Round 1 Match 11 and 12

Polls Closed

Canne’s anime review blog 53% vs 47% Colony Drop

Beta-Waffle 53% vs 47% bananaMuffin

Canne’s anime review blog and Beta-Waffle advance to the next round

Polls closing tomorrow: Loli Salad vs Calamitous Intent and The Cart Driver vs Sekijitsu

Tomorrow: Black and Blue Socks vs Major Arcana and Daijoubu vs Mecha Guignol


51 thoughts on “Round 1 Match 11 and 12

  1. I do not like Beta-Waffle’s design very much…feels too much like I’m boxed in.
    bananaMuffin’s “bananaMuffin” page charmed me. xD

    First vote was easy…I do not like Colony Drop, and I do like Canne. =D

  2. I’ve always kind of liked Beta-waffle in its own quirky way, so that got my vote. As for Colony Drop – Excellent, well-written ‘blog, shame about the attitude of their more prominent writers, which is enough to lose them my vote.

  3. Voted Colony Drop for their handful of good posts and because I know from Subatomic Brainfreeze that Dave can write if he wants to. Also I never read reviews ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. Just a small comment about the site design here: was it really necessary to have those snapshots at every link? I never really understood their use, and all they do is get in the way when I want to check out these blogs.

  5. Canne, your site certainly isn’t terrible, but with Colony Drop on the other side of that poll, I know where my vote is going. Those guys know their stuff like few other bloggers out there; it’ll be a shame if they don’t win this round.

  6. The problem with Colony Drop is the hateful remarks really get on your nerves to the point that you want to disagree with them on principle when it comes to everything they write about. I think I’ll give them the vote here for originality though. There certainly isn’t any other blog I know that does what CD do.

    Beta-waffle has ‘Boyz Without Nipples’ so automatically wins everything

  7. I would just hope that before people start voting against Colony Drop based on their reputation they’ll go and read some of their content. And remember that because they might not like the same shows as you its not something personal, and doesn’t affect the quality of their content or insight – which is excellent.

    Maybe its time to #otakumanup and let your views be challenged for once…

    • I did check out Colony Drop without knowing their reputation.

      As I pointed out in my post, their current layout is ugly. Too ugly to make their post currently readable. It doesn’t matter that their Funimation post made my boil just for their ignorance as they praised Funi, my main factor in voting against them was the layout.

      There’s nothing wrong in thinking that they’re honestly not a good blog.

      • @Janette

        I thought this was a competition based on content, not web design? If not, I’m hugely disappointed. I think saying it is unreadable is a huge exageration – I know plenty of people who have no problems reading it.

        And the Funimation post? The one from April 1st? That was a joke. Meant to be a spoof of Anime Almanac.

  8. I went onto Colony Drop and read several posts of theirs. They insult those who have a different frame of mind about anime. I just don’t understand how you can like the medium but not give it any respect. The people who discuss “Lolita” academically still give the book and it’s writer a degree of respect. They look at anime like they are the school jocks and the rest of the fandom are the nerd punching bags. How you can create posts like this one: and not expect to be called tools or douches or any other wonderfully appropriate name.

    It is possible to respectfully dislike other peoples choices but from the posts I read CD isn’t even making the attempt. “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

    And since this contest is not about which blog is better but about which blog I would want to read. And since I don’t enjoy being condescended to or having my taste insulted then I am going to vote for Canne.

  9. @Tim Maugham

    Well, I did try to read the content. It was very difficult. It’s nice to know that other can, but I couldn’t. I have eye problems, okay? Is that such a big deal to you? The content I did read…for all there claims in there ‘about section’ it’s not like they had anything truly special or original posted lately.

    Also, when I’m already having a lot of trouble reading the site, it’s not as if I’m going to easily be able to read the dates.

    Just get over the fact that I didn’t like Colony Drop. And don’t make fun of me on twitter.

    • @Tim Maughan Also the competition is only based on which blog you would rather read. Content/execution/design all factor into a choice. Content is only one of the factors. Sorry to disappoint you.

  10. I don’t really like Colony Drop’s layout. It really makes me not want to read it. I’m also a reader of Canne’s reviews.

    Waffles vs. Muffins… Which one is tastier?

  11. Muffins Yi muffins, Jk! vote w/e you like. Was funny to see food theme title blogs going up against each other.

    As for Canne vs Colony drop I went with Canne’s blog not so much for the style of theirs but more for the content. Really like the non anime posts -nod- It’s one thing I would love to do on Banana Muffin.

    • It was definitely a fun little coincidence to see a match up of foods. I think there’s also a chocolate waffle somewhere.
      Anyways, I sold muffins for a while when I worked at a bakery so yea. ^ ^

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  13. I’ve voted on Canne’s blog because:

    Firstly, she’s the only writer in there(which means a lot of effort), secondly I enjoy the reviews(really well-written), and thirdly I like how elegant it looks like.

    For the second pair, I voted on bananaMuffin, as it’s really nice to see whole bunch of images in every post which is such a good way to catch reader’s attention, plus it’s reviewing the new series – that’s always helpful and interesting to see other people’s view on the same Anime.

    Good luck!

  14. Went with Canne. Here’s to the underdog!

    This being said, I do like Colony Drop, and they’re one of the few blogs I’ve seen so far that I’m subscribed to. I just like Canne’s stuff more I guess.

    Bananamuffin on the other one.

    • @ Janette, Velore, Glo
      I am crying the tears of joy after hearing your words!
      I’m only a few votes behind, please give your support for this lonely blogger! Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Love > hate and for what it’s worth, Canne does a decent job in providing balanced reviews. CD may be a fountain of knowledge but it’s hard to appreciate what they say when you have to wade through all the insults.

    Pretty much a coin toss between the muffin and the waffle. Former is informative and the latter manages to nail the humor in the right spots. Guess I’ll prop the waffle since that’s how the coin landed.

  16. I think if Colony Drop wins I’m going to gain another cynicism point against otaku. Anime was created as a means of cultural (re)exploration and not for close-minded people. Also, Canne writes pretty nice reviews and I’ll always root for the open-minded perspective.

    bananamuffin has a cute page~ (I couldn’t decide otherwise xD)

  17. If Colony Drop do not win, then it will be a strike against substance and thought provoking content within the all-but forsaken echo chamber of japtoon blogging.

    While Canne has a nice enough blog and I have just added it to my RSS feeder for later perusal, Colony Drop is the one blog besides Ani-gamers in this subject that I can actually bring myself to follow, simply because I feel that reading their content is a worthwhile exercise.

    • LOL substance. If you think CD is substance, you’ve not read many anime blogs then.

      That said, it’s great to have different points of views between different blogs, even ones that are insulting or controversial, just for humor or as a sanity check.

      • Based on most of the blogs I’m seeing in this Tourney, CD has lots more substance than a great many anime blogs out there. As much as they layer their content with a tone of “anime is NOT serious business” (which I find funny and refreshing), they actually take their writing and the content that they write about pretty seriously.

        They are the people in the room who aren’t afraid to voice the dissenting opinion, and I don’t think that’s something to be looked down upon. Even if I don’t always agree with them, I’m glad that there is a blog out there WILLING to disagree with me and a great many other anime fans out there. Without disagreement there would be no meaningful discourse!

  18. Looks like an unexpectedly large number of people vote in my poll…the gap between me and CD’s votes is not big at all. It’s not over yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. It seems that people enjoy blogs that validate their opinions at worse kindly disagree. While I might not read a blog that the opinions run completely contrary to my own I do enjoy some strong disagreements to make me think.

    Colony Drop wins my vote because there is a mix of things I agree and disagree with. Biting sarcasm and mockery is what used to be the calling card of a nerd or Otaku or fan, whatever term you wish to use.

    A blog should be judged on it’s content not the skin they chose to use. I agree that background imaged behind the text can lead to headaches but they better not ever take away the random naked Camille!

    Wait a minute that sounded a little gay.


    • Maybe those who have a SO can relate better, but ever had a moment or argument where you realize even though you are right, you are still wrong?

      That’s colony drop to me. I think I agree with it more often than I disagree with it, yet there’s this extra thick layer of not-funny snark that flavors the site. Its varied authorship makes criticizing the site difficult speaking from the whole, but more often than not it’s overdone. It’s not really constructive besides as a means of getting attention. I guess if I enjoy kicking retarded people, beating up nerds for their lunch money, or rob babies of their milk bottles I might enjoy that style of humor more.

      • Anime fans are a soft lot today. Grow some skin.

        Some of the best conversations are friends ribbing on each other the dumb shit they like.

        We’re all a big happy family. Why have tea parties when we could be playing cops and robbers?

    • I don’t think it’s just a case of conflicting opinions. There’s quite the difference between a harsh critic and a flat-out ‘hater’.

  20. GO Canne! This is a pretty close race but really hope you prevail:) Just like the reviews and all the other anime-related post on the blog a lot…

  21. The fact that the first poll has over twice the number of votes than the second proves the true nature of this round of the AniBlog Tourney, and says a lot about Colony Drop as a blog to me.

    I like the look of Canne’s blog, it’s upbeat, it’s functional and informative. But I’ve only heard of it because it’s going up against Colony Drop. But as of now, it’s still quite a bit ahead of Colony Drop, despite having a lesser reputation.

    The point? I believe that a good amount of Canne’s voters aren’t voting for that blog to win. They’re voting for Colony Drop to lose.

    • Both sides are as bad as each other actually. There’s been Colony Drop fans telling people to only vote in that poll specifically.

      But yeah, I don’t like the way this post has turned out. Still, some people have only heard about the tourney because of Colony Drops inclusion so at least it’s giving the tourney more exposure, and the blogs competing in it at the same time.

      • I think I understand what you mean, but in a larger way the reputation of a site is a part of its draw. I think it is safe to say that most people who vote against CD for it to lose harbor zero personal ill will against its authors. Maybe they have a bone to pick with its readers, its defenders, its divisive content or something related to those above elements, but it is a different sort of thing than voting for a site just because you are friend with the person who runs it.

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    This may be long gone, but hell, for those of you with a brain and want some laughs, fuck, come here.

    Seriously, fuck Colon Dump. I can’t imagine the “future of anime fandom” seriously being run by a bunch of pretentious dicktwat ethnocentric 30 something losers, especially US suburbanite shitbrained computer hiding dicksucking losers. What, did are they taking out their bitter rage about how anime didn’t get them laid?

    Seriously. Fuckers have problems so bad we have to post it up there. And if anything, it’s one hell of a fucking lame ass act that they’re attempting to “show off a more FUCKIN EXTREEEMMEEE RAD AND EDGY ANIME BLOG THAT DOESN’T TAKE ITSELF SERIOUSLY” when you have like 30 fucking articles about fans that don’t suck your dick in showing your way of appreciation.

    They’re going to have a fucking fun life, I’ll tell you what. Full of mockery, cold apathy and utter pain beyond imagination. Well, see what I care.

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