Round 2 Match 11 and 12

Polls Closed

Wakaranai 37% vs 63% Canne’s anime review blog

Crystal Tokyo Anime Blog 42% vs 58% Beta-Waffle

Canne’s anime review blog and Beta-Waffle advance to face each other in Round 3

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Sea Slugs! Anime Blog vs Calamitous Intent and Kitsune’s Thoughts vs The Cart Driver

Tomorrow: Karmaburn vs Major Arcana and Mega Megane Moé vs Mecha Guignol


8 thoughts on “Round 2 Match 11 and 12

  1. Canne easily should win this round hand’s down. Just read the posts, you can’t disagree this fact.

    Beta-Waffle is a pretty unique site, using comics to voice opinions on shows, episodes, etc, so it gets my vote easily, but there’s another reason why this was probably the easiest choice yet:

    I read one of Crystal Tokyo’s posts (because I always look at both blogs), and saw two things that angered me:

    1. It was an episodic about K-on (this didn’t really anger me, I just don’t have an IQ low enough to be able to enjoy such a crappy show).
    2. The post was long, and everything except for the last paragraph was really pointless. It was pretty much just the script of the episode.

    The last paragraph voiced some good ideas, and I actually thought it was good, but I wonder if it was necessary to write a book about what happened in the episode. (it wasn’t). (Not trying to be an asshole, just saying.)

    6 paragraphs of bullshit and only one paragraph of opinion/actual thoughts just seems dumb.

  2. voted against wakaranai because the layout is weird on firefox. seems like there’s this huge gutter taking up space for no reason and pushing out the right sidebars (h-scroll = instant death to me)

  3. I didn’t read Crystal Tokyo prior to the tourney since I haven’t heard of it to begin with (and that it’s an episodic blog doesn’t help matters either). It probably could have stood a fair chance at survival if it hasn’t been on hiatus since March. Oh well.

    1st contest was decided upon through the layouts, so.

  4. Wakaranai’s layout baffles my navigational senses… and I also couldn’t find anything but episodics.

    And I’ve never TL;DRed so much as in Tokyo Crystal Anime. Too much writing for mere episodics; and please use the tag o/

    Gotta appreciate the concise manner Beta-Waffle expresses their opinions =)

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