Round 1 Match 13 and 14

Polls Closed

Black and Blue Socks 42% vs 58% Major Arcana

Daijoubu 31% vs 69% Mecha Guignol

Major Arcana and Mecha Guignol advance to the next round

Polls closing tomorrow: Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog vs wat you say and Paper Flower vs Lower Mid-Table

Closed polls

Loli Salad 39% vs 61% Calamitous Intent

The Cart Driver 54% vs 46% Sekijitsu

Calamitious Intent and The Cart Driver proceed to the next round

Tomorrow: Ani-Gamers vs Anime Full Circle and Anime Instrumentality vs Kita ze Inbou


13 thoughts on “Round 1 Match 13 and 14

  1. Okay, I added Mecha Guignol to my reader. Non-episodic? And also talks about things I care to read? Doesn’t get much better than that.

  2. Went with Black and Blue Socks mainly on formatting because they seem almost equal in every other way. Mecha-Guignol gets the other vote because of my people named Landon bias.

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  4. Have to agree with the consensus here: Mecha Guignol is pretty awesome. Also cast my vote for Major Arcana because it has some good content and a nice layout.

  5. Ah, to be called young again. It’s like when I get carded at a casino despite being well over the legal gambling age.

  6. First vote went to Blue and Black socks as I’ve lurked around the site a bit and enjoy what I find there. Though I did enjoy Major Arcana’s site as well. It was a tough decision but familiarity won out. Though I made a note to visit Major Arcana more.

    I like both Daijobu and Mecha-Guignol and while Daijobu satisfies my silly side with the whimsical dango comics, Mecha-Guignol satisfies intellectual and whimsical sides. Some really interesting and cool posts. Also he was one of the few bloggers to talk about JET PIRANHAS!!! easily the most entertaining episode of Cobra.
    So I went Mecha-Guignol.

  7. Hmm, two (relatively) new editorial bloggers in the same round? Aorii has become one of my favourite bloggers over the past few months, and I just subscribed to Mecha Guignol. Looking good.

  8. Well, the first pairing is tough, but Major Arcana gets my vote for having slightly more interesting reads. As for the second, Mecha Guignol wins hands down for better content, even if I disagree with it a lot.

  9. Agrees with people on Mecha-Guignol. Although I wish dear writer did a bit more work on layout or at least chose a non-basic theme. It has a really bland look right now… the text doesn’t bore me, the colors do. (especially when one’s spoiled by blogs like Paper Flower xD)

    I don’t think I came off very editorial with my main page. Been having too much fun with impression posts lately xD

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