A short notice

As you may have noticed, there has often been a difference in the number of votes in the two different polls in the one post. The main reason this happens is when people link to the tourney asking them to vote for someone  (usually themselves), their followers/readers/minions blindly obey and vote in just that poll, never looking at anything else on the tourney whatsoever. So while it’s great that people are at least writing about the tourney, we would like to ask that you perhaps write something more substantial than just ‘VOTE FOR ME!’.

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Unmei Kaihen vs Continuing World and The null set vs bad luck party

Closed Polls

Memories of Eternity 80% vs 20% Oballer’s Blog

Eye Sedso 81% vs 19% Densetsu no Shounen A

Memories of Eternity and Eye Sedso advance to Round 2


16 thoughts on “A short notice

    • I WOULD LOVELOVELOVE That bonus poll!!!!!!

      In fact, that would be just like a birthday present for me, considering tomorrow is my birthday (give or take a few months and days).

      • OMG PLEASE!!!!!!!!! That would make this tournament completely worth it and I would not care about losing in my first round at all.

  1. Boo hoo… Congratulations to you, you just discovered that people tend to be self-centered, they like to promote themselves and root for their home team first and foremost. Wtf did you expect to be different with your popularity contest? There are plenty of ways for people to discover new blogs if they’re interested, there’s no particular reason for them to extend your e-peen and do it through this.

    • @Josh — And I had pancakes for breakfast this morning, so… yeah, what’s your point?

      I never said people couldn’t find new blogs through this tourney if they wanted to, like in your case. But just because people come here to vote for their favorite blog doesn’t mean they’ll be interested in checking out every other blog — even if the blogger they’re voting for suggested that. To assume that they would and complain about it is pointless boo-hoo-ing.

    • Basically, there’s a big difference between people who say ‘there’s a tourney and I’m in it’ and ‘vote for me in this tourney’. They’ll both still get votes for the person writing but the people who came via the first guy are far more likely to vote in the other poll. I’m simply making people aware of this fact.

    • @Scamp

      “Far more likely”? How about some examples with numbers to back that up. Unless people are linking their flock directly to Polldaddy, it’s near impossible to miss that there’s a tourney goining on once they come here, even if the blogger didn’t mention it. It’s especially hard to miss the other poll in the same post. Hell, both of your examples mention that there’s a tourney going on, so how stupid do you think people are?

      • Of course they don’t miss that there’s a tourney on. I’m simply reporting what I see on the stats. When someone says ‘vote for me’, the people visiting almost all ignore the other poll. When someone says ‘there’s a tourney here’ then the vote rate on the other poll is much higher.

        Now please drop the angry tone of voice

      • Huh? I’m not angry in the least, projecting much?

        I still did not see any numbers from you to back up your “far more” claim. I really have a hard time believing that people are as mindless as you say, so that just the wording on the link would make a huge difference in this.

    • I’m curious now. If you would scamp, mind posting the stats? Doesn’t have to be now, or you can just send it to me in order to not implicate anything negative :3

  2. I kind of did that the last time. This time I’ll surely comply to the request…but really, I don’t believe I have so many minions/followers to begin with 😛

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