ve had for a long time about the anime blogosphere.

      Many of the “popular” bloggers are only popular with each other, not with anyone else. Many bloggers, both new and old, are writing only with other bloggers as their target audience while ignoring the general anime-viewing public. The anime blogosphere? Please, it’s more like the anime country club. Since when did we earn the right to call ourselves THE anime blogosphere anyway? What makes us think we’re the Mecca of anime discourse on the internet when we’re just a 200-person circle jerk? Don’t even get me started on how older bloggers frequently criticize newer bloggers for supposedly not contributing anything to the blogosphere, as if the blogosphere is somehow supersaturated with talent.

      Then some bloggers have the nerve to accuse episodic blogs of cheating in the tournament and lying about their stats. It’s disgraceful.

      The root of the problem, as I see it, is that people care too obsessed with comments. Bloggers comment a lot more than non-bloggers, so they end up blogging for each other. Then they cut out the blogging and skip straight to the comments by using twitter and google reader, yet they still consider themselves anime bloggers. And then they wonder why they’re losing/not even invited to the tournament.

      Attention all anime bloggers: pull your heads out of your asses and get back to writing about anime. That’s what people care about. Write in a way that’s accessible to new readers. Or if you’d rather keep up the circle jerk, that’s fine, but then don’t bitch about the votes.

    • The average anifan reader doesn’t really comment.
      The average aniblogger reader have a far more likelihood of expressing their opinions.
      The average analytical commenter has a decent chance of becoming an aniblogger.
      IMO, most episodic analysis and editorial writers do want to spark some discussions for them to chew on. Intellectual (self)satisfaction if you will.
      Result: much of blogging is developed toward other bloggers.
      I don’t really see anything wrong with this train of thought.

      Elitism grows within any community. Look at the techies community for your best example. Linux sure aint developed for ye average consumer.
      Yes, I am an amateur elitist in some ways, and so are most of us. But if you find this unacceptable, then you’re just as elitist in a diff manner.

      Different views serve a different audience.

      • But it’s exactly that attitude that turns off regular anime fans off anime blogs altogether. They come in, see a bunch of self-referential nonsense and feel totally out of the loop.

        And then these people think their better than RC?

        There is an audience for non-episodic stuff. You’ve just got to not alienated them right off the bat.

  12. Why not just hate RC because it’s so overloaded with so worthless plug-ins that it literally lags your browser when the page loads?

  13. Even though I don’t visit RC as often now, I’ll always remember it as the one that introduced me to the world of anime-blogging.

  14. for all rc haters

    I doubt any of you’ll get more than 1000 comments when you leave the community. I doubt any of you can get that much readers to love your blog.

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