Round 2 Match 15 and 16

Polls Closed

THAT Anime Blog 74% vs 26% Ani-Gamers

Nigorimasen! 28% vs 72% Anime Instrumentality

THAT Anime Blog and Anime Instrumentality advance to face each other in Round 3

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Tenka Seiha vs Open Your Mind and Borderline Hikikomori vs 2-D Teleidoscope

Closed Polls

We Remember Love 49% vs 51% Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog

Baka-Raptor 71% vs 29% Paper Flower

Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog and Baka-Raptor advance to face each other in Round 3

Tomorrow: Random Curiosity vs Behind the Nihon Review and Xebek’s Blog vs Listless Ink


31 thoughts on “Round 2 Match 15 and 16

  1. ::Note:: If you look at the results on the WRL vs Hanners it might be different from those shown on this post. That’s because the polls aren’t closing when they’re supposed to. The results up there are what they looked like at exactly one week after the polls opened.

  2. Without any hesitation, I voted for zzeroparticle because of the blog’s shear quality. I actually think Nigorimasen is good, too. I just don’t like the orange letters -_-

  3. In another match-up, I’d have given Ani-Gamers and Nigorimasen a good chance, but I just love THAT’s diversity and entertainment, and zzero’s in-depth posts (and come on, a blog almost solely about anime music? Hell yeah). So yes, THAT and AI.

  4. THAT’s in a regeneration stage at the moment and I think the team episodic blog crown is currently at Sea Slugs. That said, they’re still one of my favourite anime blogs around. As omurqi said above, against a lesser known blog Ani-Gamers might have progressed, but not against THAT

  5. “Anime Blog” can be a very diverse concept.

    Nigorimasen has anime reviews, podcasts, and the like- the kind of content to be expected in this tourney.

    Anime Instrumentality is a music blog.

    This match-up is completely senseless. Just because it is music that is related to anime, does make it a reasonable competitor to the others.

    In the tourney, voters should be offered all blogs with at least enough similarity to ensure an effective matchup. When voting between THAT and Ani-Gamers, you read the posts and determine which content on the subject you would rather read.

    Throwing Anime Instrumentality into the mix ruins that. Now it is no longer about which has the better content on X subject, but whether you want to vote for blog about X or blog about Y. In another setting, this might not be a problem. Here it destroys the system.

    “Anime Instrumentality is actually something different so I’ll vote for it!”.

    Just because AI is a blog related to anime, it is too specific and alternative to be a fitting competitor.

    Hypothetically, what if AI keeps advancing and wins? I guess its the best anime blog! Technically, yes, it is a blog that is related to anime, but “anime blog” is a concept that we are familiar with what that should mean. AI does not fill that role. It is undoubtedly an interesting blog that provides very original content. It serves an important part of the blogosphere, but it does not fit into this tournament. (And yes, I know that it does have a handful of series reviews. Not the point.)

    Like Canne, you may feel that the quality of AI is superior to the others. That doesn’t mean it makes sense as a competitor.

    PS: Anime Instrumentality is a music blog.

    • If you only select blogs that are truly similar to each other in terms of content, this contest would have about all of 10 blogs. Because then we get into issues like comparing between episodic and editorial, between overall reviews and topical analysis, between coverage and satire…
      Yeah, not doable.
      In the end, it’s a popularity contest of ‘which blog you enjoy reading more’

      • “episodic and editorial, between overall reviews and topical analysis”

        Those are all different, but relating to the same topic. I am all for the diversity there. However AI is a music blog. Anime music, but a music blog. I just don’t understand how it can possibly be lumped in with the others.

    • So by that metric, the two seiyuu blogs that either already have, or will appear, aren’t allowed to qualify in this tourney either? It hits on the same specificness issue that you raised.

    • Wait, you mean editorials and episodics talk about the same topic? Last time I checked their topics can sometimes be quite different. I mean, just look at the different topics you would be analyzing just within a series, between series, and between entire genres. Hmm, so this definition can’t be right…

      Oh wait, you must mean the topic of “anime” then! But hold on a minute. Anime has music… Aren’t those BGMs and OSTs really important to our overall experience? Some episodic/editorial blogs even talk about music too! But I don’t think you like that. Guess music is just not a part of anime when we discuss anime.

      Okay guys, no more talking about anime music from now on.

      • Kylaran, I already mentioned that I do like AI. I read it regularly. I see it as being too different from the others to really compare it. That is one of its charm points.

        I feel the same about seiyuu blogs. I read them too, but such specific topics break down the focus.

        I am not as bothered by it as I probably sound. Like Aorii said, its more of a popularity contest than anything. It is just something I have had on my mind since the tourney began.

    • I kind of agree with Evan here. While you’re all right that other blogs will talk about music sometimes and music is an integral part of anime, AI is really a “music” blog, not an “anime” blog. If you read a critic who specializes in critiquing film scores, is he a movie critic? No, he’s a music critic. It’s that simple. Just because this music has something to do with anime doesn’t mean that it qualifies as an anime blog.

      Actually, manga-centric blogs weren’t included in this tournament, right? Seems kind of odd to have a music blog but no manga blogs, considering how intrinsically tied anime and manga are.

    • How “anime” a blog is is something I’ve always taken into consideration when voting. Take 2-D Teleidoscope for example. It’s a good blog, but it talks a lot more about Japan than anime, so it hasn’t been getting my vote. I don’t vote for seiyuu blogs, and if figurine blogs were in this tournament, I wouldn’t be voting for them either.

      I like AI a lot. I ended up voting for it, but I gave Nigorimasen very serious consideration even though I’ve never read it before. The deal-breaker was that Nigorimasen does a lot of industry posts, which has even less to do with anime than anime music.

      • What makes something more ‘about anime’ than something else? 2D Teleidoscope, for instance, has done far more to enhance my enjoyment of anime, individually and as a medium itself, than almost any other blog. As far as I’m concerned, that’s as ‘about anime’ as it gets. Just because his post about X thing from K-On is mostly describing how that thing relates to overall Japanese culture does not mean that it has any less impact on my enjoyment of K-On by learning about that thing. If anything, it is because he has that knowledge that he is capable of talking about anime in a way others cannot, which, I feel, makes him such a worthy anime blogger.

    • By that extension, you could say that my blog isn’t about anime, it’s about myself. Or Baka-raptor’s blog isn’t about anime, it’s about comedy. Or Shin’s blog isn’t about anime, it’s about stories and photoshopping.

      Your points are null, I’m afraid. I know for one, a lot of my anime enjoyment comes from liking music. It is intrinsic to the experience. Seperating anime music from anime is just silly.

      • This is missing the point. A lot. I completely agree that music is a very important aspect of anime. My issue is that the whole AniBlog tourney is too broad in its scope to seriously determine the strengths of one blog against another.

        From what people have been telling me, I guess that isn’t really the purpose. Makes the whole thing seem a bit superfluous, in my opinion. But, whatever, I am not really that bothered. However people keep talking as though I have something against anime music being discussed. Reading my comments clearly shows this to not be the case.

  6. I think you’re like a month too late to raise this issue. It is probably the one issue in which this format of tournament has been made to accommodate for.

    But valid point nonetheless. I just didn’t think people cared.

  7. What some are asking for is really an “anime summary/opinion/critique blog tournament”.
    This is an anime blog tournament. As such, any blog that covers an aspect of anime (regardless of how narrow the aspect) can be included.
    AI is a anime music blog, so it’s inclusion is fair.
    Being a music blog does not preclude AI from also being an anime blog.

    I drew a pretty picture. ^ ^

    Overlaps between categories does happen.

    For the voters though, it’d be nice to do what Baka-Raptor said. Take range into account in your voting.

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