*Bonus Poll 3*

Danny Choo vs Jimmy Choo

Polls Closing Tomorrow: We Love Maids vs Desu ex Machina and Chikorita157’s Anime Blog vs Anime Princess

Polls Closed

Unmei Kaihen 59%  vs 41% Continuing World

The null set 68% vs 32% bad luck party

Unmei Kaihen and The null set advance to round 2.


19 thoughts on “*Bonus Poll 3*

  1. ~Explaining the joke~

    Popular blogger possibly losing to shoe desinger + Jimmy Choo is Danny’s father + the ‘I am your father’ line coming from the very movie Danny parodies in his dancing video = epic lulz

    …at least, that was the idea

  2. This contest is all about who you’d rather read. Well, I’d rather read a website that doesn’t look hideous, and so, I’ll take the father over the son.

    Also, people need to be coming up with worse puns than what Scamp is mustering up at the moment :3

  3. I have a lot of respect for Danny Choo. He is effectively living the dream, making a living off what was originally his blogging hobby and now set to make his very own anime. Regardless of the actual perceived quality of his posts he deserves huge kudos for what he has been able to achieve.

    Also, my shoes are Jasper Conran~

    • I actually have no problem with D Choo. I’d switch places with him in a heartbeat.

      I just can’t understand his fans, and why they’re so obsessed with him. To quote Fight Club (one of the best movies ever):

      Why is it necessary for a weaker person to latch on to a stronger person?

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