Round 1 Match 23 and 24

Polls Closed

Kojioe 52% vs 48% Gelotaku9

∑Xce7ion 53% vs 47% Baden Baden Lily

Polls closing tomorrow: Black and Blue Socks vs Major Arcana and Daijoubu vs Mecha Guignol

Closed polls

Canne’s anime review blog 53% vs 47% Colony Drop

Beta-Waffle 53% vs 47% bananaMuffin

Canne’s anime review blog and Beta-Waffle advance to the next round

Tomorrow: _____ism vs Shit Storm and Astrobunny vs Anime Void


17 thoughts on “Round 1 Match 23 and 24

  1. Baden Banen Lily definitely has too much going on…I’ve run across that blog multiple times and can’t bring myself to read anything because the words get lost in the layout.
    Excelion is a blog with interesting misc. posts (Yanderes!), but of course, 7 never updates…>.<

    As for the other ones…crossdressing boys anthology? Can I say I'm intrigued? 😀
    And the other is just episodic, so I think I know where my vote will lie.

  2. Voted for Kojioe because his ideas are often contrary to mine and that is fun.

    Though I wish Ningyo of Baden Baden Lily would make his posts’ headers look clearer, my vote goes to him without any hesitation 🙂

  3. Abstaining the first vote due to lack of interest.

    I think I subscribed to Baden Baden at the beginning of the tourney. If not, I probably should. I’m curious.

  4. I’ve never tried to read Baden Baden before because the crazy layout always put me off (I can’t even read what the post title are!). However that latest post was pretty epic so it’s getting my vote.

  5. But that’s the beauty of no borders!
    …Time for a facelift, huh D: I’ve been thinking of one for a while, and this is positive reinforcement. I’m completely burned out after this week though, so maybe a few (dozen) good nights of sleep first.

    To think I would take the aesthetic fall before the sophistry fall. I’d like to dogmatically stand by my artistic principles, but I at least want to be read :p

    The post titles thing seems to be the immediate problem, so I removed the background. Now it’s even more borderless, but at least legible. I’ve gotten used to seeing it, so it completely cloaking the post title has long slipped my mind. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. I like Gelotaku’s posts- the voice and tone sounds like something I’d write, haha. Nice and enthusiastic.

    Baden Baden Lily is a great read, and those entries are really really well written. They make me want to read every last word and then think about the questions at the end. I like a blog that makes me think.

  7. Am I the only one wondering why クロス† チャネル is referred to as Kojioe here and not even the proper way to type out the author’s handle, Koji Oe?

    • Because I get confused when a blog calls themselves something in Japanese…

      Fair point though. I should called it by its proper Japanese name, although it’s too late for that now

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