Some changes in competitors

To anyone who was wondering why the bracket said Jinx was competing against 2D-T only for Grand Punk Railroad to show up, there has been a few changes to the blogs competing. The changes are as follows

Seed 40: replaced by

Seed 38: replaced by

Seed 30: replaced by

Here’s the updated tourney


13 thoughts on “Some changes in competitors

    • Not really. However if you’re wondering why we just slotted in the replacements without proper seeding is because we can’t uproot the tourney rankings now that we’ve started it

      • It matters because you’ll be driving traffic to someone who has free hosting and therefore has no legitimate use for ad revenue received from blogging anime and manga he also downloads for free. Not to mention how he always sneaks in his Amazon affiliate ID when “recommending” the few US-licensed products he covers. He also has an awfully cozy relationship with FUNimation and shills for them on a regular basis. Make no mistake, making money is not the least of his priorities when running that blog, so promoting someone like him alongside bloggers who do it for the sake of their fandom defeats the whole purpose of this competition.

        You can delete this comment like you retroactively deleted those from another post, it won’t change the facts.

      • Legitimate use? What, why do people need a reason to want to earn money? I fail to see why people care that others earn money out of this. Again, good for him.

        Any further comment on this matter will be deleted.

      • “Any further comment on this matter will be deleted.”

        “I cordially invite you to challenge my posts with your own totally biased views. Don’t worry about flaming, I like it when people challenge my posts.”

        These statements don’t seem to belong to the same person.

        “What, why do people need a reason to want to earn money?”

        They don’t, except when their game consists of making a buck on what’s been given to them for free — and illegally, if any of us cared about that — by other fans, things like fansubs, scanlations, and spoiler pics. If he at least had to pay for his own hosting he’d have some excuse.

      • “No legitimate use” huh. As far as I know or care he has every right to use the money for hookers and blow, provided that it’s legal.
        Seriously man, I understand your reasoning but your argument just sucks. Of course this will grow his ad-driven penis a bit bigger, but so what? It’s not like you’re the one paying him. If you don’t like it, don’t vote for him. That will cut him off right at the start. Bloggers don’t need your permission to go commercial and use their money for whatever the fuck they want.
        A huge portion of sites on the internet are ad-driven, and I doubt even half of them need all the money they earn for just running the site. If you’re not the one paying the bills, you might want to keep your mouth shut instead of making yourself look like an ass. Anime isn’t born out of pure artistic passion either you know.

  1. NovaJinx Says: “Anime isn’t born out of pure artistic passion either you know.”

    But doesn’t that support the point Anonymous seems to be making? If this guy is reviewing fansubs, he’s not paying for his anime, but he is using it and the goodwill of fansubbers to make a buck for himself while the creators get nothing. It’s not as bad as selling fansubs as bootlegs, but it’s still somewhat unethical I think.

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