Round 1 Match 25 and 26

Polls Closed

_____ism 67% vs 33% Shit Storm

Astrobunny 76% vs 24% Anime Void

____ism and Astrobunny advance to the next round

Polls closing tomorrow: Ani-Gamers vs Anime Full Circle and Anime Instrumentality vs Kita ze Inbou

Closed polls

Black and Blue Socks 42% vs 58% Major Arcana

Daijoubu 31% vs 69% Mecha Guignol

Major Arcana and Mecha Guignol advance to the next round

Tomorrow: Memories of Eternity vs Oballer’s Blog and Eye Sedso vs Densetsu no Shounen A

17 thoughts on “Round 1 Match 25 and 26

  1. Mikotoism against Shit Storm is quite the matchup. They were both some of the first blogs I started following, and for whatever reason, I feel like they’re both very similar. I’d like to vote for both of them, but since I can’t I’ll have to choose Mikotoism because of the shitty intro paragraph on his last post.

    The other poll: One is an episodic blog. One is not. I’m obviously choosing the non-episodic blog (or at least, less episodic).

  2. Fangzhao is funnier so that’s an easy pick. The other one is hard because it’s episodic versus random. Time to flip ye olde coin which tells me to go for non-episodics (it can read my mind well, you see).

  3. I’m not really sure why Anime Void is getting routed. I didn’t particularly see anything about Astrobunny’s blog that made it stand out THAT much.

  4. ____ism’s latest post was… o.o The Spring 2010 First Impressions post had a pretty cool format though o/

    I’m not really leaning toward any blog in particular this round. I really like Astrobunny’s layout, so maybe I’ll vote for them since the content isn’t really a total stand-out on either blog (it’s still good, though!) 😀

  5. Well, ___ism is one of my faves to follow (wish the bastard would write more often though!) so that was an easy vote for me.

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