Round 1 Match 27 and 28

Polls Closed

Memories of Eternity 80% vs 20% Oballer’s Blog

Eye Sedso 81% vs 19% Densetsu no Shounen A

Memories of Eternity and Eye Sedso advance to Round 2

Polls closing tomorrow:Behind the Nihon Review vs Chocolate Syrupy Waffles Blog and Listless Ink vs Super Noisy Rice Shower Goes Boom!!

Closed polls

Ani-Gamers 64% vs 36% Anime Full Circle

Anime Instrumentality 62% vs 38% Kita ze Inbou

Ani-Gamers and Anime Instrumentality advance to the next round

Tomorrow: Unmei Kaihen vs Continuing World and The null set vs bad luck party


28 thoughts on “Round 1 Match 27 and 28

  1. So Oballer’s is just a Maddox impersonator who isn’t nearly as funny as Baka-Raptor or even Glo. That vote will easily go to ETERNAL, who has put out a number of spectacular posts since I’ve started reading him and always brings incredibly well-thought-out points to his posts.

    As for the other one, Densetsu no Shounen A seemed pretty much boring, so as much as it pains me to do so, I will be voting for Glo. Even though he still has a long way to go before he can be baka-raptor.

    • first of all… who is maddox?

      second of all… even tho i do like baka raptor why do you assume that everyone is trying to be him? i know glo personally and i know hes just trying to be his own person

      • Did you really just ask who Maddox is? He was the first blog I ever read. Needless to say, Baka Raptor has his style miciced perfectly, and then added his own style to that.

        I’ll admit that when I started off Eye Sedso was pretty much a straight copy Maddox. Then I discovered Baka-Raptor’s site, and realized I can’t do that. However, I write the way I write not because of Maddox’s style. If anything, Maddox made me realize that I could use the internet to speak my mind how I want to. I’m still changing my style to this day. Looking back on some of my posts from the first 2 months, I can say that I used to have no clue about anything. but back to the original statement.

        Did you REALLY just ask, “who is maddox?”

  2. I’m less familiar with oballer’s blog, but ETERNAL’s a fantastic writer, one of my faves. It would’ve been tough for anyone to steal my vote, even if I was more familiar with them.

    On the other hand, I assume glo’s going to win his matchup, and he’s consistently funny, so he deserves every vote he gets, but I was really impressed by Shounen’s depth of analysis in his Umineko’s posts, so my vote goes to him.

  3. I’m sorry, but there is no competition in this round. Eternal is an excellent writer, he covers good topics, he provides an interesting perspective. He will always get my vote over a half-bit troll blog that’s expending most of its energy making fun of its opponent. Poor show, man.

    The other…dead episodic loses. ;D

  4. Nice, some new blogs to add to my reader. Voting was an easy choice, although I went with the ones I picked for completely different reasons; Eternal’s posts are amazing (and enlightening! I like his headers, too) while Eye Sedso’s are hilarious (that gym post was awesome).

  5. Glo always speaks his mind and reading his ISSS is like talking to a friend. Thus, Eye Sedso is a completely different experience from other more formal blog.

  6. Oballer might have won a matchup against some lesser opponents, but he drew this year’s Butler in the first round. Too bad, so sad.

    Glo, or Vampire Bund episodics? Hmm…

  7. MoE gets my vote for both his Higurashi and Umineko posts in which shows he has great understanding for those titles,which it’s terribly hard to see much nowadays.

    Voted for Eye Sedso because he can make unrelated topics interesting. Also there’s Bill whose angry at the weather.

  8. In this tournament that alas contains quite a bit of teenage hormone driven blogs using questionable language, it’s refreshing to see entries like ‘Memories of Eternity’ that have intriguing posts. A worthy discovery! ^^

  9. Oballer’s trash talking was refreshingly unrestrained, but in the way that’ll piss people off instead of make them vote for you. I’ll show you how it’s done in Round 2. mefloraine, I’m coming for you…

    Glo’s trash talking was horrible. I’d rather watch K-ON than read that sugary candy cane crap again.

  10. Some of these matches are just way too one-sided…

    Eternal’s writing talent makes me kind of envious, TBH. Just a bit…
    also, his banners theme is golden~

  11. That low level trash talking actually influenced me. I can’t ignore the gayness of some of eternal’s headers.
    Still an easy vote and anime is full of gay anyway. But you can call it golden.

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