Round 2 Match 3 and 4

Polls Closed

We Remember Love 49% vs 51% Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog

Baka-Raptor 71% vs 29% Paper Flower

Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog and Baka-Raptor advance to face each other in Round 3

Tomorrow: Tenka Seiha vs Open Your Mind and Borderline Hikikomori vs 2-D Teleidoscope


69 thoughts on “Round 2 Match 3 and 4

  1. Baka Raptor and Ghostlining get my votes because they are both in my blog roll and Baka Raptor happens to be one of my favorite blogger out there. I’m sorry paper flower, you are just too plain boring.

      • Whaaaa~ Although I have to say that it’s near impossible to say that Baka-raptor’s posts aren’t interesting. You’re DEFINITELY not boring, mefloraine, don’t worry about THAT. I voted for you~ (by the way, that cherry blossom image in your latest newsletter looked GORGEOUS)

        I was really shocked at the 300/day comment on your blog though, that’s much lower than I thought he’d be getting. But that’s just me going off topic again. And, if it’s any consolation, you’re doing MUCH better than I am.

  2. I finally remembered to vote for the first time in about a week. Anyway, I went WRL as ghostlightning was the first person to actually give me feedback on how I was writing (only took about 80 posts before someone cared enough), which edges out Hanners and his Giant Killing posts which are far superior to my own. The other vote was easier and I went for Paper Flower since it beat me in the qualifying round. If Baka-Raptor predictably wins it will get my vote in the next round and so forth.

    • what does that mean? We Remember Love often has slideshows and other rich content that doesn’t show up in a feed reader, and Baka-Raptor doesn’t even publish a full feed.

      • it’s a layout/design/color issue. i generally don’t look at rich content from blogs I read anyways, unless it’s something new. neither baka-raptor or GL post new things.

    • not looking at the rich content is your issue, it doesn’t actually make the blogger better to read in a feed reader. IMO, some of the blogs here have excellent rich content (especially Baka-Raptor’s videos). Not trying to be argumentative, I’m a fan and I don’t want people to get an inaccurate picture of what these blogs are about because you’re saying confusing stuff.

      As far as “new things,” not sure what that means either? All 4 of these blogs post about new things if that means “new anime.” If you mean something else, apologies. And I still want to know your magical secret method for reading baka-raptor in a feed reader, the black Maddox style hurts my eyes.

      • Don’t listen to omo. He has never actually read We Remember Love or tried to communicate with ghostlightning, instead he tries to assume that everything he says is wrong and confront him at every opportunity, sort of like he does with Owen. It’s pretty stupid and reeks of his inability to get to know someone beyond the 4 or 5 posts that he happens to come across by them. Which are usually the controversial ones (see: me).

        Saying that WRL and BR don’t produce new things is pretty much saying that there is nothing new to be had from anime blogging, and we should all pack up and go home. They are two of the biggest innovators in the blogosphere, but omo probably doesn’t care about that because his head is WAY up in his ass already.

        Oh, and I should defend Paper Flower a bit, too – I don’t know of another blogger who quite so passionately blogs straight-up art. So she’s doing fine, too, in my book.

      • @Scamp: One of the troubles of creating an environment for people to communicate on a wide scale is that they don’t tend to know each-other too well. That’s part of why I think the scores in this tourney, which are fun, don’t matter as much, as it’s getting a reader interested that may ultimately allow them to start liking the blogs they check out. For instance, I would never expect a new reader to Fuzakenna to understand half of my points in my posts, because they wouldn’t know enough about my personality yet. What’s cool about this tournament, though, is that people might not vote for my blog, but they may read it and eventually get to know me.

        But there’s another trouble. If someone who hasn’t read these blogs looks at this comment section, and they don’t know who omo is, and he says that these blogs offer nothing new, then what’s to stop those peoples’ first impressions from being swayed by omo? They neither know the blogs well enough to know if he’s telling the truth, nor know him well enough to know how well he knows the blogs.

        I know omo well enough to know that he doesn’t know these blogs very well. Therefor, if I see him spouting stuff that hardly is representative of the blogs at all, then I want to make sure that what he says doesn’t sway the readers’ perception by pointing out that he doesn’t necessarily know what the hell he’s talking about.

        Of course, the readers don’t know me well, either. However, by using that sort of tone, I think it shows that I must have a history with omo and would prove that I know him quite well. Therefor showing my credibility.

        Ultimately, I am just trying to disprove his point in the most effective way in the defense of the blogs I love and support.

      • @digitalboy: “what’s to stop those peoples’ first impressions from being swayed by omo?”

        “Saying that WRL and BR don’t produce new things is pretty much saying that there is nothing new to be had from anime blogging, and we should all pack up and go home. They are two of the biggest innovators in the blogosphere,”

        I think that would’ve been a sufficient and fairly strong response to omo’s claim. Adding the low insult, “his head is WAY up in his ass already,” is kind of unnecessary.

        Readers are smart enough to read two subjective comments and decide for themselves.

      • @Scamp: It’s ok, digitalboy has a long and storied history of claiming that omo has his head up his ass.

        @otou-san: My website can’t be read in a feed reader? Awesome! Feed readers could never handle my site. Want to read my post? Visit the page. That’s how it was meant to be read. Once you hit the full screen button on your browser, all you see is what you need to see: my post and nothing more—no sidebar, no header, no annoying feed reader toolbars, no superfluous nonsense, no distractions.

      • For the objective points, let’s be clear:

        1. content-rich stuff can be embedded in a feed reader. It’s one way all of these blogs can improve. I personally don’t care for rich content, so that’s actually a break I give them!

        2. If you want to force people to not read your site from the reader, that’s your choice, but obviously some people do not like that. Same as with disabling comments or writing your entire blog in comic sans.

        3. My point is more that I don’t want to read their content from their site layouts, since at least 3/4 of today’s contestants use layouts that are not particularly attractive or utilitarian to me. I can see why baka-raptor make a point out of it given the text layout is part of his presentation, but if I (or any of his potential readers) dislike it, then so be it.

      • @baka-raptor It’s totally a blogger’s prerogative to want to be read on the site. And since you use a lot of colors and font variations, it makes sense for you. Really it just kills my flow reading blog, blog, blog, oh, baka-raptor, have to click out to the site. But yeah I’ll admit that’s a completely selfish and lazy concern…

        @omo content-rich stuff can not always be embedded in a feed reader (not to mention Google Reader != all feed readers, some allow even less), please don’t blame bloggers for technological shortcomings.

        If you don’t like the layouts, yes I can dig that and of course a big reason for reading in an RSS reader is normalizing all that stuff and looking at things the way you want to. I don’t blame you there.

        I bring up rich content specifically because, like I said, at least two of these blogs use a lot of embedded flash thingys, and one other is a picture blog, and image blog posts are often tailored to their layout.

        You are probably aware of this, but sometimes you speak your opinions as if they’re facts or forgone conclusions, and in this case your opinion was a little unfair to most of the bloggers being represented here.

      • @otou-san I’m tired of saying “personally” “imo” and “I think.” Or some kind of adjective to describe uncertainty like “probably,” “maybe,” “perhaps,” or “might.” I mean I would have to do this for every freaking sentence I write in order to. I think. It might not be a reasonable to assume that average internet person might be able to understand that my assertions are merely opinions, which are game if you want to argue them. I don’t really care, there are enough digitalboys out there to do the typing for me when my goal is to raise some critical points. It’s nothing personal.

        So “flash” things is like, what, 99% youtube videos? :p

        You raise the point about images. I am not so sure I agree with this, because the tacit assumption with feeds is that unless you go out of your way to clean it up and customize it, the guy reading your feed would understand those elements are taken out of their context. I certainly won’t judge a blog for content within its feed reader only, without knowing how it is suppose to look on the primary site. The fact that the content is in the feed is only a matter of convenience.

  3. Selections are pretty easy this time around since the stuff that I’d rather read is as clear as day. GL’s stuff I don’t comment on too much, but that’s because I rarely have anything meaningful to say, since he covers the breadth and depth of robot series really well (a genre that I don’t watch all too much of). As for the second battle, the diss post made my day.

  4. I don’t get Baka-Raptor. I respect the guy as an anime fan and I read him regularly, but I don’t “get” him. Mef’s artist posts are far more important to my feed reader.

  5. I want to like We Remember Love because the comment section is such a vibrant place for discussion, but I just can’t get remotely interested in anything he writes. I even made an extra effort today to find something relevant to my interests. So I started reading a Geass post but by the time I’d reached the third paragraph I’d zoned out. It’s just not the writing style I like to read. But hey, many other people seem to love it so eh~

  6. I read We Rememeber Love sometimes. I don’t read Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog at all, though I did look at it when voting last round and setting up the competition for this round.

    Mmkay, I can’t even vote for myself. Baka-Raptor is just too much better.

  7. This is, by far, the easiest bracket in the history of time. Ghostlightning is my favorite blogger and runs one of my favorite blogs. I can say the exact same about Baka-Raptor. I don’t even read the other two blogs. No contest.

    It’s the next round that things get tricky~

  8. Baka-Raptor has some of weirdest and most entertaining posts of the blogs. I can point only to his post about sideburns. At first, I was not a believer; but alas, I hath been converted.
    Contrary to popular opinion, I like the black background and the rather simplistic design. Makes it easier for me to do nothing but scroll and look dead middle into the screen.
    Sorry mefloraine, but due to said reasons, I gotta go with the idiot dinosaur.

  9. Also, after reading Baka-Raptor’s so called smack talk, where he called mefloraine a jealous tsundere lesbian rapist (the biggest complement I can think of to give a female blogger…or male blogger for that reason), I’ve decided to get sarcastic in my smack talk. 100% sarcastic smack talk. All in good fun of course.

  10. I hardly read any blog post from feed reader. I usually just go to the original post. The feed reader gives me the headlines, not the content.

  11. [In my earlier comment I was referring content-rich stuff, like a video that is new. Not that his new blog posts are new or whatever.]

    Digitalboy is right, I don’t read WRL. 99% of the reason is because it isn’t relevant to my interests. It has nothing to do with the editorial nature of his blog. Which I think the poll reflects this.

    To me, WRL occasionally has something interesting, but for the most part I really just don’t have any interests in what he’s talking about, especially given the amount of time it takes for me to figure out what his average post is trying to say (and for that matter, it’s usually something pretty straightforward, not controversial, and rarely anything, well, interesting to me personally). Maybe if I was into oldfag anime more, I dunno. Not a knock at the great job he’s doing, just that it isn’t relevant to my interests.

    However, I do sort of read Baka-raptor. But when the point of that blog is mostly to make a joke or three, it becomes a matter of “is this really funny or just tries too hard?” The saving grace is the actual comments Baka-raptor makes, as they’re usually good; too bad the output is a bit on the low side lately.

  12. I love Hanners site, been reading it since he opened and I feel spoiled. Like I have my own little anime review/preview site.

    He’s succinct, yet catches the spirit of the series well. I don’t always agree with him, but I do always see his reasons for why he likes/dislikes things.

    I never read We Remember Love, took a look at it today and it is interesting…but my vote still goes with the Hanners. 🙂

    • Hahah, actually, what I found ironic is that what caused me to initially follow ghostlightning at We Remember Love were his episodic posts on Bakemonogatari and the issue of authenticity. Despite his tendency to write erudite editorials that can border on esoteric.

      What got me to follow Hanners’ blog were his editorials on Eve no Jikan and how it used despair and humor incredibly effectively to illuminate humanity’s prejudice toward machines (oh nameless…;_;). Despite his tendency to be a straight episodic blogger that recaps what currently airs in an easily digestible yet occasionally content-light style.

      I think I may have to abstain for this match. May the best blog win!

  13. The only blogs I know in this round are ghostlightning’s and of course, Baka-Raptor’s. I follow Baka-Raptor’s blog and I like it. I want to like We Remember Love but I can’t relate much on his posts. Too much mecha fanboyisms.

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  18. Congratulations to Hanners and thank you to all who have voted in our match, even if you didn’t vote for me, especially those who actually visited We Remember Love during the tourney or some time in the past to form their own opinion on it.

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