Round 1 Match 31 and 32

Polls Closed

We Love Maids 35% vs 65% Desu ex Machina

Chikorita157′s Anime Blog 48% vs 52% Anime Princess

Desu ex Machina and Anime Princess advance to the next round

Polls closing tomorrow: Blue Blue Wave vs Fuzakenna and Metanorn vs Oishii Anime

Closed polls

AstroNerdBoy 68% vs 32% ěk-sěn’trĭk

GAR GAR Stegosaurus 62% vs 38% Project Saber

AstroNerdBoy and GAR GAR Stegosaurus advance to the next round

~End of round 1. Round 2 begins once all the polls in Round 1 have closed~


27 thoughts on “Round 1 Match 31 and 32

  1. How coud AstroNerdBoy win 209:101 when only yesterday it was around 130:100? O_o This looks fishy to me. She would’ve lost anyway, but now it’s like people thought ěk-sěn’trĭk sucks and she doesn’t deserve that -_-

    • Plus referrals from IP address maskers? Connecting the dots…

      Yeah I spotted it but I wasn’t too worried since it didn’t effect the winner of the match. I honestly have to wonder why this guy felt it nessessary to triple the vote cushion between the two. If it happens in the future in a match where it has more effect on the result then we’ll take action

      • I have a working theory on what happened. I yanked AstroNerdBoy’s chain a number of times, making him think that I was going to stuff the ballot box against him before the match ended, so he probably got worried and decided to make it harder for me to throw the match. The joke is on him, because I never intended to engage in fraudulent voting, all I did was campaign against him fair and square.

      • I forgot to mention that Tenchi Fans for Truth About OVA 3 will endorse AstroNerdBoy’s opponent in the next round. Let’s hope the guy won’t fly off the handle again when he sees our endorsement.

      • That would be my guess. Scamp may remember that AstroNerdBoy was worried about me stuffing the ballot when I first endorsed ek-sen’trik. Afterwards I kept tweaking him at his blog as the contest went on, leading him to believe that something would happen before the end, and I think he fell for it and did this preemptively. It is funny because I never said anything about ballot stuffing, only that real fans would be out in force to bring him down, by which I meant me, my pals, and also anyone we could influence with the campaign voting against him.

        The campaign post was unfortunately deleted after AstroNerdBoy went nuts over it, so it didn’t have much effect and he would have won, but I managed to scare him into doing this. If you had seen how emphatic he was here before about how he’d win against me no matter what, you wouldn’t be surprised. I have a copy of that but I can’t post it here because it would cause trouble again.

  2. Wow, you mean I get a whole extra week to bash mefloraine?!?!?! You know, I wrote my mefloraine-bashing post already, but it seemed a little too kind and a little too short. Now I have all the time I need to slander and vilify mefloraine to my heart’s content. Thanks!

  3. I know you guys are focusing less on the blogs today and more about what’s coming up, but I had to say that there’s a certain weird charm to “We love maids” based on the fact that their intended audience is pretty much that high school-and-under demographic people speak of in hush tones all the time.

    Not sure if I’m voting for it but it’s got my attention.

  4. WLM is one of the first blogs I actually cared to read every post of. Now…well, it doesn’t update much, and I’ve never liked most of the authors besides Gargron. So, eh…>.< Still gave it my vote though.

    That first post up on Anime Princess is rather nice. Hmm~

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  6. I have to admit, Anime Princess seems to have good content, but only needs to improve the layout. As for myself, I really need to improve my grammar issues, which will take some time. The content is there, but imperfections in some of my posts can turn some people off.

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