Dates for Round 2

Polls Closing Tomorrow: _____ism vs Shit Storm and Astrobunny vs Anime Void

Closed Polls

Kojioe 52% vs 48% Gelotaku9

∑Xce7ion 53% vs 47% Baden Baden Lily

Dates for Round 2

11 May Sea Slugs! Anime Blog vs Calamitous Intent and Kitsune’s Thoughts vs The Cart Driver

12 May We Remember Love vs Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog and Baka-Raptor vs Paper Flower

13 May Tenka Seiha vs Open Your Mind and Borderline Hikikomori vs 2-D Teleidoscope

14 May hontou ni vs chaostangent and OGIUE MANIAX vs Caraniel’s Ramblings

15 May Star Crossed Anime Blog vs Just as planned and Rabbit Poets vs JanaiBlog

16 May Wakaranai vs Canne’s anime review blog and Crystal Tokyo Anime vs Beta-Waffle

17 May Karmaburn vs Major Arcana and Mega Megane Moé vs Mecha Guignol

18 May THAT Anime Blog vs Ani-Gamers and Nigorimasen! vs Anime Instrumentality

19 May Random Curiosity vs Behind the Nihon Review and Xebec’s Blog vs Listless Ink

20 May Mistakes of Youth vs AstroNerdBoy and Drastic My Anime Blog vs GAR GAR Stegosaurus

21 May Omonomono vs Fuzakenna and Josh’s Anime Blog vs Oishii Anime

22 May Reverse Thieves vs Koji Oe and Hashihime vs ∑Xce7ion

23 May Kurogane’s Anime Blog vs _____ism and Mono no Aware vs Astrobunny

24 May Mainichi Anime Yume vs Memories of Eternity and SNAG vs World vs Eye Sedso

25 May Blogsuki vs Winner Match 29 and Bokutachi no Blog vs Winner Match 30

26 May Atarashii Prelude vs Winner Match 31 and Anime Diet vs Winner Match 32

::Note:: I’ll update these dates with links as soon as the matches end

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