*Bonus Poll*

Anime News Network vs Sankaku Complex

Polls Closing Tomorrow: Kojioe vs Gelotaku9 and ∑Xce7ion vs Baden Baden Lily

Closed Polls

Blue Blue Wave 37% vs 63% Fuzakenna

Metanorn 48% vs 52% Oishii Anime

Fuzakenna and Oishii Anime advance to round 2


22 thoughts on “*Bonus Poll*

  1. ANN for the encyclopedia, though I must give props to Sankaku Complex for weaseling its way into Animeblogger.net Antenna after I got rejected for not being “family friendly” enough. Artefact is a genius. Either that or Maestro is a whore.

  2. Wow. Blue Blue Wave is really the first blog that I voted for that just got obliterate in it’s contest. Kind of a shame I think, but oh well I guess.

    Meanwhile, Oishii Anime it is then. I’m kind of surprised. I thought Metanorn was gonna win that one.

    • Thanks for the kind words Josh. ^^
      Well, didn’t expect to win against a populist blog like Fuzakenna, both blogs (and most likely respective audience) are quite different.

      Guess it’s a shame in a sense indeed, but personally am not competitive about blogging. Find the aspect of the tourney that it allows one’s blog to be exposed to new readers the most appealing, and it also creates the opportunity to receive interesting feedback from readers and other bloggers.

  3. Terrible elitist reviews vs. sensationalist yellow journalism…

    It there a way to vote “none of the above”?

    ANN because it’s at least readable and the encyclopedia is amazing.

  4. One is only for anime news and the one another tells me things about Japan that I never wanted to. I so approve of this poll even when it doesn’t need approving of any type or form. How can I make up my mind?

    Next poll: Bacanno vs Durarara!!

  5. Sankaku Complex. ANN is a really good site with some really terrible shit flying everywhere. At least Artefact sometimes posts girls in short shorts.

  6. Sankaku Complex because Artefact never fails to bring a chuckle to my face and a look of horror to the faces of people visiting me at my computer.

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