Round 1 Match 21 and 22

Polls Closed

Blue Blue Wave 37% vs 63% Fuzakenna

Metanorn 48% vs 52% Oishii Anime

Fuzakenna and Oishii Anime advance to round 2

Polls closing tomorrow: Canne’s anime review blog vs Colony Drop and Beta-Waffle vs bananaMuffin

Closed polls

Just as planned 52% vs 48% Moe Check!

Rainbowsphere 45% vs 55% JanaiBlog

Just as Planned and JanaiBlog advance to the next round

Tomorrow: Kojioe vs Gelotaku9 and ∑Xce7ion vs Baden Baden Lily


24 thoughts on “Round 1 Match 21 and 22

  1. Digiboy’s always entertaining and pretty damn dedicated to being as awesome as possible, so I went with Fuzakenna.

    REALLY tough to decide between Metanorn and Oishii. Oishii’s got a great layout and the content’s interesting, but Metanorn is (was?) like the bubbliest pop blog ever. Would be voting on nostalgia for the latter though…

  2. Fuzakenna! such awesome blog name, almost impossible to not mentally shout it out loud. I like the outragious style and the intellectual effort behind it but sometimes it’s a bit too much verbal diarhea for me.
    Blue blue reads away easy and looks nice, but the content doesn’t interest me so. It’s also the underdog. In doubt, always go for the underdog..

  3. Tempted to vote anti-Fuzakenna because of the lulz I’d get for it being knocked out in the first round, but I’ve read enough posts there over time for it to get my vote.

    The other one is bloody difficult though. I think I’ll go for Metenorn though for their super early and uber-detailed season previews

  4. I voted for Shii because I appreciated the work she put on her blog. The content might not be indisputably outstanding but her heart and her passion is obvious in every post of hers.

  5. Tempted to vote against Fukazenna for the reasons omo noted in the MALKeionbu thread :p Just kidding, though Blue Blue Wave certainly ain’t bad.

    As for the second, chi gets my vote for the content since metanorn is kinda messy as far as their layout goes…

  6. Fuzakenna! is a favorite of mine so I gotta vote for it. Digital boy is one of the most interesting bloggers I’ve come across – he makes his passion seep through into every post he writes. You can just feel how much he feels.

    As for the second one, that’s tough. But I think I might go with Oishii.

  7. Going with Oishii anime for the second poll, because even though I don’t necessarily approve of the way Chii does things, she’s a close friend and one of my coolest readers and I will make an effort to read her stuff sometimes just because I am trying to somehow grasp her lol.

  8. Fuzakenna gets my vote even though Digitalboy and I quite often have our differences. Nothing wrong with Blue Wave just not something I would read often.

    Oishii and Metanorn is a tough decision for me. I have had Metanorn bookmarked for a long time but never visited it too often. I like it for it’s posts with the Oricon charts and music posts. I also enjoyed Anime’s Next Top Model or w/e it was. That was fun to follow.

    Oishii looks like something I might add to my reader. I really like the interesting and dynamic layout which it manages without an ungodly load time. So I’m gonna give my vote to Oishii.

  9. Why oh why did Smithy have to get put against one of the few blogs I read every single, stupid post from?

    Metanorn vs. Oishii is one of the easiest decisions I’ve made…I do not like Metanorn (their layout kills me, for one), and I do like Chii’s 365 days of characters series. Soooo~

  10. humbled by all the kind comments my blog has been getting. thanks a whole lot guys.

    I’m very new and still getting a grasp on what people want to read and see on my blog. slowly getting there though.

    I voted for Fuzakenna because he’s the only anime blog I read before I actually started blogging myself. He makes such interesting posts even if I don’t agree with them all 😛

  11. @the tourney team

    Would it be possible to also add the closed poll results to the actual posts about those polls, not just to the latest post, so in the future I can avoid researching blogs only to find out that it’s too late to vote for them? Or just close the bloody polls when they’re done, grrr… Right now if you look at an older match post, there’s no indication that its polls are closed for the competition and I think people are still voting because some of the percentages don’t match the posted results.

    • The polls are meant to close after a week. I even clicked the button that said they would and everything! But of course that would be too easy if they actually closed after a week if I did that~

      Fair point. I’ll start implementing that ASAP

  12. I really love the simplicity of Blue Blue Wave (can’t go wrong with a name inspired by Aria ❤ The tone is just as relaxing, I find :3). Plus there's some really pretty photography!

    As for the second matchup, I really can't decide. I actually really like Metanorn's layout, haha. And Oishii's 365 Days of Anime Characters feature is pretty awesome.

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  15. Thanks to those who voted for my blog, hope you’ll enjoy reading it in the future as well. Also hope that people who didn’t know about my blog before this tournament find it interesting to pick up and read. ^^

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